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Thread: Multiple Robes for Star Forge
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Old 09-03-2005, 01:09 AM   #1
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Multiple Robes for Star Forge

Is there a way to make different robes for different Jedi party members with the star Forge? (BTW, I mean different robes entirely with different graphics)

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Lando Griffin
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U mean a different texture or model? Texture yes thats easy sense the robe is already made its like makin a new robe, just skin it how ever u want, creat a .uti and a icon, and thats it, but they all have to have the same like number , PMBH09.tga, Class_9_something something, with 09 at the end, then ur uti can be called anything with the 09 at the end, but in the uti u must put the model u want and a defferent texture variation. I have not learned how to model yet, (like too, not enough time) but i think u can add a model to replace the old.

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Det. Bart Lasiter
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Make textures named "PMBJ03" to whatever amount of textures you want, for example if you made 3 more textures the last would be called "PMBJ05". Then repeat the process for female PC's, you can use basically use the same texture, but rename them to "PFBJxx", xx being the texture's variation number, so remember that. Then open up a robe file and set the model variation to 0 (for the in-game version), the base item to (Revan_Armor), and the texture variation to the last 2 digits of the texture's name. So, for instance, for your first texture, you would set it to 3 (the first 2 are used in-game), for PMBJ03 or PFBJ03. After that it's just setting the item properties in KT's .uti editor (the one I've been refering to all along, not the "old-skool" GFFEditor.exe). Property editing from there is pretty straight forward, just double-click directly to the right of the "*" (on the outlined box the "*" is on) to bring up a property editor where you select you properties from the menus. Now, if you wanted to make them spawn when you make the other robes on the Star Forge you'd have to edit the computer's .dlg to make it say the dialog choices you want it to, just right-click on one of the existing node (for instance "Generate customized Jedi robes") and click "Add". The enter what you want it to say. Then (I actually have no idea how to generate it with the built-in effect), set a script similar to this:
void main()
    object oContainer = GetObjectByTag("sta45b_medium4");
    CreateItemOnObject("/*enter item template here*/", oContainer, 1);
        you can repeat the above function "CreateItemOnObject()" for all the items
        if you wish...but that will make all the robes appear at once.
...to trigger on the dialog. Well, I hope that helps, post any other questions about it here (it's 5:00 am here, and that probably wasn't a good explaination...)

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