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Thread: Dedicated Server Command line Specifications
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Dedicated Server Command line Specifications

This is taken from the lucasarts forums:
Moderator Walon Vau
Date Posted: Mar 01, 2005 01:30 PM

Creating a command line for a SWRC Dedicated Server

The basic command-line for a Republic Commando dedicated server looks like
the following:

SWRepublicCommando.exe <map>?game=<gametype>[?MapListType=<MapListType>?<maplist>][?option1[?option2...]] -server

In other words, the type of game and various other settings are specified
in a long command sequence, where options are separated out by question
mark symbols ('?').

Let's examine each of the possible options.

Required Info

The -server flag must appear at the end of the command-line.

The first map in the map rotation (or, perhaps, the only map) is specified
at the beginning of the command-line, immediately following the executable

Deathmatch and team deathmatch maps are found in the Maps subdirectory and
begin with the three characters 'dm_'. Capture the Flag and Assault maps
begin with the four characters 'ctf_'. The type of map should match the
game type specified on the command-line.

Game types are as follows:

Death Match game. Maps should begin with 'dm_'.

Team Death Match game. Maps should begin with 'dm_'.

Capture the Flag game. Maps should begin with 'ctf_'.

Assault game. Maps should begin with 'ctf_'.

So, to start a dedicated server with a single map in Death Match mode,
the command line would be:

SWRepublicCommando.exe dm_canyon.ctm?game=mpgame.dmgame -server

Additional Options: Map Lists & Maps
Specifying a map list type and maps (to allow map cycling) involves
adding some additional information to the command-line. This information
must include a map list type and a series of maps.

Death match map list specified. Game type should be mpgame.dmgame.
All maps should begin with 'dm_'.

Team death match map list specified. Game type should be
mpgame.tdgame. All maps should begin with 'dm_'.

Capture the Flag map list specified. Game type should be
mpgame.ctfgame. All maps should begin with 'ctf_'.

Assault map list specified. Game type should be mpgame.asgame.
All maps should begin with 'ctf_'.

Specifying an additional map into the rotation is done with the format:


So, for example, to specify a map rotation with two maps, in death match
mode, the command-line would look like so:

SWRepublicCommando.exe dm_canyon.ctm?game=mpgame.dmgame?MapListType=MPGam e.MapListDeathMatch?maps+=dm_canyon?maps+=dm_deten tion -server

Additional Options: Time & Score Limits
Specifying a time limit, in minutes, is done by adding the option


Where <time> is a non-negative integer (0 means unlimited). If 0 is set,
the game will run until a set number of scores is reached by any player
(or team, in team games).

Specifying a score limit is done by adding the option


Where <score> is a non-negative integer (0 means unlimited). If 0 is set,
the game will run until time runs out. In team games, a match will not end
at the time limit unless one team has achieved a higher score than the

Additional Options: Assault Games

Setting the number of assault rounds per map:


where <rounds> is a positive integer.

Setting the time per round


where <time> is the positive number of minutes in the round.

Additional Options: Miscellaneous
Setting the maximum number of players:


specifies a maximum number of players. Dedicated servers support games of
up to 16 players. Numbers larger than 16 are not supported, but can be

Setting the respawn delay:


<time> is the number of seconds before a killed player will respawn.

Setting the game speed:


<fraction> indicates the speed of the game. The menu supports speeds of
.75, 1.0, or 1.25, though other positive values are possible.

Setting whether dropped weapons stay:

?WeaponStay=<true or false>

Setting WeaponStay as true means that weapons will stay in the world when
dropped. False indicates that they will vanish after a short period of

Setting Team Autobalancing:

?BalanceTeams=<true or false>

Setting BalanceTeams to true will cause teams to autobalance between map
rotations. False will turn this feature off.

Setting Friendly Fire scaling:

?FF=<ff scale>

Friendly fire can be scaled to a non-negative floating point value. If <ff
scale> is set to 0.0, no friendly fire will be dealt. If set to 1.0, full
damage will be dealt to team mates by other team mates.
Another option I found:


Basically a string of what your server will be called.

Other notes:

A sample command line for CTF woud be:

SWRepublicCommando.exe CTF_Detention.ctm?game=mpgame.ctfgame?maps+=CTF_De tention?maps+=CTF_Engine?maps
+=CTF_HangingGarden?maps+=CTF_Trando?maps+=CTF_Und erpass?TimeLimit=20?GoalScore=5
?MaxPlayers=16?RespawnDelay=10?GameSpeed=1.0?Weapo nStay=false?BalanceTeams=true?FF=1.0 -server

You have to have the RC CD in as the Dedicate Server is not a separate entity yet. If you wanted to launch a server and then play on it you would have to take the CD out of the drive after it's launched. I imagine this could be fixed using a nocd crack.

Always make sure you specify the first map or nothing will load. As well make sure you have the -server command at the end or it will not launch the dedicated server.

Some people have problems getting the maps to cycle. This is because if you launch from the command line you should make sure you don't use the map list unless you manually edit it yourself. The maplist can be edited in your system.ini. Search for the section with:


Under these headings you can specify what map lists you want and what options you want for each map. A sample maplist could be:

Maps+=DM_Hangar?Game=MPGame.TDGame?GoalScore=40?ti melimit=10?NumRounds=0?RoundTime=0
Maps+=DM_ZeroG?Game=MPGame.DMGame?GoalScore=25?tim elimit=10?NumRounds=0?RoundTime=0
Maps+=DM_POW?Game=MPGame.TDGame?GoalScore=35?timel imit=10

Semi-colons denote comments so you can comment out a map if need be. You could then call this maplist by using the command line:

SWRepublicCommando.exe DM_POW?game=mpgame.TDgame?MapListType=MPGame.MapLi stDeathMatch -server

The server would then cycle through your map list. The first map would be the first arguement in the command line. Other maplists would be setup the same way.

I will be contuning to investigate the server. It's very much like the UT server. There is also an option for UTRemoteAdmin still left in the ini files but commented out. I imagine that one might be able to borrow the remote admin executeable from UT and throw it in the SW:RC directory to see if it will launch when specified. I can only hope they release a stand alone server in the next few weeks anyway.


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Doh, I hate haveing to scroll to the right to read that.
Anyway you can edit it so it fits better?

But good find.

Now if only we had a way to change game settings on the fly in the console. It's annoying to have to disconnect to change anything. ; P

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Originally posted by Kurgan
Doh, I hate haveing to scroll to the right to read that.
Anyway you can edit it so it fits better?
Done and done. Should be able to fit on one screen. I would hope.

If anyone wants a small batch file in order to reboot the server if it crashes, as it's not built into the server, you should use something like:

SWRepublicCommando.exe DM_POW?game=mpgame.TDgame?MapListType=MPGame.MapLi stDeathMatch -server
goto top

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Setting up a server with multiple gametypes

It involves editing your system.ini map lists. If you goto the section entiled: [MPGame.MapListMixedDeathMatch], you'll notice the following:

;Maps=CTF_Siege?Game=MPGame.CTFGame?GoalScore=3?ti melimit=10
;Maps+=CTF_Detention?Game=MPGame.ASGame?GoalScore= 0?RoundTime=240?NumRounds=2?timelimit=0
;Maps+=DM_Hangar?Game=MPGame.TDGame?GoalScore=40?t imelimit=10?NumRounds=0?RoundTime=0
;Maps+=CTF_HangingGarden.ctm?Game=MPGame.ASGame?Go alScore=0?RoundTime=240?NumRounds=2?timelimit=0
;Maps+=DM_ZeroG?Game=MPGame.DMGame?GoalScore=25?ti melimit=10?NumRounds=0?RoundTime=0
;Maps+=CTF_Underpass?Game=MPGame.CTFGame?GoalScore =3?timelimit=10
;Maps+=DM_POW?Game=MPGame.TDGame?GoalScore=35?time limit=10
;Maps+=CTF_Trando?Game=MPGame.CTFGame?GoalScore=3? timelimit=10
;Maps+=DM_Engine?Game=MPGame.TDGame?GoalScore=35?t imelimit=10
;Maps+=DM_Siege?Game=MPGame.DMGame?GoalScore=25?ti melimit=10
;Maps+=DM_Detention?Game=MPGame.TDGame?GoalScore=3 5

Basically this a mixed list of maps using different gametypes. The semi-colons represent a comment, therefore all these maps on this map list are currently commented out and would not work if you launched the server. There are also 4 more maplists available such as:

Now I'm not sure if you can remove any of the other map lists or add new ones, but you can specify what each maplist will play. If you take off the semi colon and put them under one of the map lists you could get something like this:

Maps+=DM_Canyon?Game=MPGame.DMGame?GoalScore=35?ti melimit=20
Maps+=DM_POW?Game=MPGame.TDGame?GoalScore=35?timel imit=20
Maps=CTF_Siege?Game=MPGame.CTFGame?GoalScore=5?tim elimit=20
Maps+=CTF_HangingGarden.ctm?Game=MPGame.ASGame?Goa lScore=0?RoundTime=240?NumRounds=2?timelimit=20

This map list cycles through all 4 game types. For each map and game type you specify, you can also denote the amount of captures needed for CTF, timelimit for the map, Rounds, etc. All of the specifications are from the dedicated server command line. Now to run this game configuration you could use the following command line:

SWRepublicCommando.exe DM_POW?game=mpgame.TDgame?GoalScore=35?timelimit=2 0?ServerName=MyServer?MaxPlayers=16?FF=0.5?MapList Type=MPGame.MapListMixedDeathMatch -server

You do have to still specify the starting map and gametype as well as extra command line specifications such as ServerName or FF or MaxPlayers. The map list section at the end will make the next map, following your launch map, to be in your map list. Even if you specified the GoalScore in your commandline, it will change as you change the gametype and respecify the goal score in your maplist.

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