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Thread: Things to excite us and Questions
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Things to excite us and Questions

I read through the game play FAQ and I see that it answers many questions I unwisely posted threads about. I'll discuss the things that could make this game a nice little gem.

1) if you control a planet that allows you to build Cantinas, you can hire smugglers and send them to STEAL credits from another planet. The only question I have here (as I have only Rebellion to relate it to), are what all of the planets offer fixed, or will it be random? Because if the same planet offers the same thing over and over again each game, you'll always know where to go. It won't feel like the "first time." Still, the ability to hire smugglers is nice!!

2) both sides can ALSO get Fleet Commanders, field commanders, smugglers and bounty hunters. Looks like the Alliance may be able to do some killing unlike in Rebellion.

3) if you want to prevent a SD from launching its fighters, attack the fighter bay (a hard point).

4) this one is a little confusing. I will post it verbatim:

Can you call in reinforcements during a battle?
Yes in campaign and conquest modes, you can call in reinforcements in both space and land combat provided you brought more forces to the battle than are allowed by the pop cap. In space combat, your reinforcement forces will wait just out of range of the battle and in ground combat; your forces will wait in orbit until called down.
The part underlines is my confusion.

5) asteroid will damage larger ships but not smaller ones. So the question arises: can you build a space station or anything INSIDE an asteroid field to protect if from large ship attacks?

6) If Grand Moff Tarkin is in your fleet, you CANNOT retreat from battle. What's not said is that having him in your fleet makes your fleet very uber!

7) Will there be random events and missions in the campaign?
Yes, there are random missions in the campaigns and galactic conquest scenarios. These missions can involve raiding or liberating a planet, conquering a planet, building certain forces and other surprises

random, huh? nice.

8) What kind of missions can we do?
It depends on what you want to do and how you want to do it.

what I want to do, how I want to do it? It makes it feel so open ended. In a RTS game? awesome!!!

9) Pirates possess frigates, fighters, asteroid bases, ground bases, skiffs and swamp speeders in addition to foot soldiers. Perhaps an expansion will allow you to play as the pirate both trying to leech off of the Empire and Alliance taking sides at random whenever you feel like it. I wonder if it can be modded in?

10) How does hyperspace travel work?
You can move your fleets from any planet you control to another that is within the travel range radius of that planet. You can move to any planet outside the travel range of the planet you control as long as it does not require travel through another system not under your control. You can also travel to any planet from another that is connected by a trade route, even if it is outside the travel radius of that planet.

So, it means no pointing and sending anymore. I wonder how blockading will work if you can't travel through a system you don't control. The end of blockading??

11) In rebellion, you had your space battle, then you had to assault the planet with troops. all done by a still picture. Now, you get to do both in order to take a planet and each one is very involved. For us Rebellion lovers, this is very nice indeed.

12) Will certain units only be available via planetary capture?
Planet control is important due to the different bonuses they provide. Some planets in particular need to be controlled in order to produce certain buildings and units.

Like questioned above, will all of these bonuses be fixed? It seems like it would make each successive game easier and easier.

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Stop taking other peoples posts and post them here like it was your own!

Try again, J, and this time use your own words, or atleast have the curtosy to give credit to the original writer!

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