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Thread: Empire ships and info
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Empire ships and info

I did my best at translating hope you like....DD

Sentinel Landungsschiff Sentinel landing ship the Sentinel landing ferry is an extended version of the original Lambda shuttle. However it has a substantially larger cargo for attack troops, surely from capital ships starts around it in combat area or only for transfer on stations etc.. to bring. To bring this ferry usually escorted around their valuable freight to the goal.________________________________________

AT-AT Barge RK-RK Barge of this landing ship was konzipert particularly for heavy charges. It knows several large units, like the RK-RKS, accrete on a planet. Unarmed and with small armoring he should be guarded with any movements in the orbit, there the opponent at any price to try will destroy these cargo boats with an invasion of a planet.________________________________________

TIE-Fighter TIE Fighter combat strength: 20
Special ability: the opponent hunt
Well approximately: Hunter
Vulnerably through: Corvettes
Type: Hunter
The TIE Fighter is the hunter of kind of condition of the Imperiums. Usually it is used in large groupings. They are stationed for example on star destroyers and can leave these within few instants all. The TIE Fighter is very fast and maneuverable and is equipped with two laser cannons. Despite all that it is easily armored.________________________________________

TIE-Scout TIE Scout combat strength: 16
Well approximately: Specially
Vulnerably through: Corvettes
Type: Hunter
With this flier the Imperium clears areas up, into it no capital ships to send knows, without zerstreuen the own forces too much. It is much fast and little and can therefore also as a hunter in battles be used. For this it is not suitable however straight very well.________________________________________

TIE-Bomber TIE bomber combat strength: unknown
Well approximately: Capital ships
Vulnerably through: Corvettes
Type: Bomber
The TIE bomber is the third variant of the TIEs. It flies as closely as possible to opposing capital ships near and shoots then torpedoes on its goal. Despite its small size it is to be switched off a very good possibility hostile capital ships.________________________________________

Slave I Slave I combat strength: 5
Special ability: unknown
Vulnerably through: Corvettes
Hero unit
Type: Hunter
This flier is very weakly armed however very fast. It only serves for fast moving of the heroes. Its abilities are still unknown. ________________________________________

Broadside Kreuzer Broadside cruiser combat strength: 20
Special ability: Defensive fire
To attack rocket cruiser capably notionless goals over a large distance.

Type: Corvette
This is into the reason A flying rocket launching ramp. The rockets have a quite considerable range, which it the Broadside cruiser permits to remain outside of the weapon range of the opponent and to take it purposefully under bombardment. ________________________________________

Republikanisches Angriffsschiff (Acclamator) Republican attack ship (Acclamator) combat strength: 30
Special ability: unknown
Middle warship. Some hunters carry to the self-protection are however vulnerable opposite larger capital ships.
Type: Frigate
This is an older ship from the days of the clone wars. It is equipped with some TIEs for self-defense and has some turbo-lasers. In larger federations it represents a danger.________________________________________

Interdictor-Kreuzer Interdictor cruiser combat strength: 20
Special ability: unknown
Special ability: Gravitation waves generator
To make ineffective light warship with the ability hostile rockets and the enemy at fleeing back.
Type: Frigate
This cruiser is equipped with one gravitation wave generator and four gravitation wave projectors. These serve for it in the radius of these waves of lying hostile ships on activation of these gravitation waves from it to prevent the hyperarea to reach. Thus the Imperium can defeat retreats or escape attempts of reamed hostile forces. Besides it is equipped with heavy turbo-lasers and further lasers. Due to the weak sign and armament it should be always accompanied by other capital ships.________________________________________

Tartan Patroullien Kreuzer Tartan Patroullien cruiser combat strength: 20
Special ability: unknown
To take up more easily Patroullien cruisers able it with hunter and bomber threats.
Type: Corvette
To protect the Tartan Patroullien cruiser particularly in addition built around the Imperium better against attacks with hunter and bomber of the rebels. Its firepower is not very large. Therefore it cannot take up it necessarily with opposing ships of same size. ________________________________________

Victory Sternenzerstörer Victory star destroyer this capital ship of the Victory class is smaller than an imperial star destroyer. It offers place for some relays TIEs and is equipped with Vierlings turbo-lasers and Turboblastern.____________________________________ ____

Sternenzerstörer Star destroyer combat strength: 70
Special ability: unknown
Heavy imperial attack cruiser. Outstanding firepower. Strong hunters and bomber carries Schwardronen to the self-protection.
Type: Capital ship
This is the largest capital ship of the Imperiums. Its firepower consists of heavy turbo-lasers and ions cannons. Besides it is equipped with several launch pads for TIEs. In the battle happening it can be maneuvered very with difficulty. It is the strongest ship in the numbers of the Imperiums. ________________________________________

Die Accuser / Sternenzerstörer The Accuser/ Star destroyer combat strength: 70
Special ability: unknown
Well approximately: Frigates
Vulnerably through: Bomber
Hero unit
Type: Capital ship
This is a star destroyer with hero characteristics, those so far are unknown. It can, as typical for heroes, to be only once built. Otherwise it behaves in the characteristics exactly the same as normal star destroyers._______________________________________ _

Proton Torpedos Proton torpedo of capital ships and bombers can shoot proton torpedo on hostile goals. While bombers can carry only a small number of it, the capital ships are equipped with a larger number of torpedoes. With a high speed they approach the goal and release themselves a large explosion in the goal.________________________________________

Todesstern Death star the death star is one of the imperial superweapons. Its ' agency ' sets a timer in motion, ran off, the attack sequence of the star and the goal starts, probably usually a planet, one destroys
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May you should post the adress where you get this text from....

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