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Thread: Weapons are balanced, stop whining!
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Weapons are balance, stop whining!

This thread is kind of pointless, because most of the people it's addressed to won't ever see it, but it makes me feel better or something. Basically every weapon is complained about, and said to be overpowered, so I'm going to spell out where the balance is on the weapons.

Trando Repeater: The most important thing about fighting this gun, is to remember that they have greatly reduced speed. The easiest way, imo, to beat it is to throw a grenade. Their reduced speed makes it very difficult for them to get out of the blast radius. EC dets work especially well, because they have the largest blast radius. A well placed TD will also do the trick, as will a sonic det followed by a few shots. The secret is to take the person down quickly. Sneeking up with the shotgun (aka Ray's gun) works, as do snipers, rockets, conc rifles, AA attachment, etc. The other important thing about this weapons balance (which is destroyed on servers that automatically respawn weapons) is its location. There is never more then one of these, and it is usuall right in the middle. You often have to defeat others to get to it, so you earn the right to use it.

Rocket Launcher: This is a surprisingly difficult weapon to use effectively. Someone who can consistently get locks deserve the kill. The way to not get locked onto, is to use cover. Ultimately, you want to get as close as possible. Your opponent can't blow you up (w/o dying as well, anyway) if you are in melee range. Its melee is slow and easy to avoid. At close range it is near useless, and easy to beat. Another good idea, is not to approach it head on. Come in from the side, so your opponent doesnt get a chance to rocket you first. The speed of this weapon can also be exploited, similar to the Trando repeater, but if you notice someone pointing a rocket launcher at you, it might be a good idea to move. One last thing to keep in mind, is that the thing only gets 5 shots. Don't let them keep reloading, and then they can only do so much damage (getting to the weapons is part of the game).

Anti Armor Attachment: For crying out loud, people, the thing only gets four shots! The blast radius is small enough that two kills is far less common then the rocket launcher, and it is difficult to time properly (notice the people who complain about it are not the people who can get kills with it). I don't really have to great of strategies against it, and it often hurts me, so maybe someone else could help here.

Concussion Rifle: I can't believe this weapon is as complained about as it is. It is very difficult to use effectively. The secret against it is to watch where the shots are, and move away. Jump around a lot, and make yourself a difficult target. Direct hits are rare, and other shots can be avoided. Best bet is to close to short range (not melee range, unless you are behind the person) where the person risks hurting himself with his shots. Keep dodging and pounding away. With some practice, it is not all that difficult to survive an encounter with this weapon.

Shotgun (aka Ray's gun): This one is simple, look around and stay away. Don't face one way for too long, and don't let them sneek up on you. If you spot someone using this, keep moving away and shooting. If you are unfortunate enough to get into optimal shotgun range, the best bet is to jump around, be a difficult target. Jumping continually over the persons head and trying to stay behind then works well for me. Keep hitting and don't get hit.

Sniper/Scoped Bowcaster: The balance here is that the person is usually not moving. Detonators, rockets, Ray's gun, conc rifle, etc. all work well, especially if they don't see you. As for moving through sniper infested areas, my best advice is don't. Perhaps someone else has a better way of avoiding snipers, but they get me every time.

Unscoped Bowcaster: This is very difficult to aim, so if you make yourself a hard target, and keep a little distance, you should do find (bad luck is the main exception).

Anyone complaining about the pistol, blaster, or ACP repeater needs to get a life.
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