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Thread: Why was Manny a reaper?
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Originally Posted by Charie
You know, I've never talked about afterlife with anybody who believes in it. Perhaps I'd like to listen to their thoughts on the subject. Though, I suspect, it would be hard to find actual believers here, around me; besides, that would be a great risk of running into some fanatics, whom I'm not particularly fond of.
I think that that is because most of the people who believe in the afterlife see the subject of Death as a taboo, and shoo you away from talking about it with them; that has happened to me, at least.

Humans think too much, that's their problem.
I agree; but that trait is what separates the Man from the animals, and what has helped us to become what we are today (whether this is good or bad, I leave it up to you).

As for Life, or Fate, or whatever, you may call it as you like - why would I blame it? In my view, it's always right, especially when you think about it a bit, impartially. There's a reason for everything, and all that... Or, more likely, it all comes down to a scapegoat's question in the end. Whether you blame 'Life', or 'Fate', or find somebody much much closer and more substential to curse for your insignificant petty misfortunes.
I wasn't talking about YOU in particular :P.

I remember myself crying rivers at a tender age of four, when I played with my toys all the time, that there would come a time when I wouldn't need toys any more. To my mind, it's just that - an excessive distress, nothing more
The same happened to me; I would play with my imagination constantly, I would always pretend I was somebody else; unfortunately, I realised one day, that I would mature and I wouldnd't be morally alowed to play with it again.

My [seldom] friends (or people I waste my time with during the school year) mock at me for my desire to grow up, and they tend to claim that I had no childhood. But deep inside me, I miss those days in which one would just play, without giving a damn about anything else (I wouldn't like to be a child again, however).

But, well, it only means I don't live really happily, which is the main porpose of the life, in my opinion, - if I worry about 'serious matters'. A happy person (or busy, for that matter) wouldn't have the time for it.
Not to get into the quasi-philosophical topics wen are discussing at another thread; but I dno't really thing life has a purpose. And even if it did, I doubt it would be happiness; being happy involves stability, which may become monotonous after a while.
I think sadness is underrated, without it, the concept of 'happiness' wouldn't exist.
I like a dose of both every once in a while, but I see to be getting more of sadness lately.

What do you mean - you mean you don't enjoy your life? And a phase of what, exactly, it is, in your opinion? You know, your 'a phase' remark sounds like Nicolas Flamel's from Harry Potter 'death is just another adventure'. What's in adventure if you can't savour it, if you'd ask me. Cheer up, senor Flores, you sound more and more like Membrillo to my ears right now.
On certain days, I don't enjoy my life at all; on others I'm comfortable with it. And I hate myself for that.

(Seems I can't stop the demands for clarifying). Whose suffering, presciesly?
I am afraid of the death of people I care for; about losing them.
What I meant with suffering was not having a sad experience; but a painful one. You know sever illnesses and stuff (I used to have a small case of hypocondriasis, when I was younger).

And I certainly enjoy my life. As some clever man said once, you could *not* have even that.
Really, whom?

Originally Posted by Yohein
By the way, some phrases in the Spanish translation are bad because they are bad written in the original version. For example, when Manny talks with Maximino and he says he saw Olivia kissing Nick, Maximino says that's normal there and Manny says "I mean KISSING, Max"... but if you see, the sentence is written "I mean KISSING Max"... so, of course, in the Spanish version looks like Olivia was kissing Max
Yes, I have noticed that. But I was talking about other things; I'll expand later.
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