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Thread: Worldbuilding Thread
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Q: (Not Earth at All)

How does this world differ physically from earth? Is it the same size (same density, same gravity), same ratio of land/water, same atmosphere, etc.? Does it have more than one sun or moon? Rings? Are there spectacular constellations/comets, etc. visible at night or by day?

I already answered this one....

Originally posted by Admiral
A: Asgard is a large planet, havine tweleve continents and decent size oceans. The land is mountainous, with large old growth forests, some very nice beaches, many winding rivers. The world is temperate, has basically the same gravity as Eath. There isn't a moon around Asgard. Instead their is Vanaheim. The two worlds are very close (distance wise) and orbit each other while orbiting the sun. (Think around Jupiters size)

Vanaheim is slightly smaller then Asgard with Eight continents and larger oceans. The world has very rugged mountains in the North, The south is dominated by gentler rolling mountianes. Like Asgard the world is temperate and is covered in lush forests, there are many lakes and rivers. Vanaheim's beaches are superior to Asgard's and, and the water is crystal clear.

Alfheim is roughly the same as Earth and is the third planet in the Asgard solar system. It has two moons orbiting it, one which can support life the other is a small moon like Earth's moon.

Nidavelir: Is larger then Earth but not by much. The world is mainly covered in land with many lakes and rivers dotting the world, but no single body of water that could be called an ocean, but many seas. Nidavelir is generally flat, fertile plains. In the Eastern Hemisphere there are some small mountains but nothing like that on Asgard or Vanaheim. There are 6 moons around the planet all of which can support life. One moon is completely covered in water, another is a desert.

Svartalfheim: Around the size of Saturn, Svartalfheim also like Saturn has rings around the planet. It has nine moons, four of which can be inhabited. One of these moons is covered in snow. There are six continents on the planet, and the Yggdrasil trees grow on this planet, these trees are semisentient and grow to be very tall.

*The above planets are all in the same system, Midgard is in a seperate system. The Asgard system (not happy with that name but will due for now) is in a brillant blue nebulae

Midgard: Is twice the size of Earth, and has four moons. One can support life on it's own. The world has 5 large contintents and three very large oceans. Midgard is temperate, with High majestic mountains, lush forests, expansive plains, and many beautiful waterfalls. Lakes, and rivers dot the landscape.


Jotunheim: A harsh world litte smaller then Saturn. In the North there are tall rigid mountains that are constantly covered in snow. In the south are many active volcanoes, and has a greyish look to everything. Jotunheim has 4 continenets overall and orbits a yellow sun

Utgard: An ice planet around the size of Earth, otherwise it is very similar to Jotunheim.

No humans, Aesir (look at the other answers I gave)

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