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Thread: Why this game is going to suck
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Why this game is going to suck

Hi folks, i'm back for a quick post here. I have been following the news of this game for a while, and must say I am not impressed. Therefore, from what we know, i'm pretty confident that this game will crash, for a number of reasons.

1. Too small - 20 planets? There is no way 20 planets is going to be enough to hold anyone's attention for any length of time, except maybe Viceroy :P. Seriously though, someone said Rebellion had 200, and other great games like 'Star Trek: Birth of the Federation' had heaps. The problem here will be a definate lack of replay value.

2. Two sides - we deal here only with two sides, which will exacerbate the previous problem in terms of replay value. Not only that, but the lack of the Republic and Confederacy will mean a smaller multiplayer pool, which again means lack of replay value.

3. Too much EU material - while some of it makes sense to a point, such as the Interdictor Cruisers and the Victory-class Star Destroyers, other units do not, such as the TIE Crawler. Realistically, something that fragile and slow would get ripped to pieces without being a threat, and simply doesnt make sense when the Empire already has superior AT-ST, AT-TE and AT-AT walkers. Even if one looked at things such as Cost, aircraft (with the Crawler basically is) cost a lot, lot more than ground vehicles. In addition, where are the Imperial Speeder Bikes? It's bad enough to add superflous EU material, but to exclude film material at the same time is criminal.

4. Space and Ground battles at the same time - can we say 'confusion central'? There is simply no way this can be done well, which is no to say it cant be done. The problem here will be having to be forced to divide your attention between Space and Ground, when any sensible commander would know to divide your attention is death. Really, they should be two seperate entities operating at different times.

5. Timeframe errors - this game is supposed to be set between Ep3 and 4. Why then do we have A-wings, Mon Cal Cruisers, TIE Crawlers etc and battles like Hoth and Endor? The team creating the story seems to be at the very least incompetant, or simply do not care about the SW timeline. I should also point out that at the start of Ep4, the Rebellion had just won it's first victory - which seems to mean the game will be rather predictable up until the end of it.

These are just five points, and i'm sure I could come up with more. Basically though, what we have here is another white elephant from Lucasarts. While there is no doubt some great games have been made recently, such as KotOR (which I bought this month and love), Empire at War will not be one of them. This then brings me to my final question, does anyone actually like the name? Personally I couldn't think of anything more horrible, but there you go.

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