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Thread: SP WIP: The Rift Valley
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Smile SP WIP: The Rift Valley

Hi, everyone. I have been working on a SP map using the Rift Texture Set. The storyline will be thus:

After the defeat of the DISCIPLES OF RAGNOS on Korriban, the Jedi have begun the task of defeating the remaining rogue Reborn, along with the IMPERIAL REMNANT.

During this fight, the Jedi, under Master LUKE SKYWALKER, have taken the shards of the shattered SCEPTER OF RAGNOS and begun restoring Force Power to the worlds Tavion stole it from.

At the final world, Chandrilia, the Jedi discover and explore numerous new caverns in the RIFT VALLEY. As they explore, they are watched by the last of the Reborn, desperate for revenge...

Let me know if I spelled Chandrilia wrong. I hate spelling errors in the Mission Briefing, etc.

As of now, I have lost all progress on my map. As you may have heard, I accidentally destroyed my copy of JA, and that included the Base/Maps and my personal Base/Scripts folder. I am forced to start from scratch. However, I will not let even this setback keep me from my work. I'll just have to back up my files every now and then, is all.

The game will be divided into 4 levels, called parts. Part I is called Ambush!, and it truly has only one room. I did this because you will have one heck of a fight on your hands (weak systems not recommended). Up to 24-25 NPC's will go at each other with a vengeance. Part II, The Rift Valley, will look like the outside portions of the Raven level t3_rift. Part III will be called The Rift Catacombs. It will look like that hallway near the end of the t3_rift level, but will be much larger in terms of length. I haven't thought of a name for Part IV yet, but depending on your choice, it will either be a fight with the new Sith Lord, or a new quest to eradicate the Jedi. If you fight the Sith Lord, the room will have an Arena feel to it.

In terms of scripting, I will heavily rely on ICARUS to create tactics for the enemy. After all, this is the last of the Reborn, they have lasted this long, and they are fighting to preserve the Dark Side, so they should fight the best. How many times has this happened to you? You are running aling and see a Reborn and a Flechette Stormie. The Reborn Force-Jumps into Flechette fire. Either the Reborn gets spiked, or the Stormie cannot shoot. This is stupid. I will use scripting to get the AI into better combat positions.

I will also include false retreats, ambush points, mass deceptions. The enemy will be a genius on the field. In the end, it may prove too mush for some. We'll see. But I want to give the cheap SP combat system a run for it's money.

I will also include voices and cutscenes. No less is required. When the mapping is complete, I will send out a request for voice actors and create a script (not ICARUS) for my characters. I will also send out requests to the Skinning experts when mapping is complete. After all, Desann, Tavion, and Alora are dead. Why should the new Sith Lord look like them? Also, I may want a more sinister reskin of the Reborns themselves.

This may be the first map I release to the public - but why should it look like it? I will take the time I need to get a fantastic level done, rest assured. I will use this thread to bring updates, take suggestions, constructive critisism, etc. But please don't tell me to change textures! I am basing my texturing on dozens of t3_rift screenshots. (Oh, wait, I have to retake them. That bites... =/) I am going for the Rift "feel". I do have a screenshot of my level about a week and a half before I lost the map cpmpletely. I'll provide a link after I figure out what's wrong with my internet.

Anyway, since that pic, which I will show you, I fixed an odd misc_model problem where the crystal pillars would show up silvery instead of the correct texture. And I also fixed the modelscale issue that I can't remember if you can see. So, if you see problems, esp. with the lighting, I alreasy took care of it - before I lost the project, that is.

Sorry for the lenghty post. I want to make sure you have adequate background on this project.

Deception, the best SP level-set in the world, is done! Get it here!
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