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A brief intro to another SW book I hope to sell. I just came up with the idea the other day and it bugged me until I wrote it.


In the beginning...

“Come out little girl.” A voice said. It wasn’t a harsh voice. In fact it was kindly. But Twyna pulled back farther into the cubby space she was hiding in. Kindly Voices weren’t always good people. She knew that from bitter experience.

She clutched her toy to her flat chest, and whimpered.

“I am not going to hurt you child.”

Probably another lie. That was what most people with kindly voices said just before they did hurt you. She stared at the black boots that framed the entry to her hidey hole. Whoever it was, he hadn’t tried to drag her out yet. Of course thanks to her toy he would find that a painful experience. At 11, Twyna had finally learned to fight back.

The man knelt, looking in. “I understand that you are afraid. Maybe we can talk a bit? I promise I won’t come any closer.”

She relaxed, but only minutely. She knew the depth of the space to within a millimeter from hiding here for the last five years whenever BIG people looked for her. But it wasn’t deep enough to stop a determined BIG person from reaching in and dragging her out.

The life support plant was starting to labor. There had been a lot of noise earlier, and the ship felt dead except for that one vital piece.

“The ship is dying.” She whispered.

“I know it is.” The man said gently. He sat cross legged and looked at her patiently. “That is why you have to come with me. When it stops, the air will go. You’ll die.”

“Don’t care.” She sniffed. “Death might hurt less than life.” She tried to pull farther back.

“I promised not to come any closer, didn’t I?” He asked gently.

“Big people lie. They lie all the time.”

“I will never lie to you.” He replied. His face was old, but looked kindly. But again a kindly face didn’t mean a kind heart. Her finger convulsed on the switch on her toy, and an amber beam shot from it, humming in the air. She’d used it to kill the man who was hurting her. She hadn’t even known she could. But once she had discovered the power to protect herself, she had used it until this. The ship torn up around her, all of the BIG people aboard that had hurt her dead.

“Where did you get that?” He asked. The amber beam didn’t scare him as it had the others. He looked at it as if he’d seen them before.

“Go away. Leave me alone. Or I will kill you like all the others.”

“Talk to me. Tell me why you killed the others.”

“They hurt me.“ She shrugged. “They hurt me all the time. Ever since I was little. Hurt me until I made this.”

“You... Made that?” The man asked. His head cocked as if curious. “How did you make that?”

“Was easy.” Twyna snapped.

“Tell me.” He asked again.

Twyna didn’t see what was so important about her toy. “No.”
The man reached down, and lifted a handle from his belt. A blue beam shot out, and he looked at the beam, then at the amber one she held. Then his blade died. “This is not easy to make. It takes special... skills. Tell me how you made it, please.”

Haltingly she told him. The handle had been from a broken machine in the engine room. The crystal inside it had been from the booty of one of the raids the Big People had made on a planet halfway across the galaxy. The latticework inside it had been...

But how had she made it? She looked at the toy. Then flicked the switch so the blade died again. It wasn’t as if she even knew that much about what she was doing when she did. It had just felt -


“I understand” He said softly. “I had one of these that belonged to someone else. Making one of your own is the last step to becoming a Jedi.”

“They didn’t like Jedi.” Twyna whispered. “They said that ever since the Empire fell the Jedi were mean now. They were stopping them from doing what they wanted to do.”

“That is what we do.” The man said. “We hunt down those who are bad, and we stop them.”

The blade snapped out again.

The man noticed it, but didn’t move. “I didn’t say you were bad, little girl. Why does that bother you?”

Twyna wanted to explain. That BIG people said you were bad even when you hadn’t done anything. That they HURT you in ways that were... wrong when you were bad. But she bit her tongue.

“Why do you think you are bad?”

“I’m not!” She hissed.

“But they said you were didn’t they.”


“What did they do when they said you were bad?”

“Not telling.”

Come on. We’re just talking, right? After all...” He waved at the ship around them. “It isn’t like they are going to do it again.”

”They would put me in a room. Then a someone would come in and want to... do things. If I cried I was bad. If I didn’t cry when they wanted me to, I was bad. If I did everything they told me to do, I was bad. If I didn’t do everything they told me to do, I was bad.”

“I think I know what you mean.” The face grew angry, but somehow she knew he wasn’t mad at her. Then it was gone. He was calm again. “No one will ever do anything like that again to you, ever.”

“How do you know?” She asked plaintively.

He shook his head. “I don’t. But I will never let anyone touch you again unless you chose to let them. As long as I am alive and close enough to see you I will keep you safe.”

She shook her head. Her mother had died, and he hadn’t been there to help her. They had put the collar on her and he hadn’t been there to help her. They had done... things to her and he hadn’t been there to help her. Why did he think he was going to help her now?

“I understand you’re afraid I won’t help you. That I wasn’t there before so why should it be any different now?” He shook his head. “I don’t know why bad things happen, but Jedi try to stop the bad things from happening to anyone if they can.”

His wrist com bleeped and he lifted it. “What?”

A man’s voice answered him. “Someone went through this place with a light saber and a bad attitude. Bodies everywhere, and they’ve been hacked to pieces. Haven’t found the wielder yet-”

“I did.” The man replied. “I’m talking to her right now.”

“I’m on my way.”

“Take it easy. It’s a girl of about eleven standard years.”

There was a pause. “Did you say an eleven year old did this?”

“With a lightsaber she made herself.”

“So Jaden wasn’t a fluke.”

“I told you, Kyle. The Force will find a way to help if someone needs it.”

“Well I saw the boudoir they had set up. If they had an eleven year old in there they got what they deserved. We haven’t got a lot of time here, you know.”

“Understood. But I won’t leave her.”

There was a sigh closer to a raspberry. “All right. I’ll get some breather masks in case this takes a while.”

“It won’t.” The man lowered the com-link.

The life support plant was starting to sound like her mother did right before she stopped breathing. Twyna whimpered again.

“Come out, child. The bad times are over. I have much to teach you.”

“Teach me? Some of Them wanted to teach me!”

He shook his head. “You made the lightsaber. Would you like to learn how to use it properly?”

“No! I can use it! I can kill with it!”

“Yes you can. But these people didn’t teach you that there are times when killing isn’t the only answer. That hurting is not the way to live. I can teach you that, and never have to touch you.”

With a final sigh, the life support plant just... stopped.

“If you want to die. Really want to die. I won’t stop you.” He said gently. “But there are other people like you in the galaxy. People who have been hurt, and need someone to help them. I can help you. And in time, you can help them.”

She considered that. It was a weighty thought for such a young mind. Others being hurt like she was? “Can I really?”

“Yes. But you will have to come with me.”

She slid forward. The man stood and moved back, allowing her to stand on her own. “Follow me.” He walked down the passageway, and she followed him. They came to the airlock, and she saw another ship across a small docking ring. A man with a beard stood there, looking at them.

“We need to go now!”

“Just a moment.” The man waved toward the bearded man. “This is Kyle Katarn. One of my associates. I am Luke Skywalker. And you are..?”


“Twyna.” Luke said with satisfaction. “This is the Raven’s Claw. Kyle’s ship. Now go strap yourself in, and we’ll take you to a place where you can learn to help others.”

“’Kay.” She slid past them, sitting in an acceleration couch.


“No time, Kyle. Let’s get out of here. Back to Yavin. I think we’ve just gained a new student.”

The men moved to the controls, and Kyle hit the thrusters. Behind them the wrecked ship tumbled silently.

'To argue with those who have renounced the use and authority of reason is as futile as to administer medicine to the dead.' Now who said that?

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