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Thread: Poll: Which skins/mods/levels would you like to see?
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Old 04-09-2002, 05:02 PM   #161
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Hi Everybody!

This is my first post here, and I am joining the swelling ranks of the JK2 fanatics. If only there weren't more hours in the day...

I just wanted to throw my insignificant weight behind some of the requests that have already been expressed. Here are the mods that I would like to see (basically the ones I used in JK):

Ep1 Obi-Robe Kenobi
Mace Windo
Hell, any Ep1 or 2 jedi

Blastech DL-44 to replace the Bryar

Hoth Echo base
Forest of Endor

But, let's be honest, I'd be happy with just about any mod. That's what makes the JK series so great.

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Old 04-11-2002, 02:39 AM   #162
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prime its mace windu not windo just making sure you know that
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Old 04-11-2002, 02:49 AM   #163
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instagib, disruptor rifle primary fire is perfect for it (well maybe little slower rate of fire)
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Old 04-11-2002, 03:53 AM   #164
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SKINS: Darth Vader , C-3PO , Boba Fett for
sure. and of course lots and lots of duel maps!!
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Old 04-15-2002, 09:46 AM   #165
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*cough* bump *cough*
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Old 04-15-2002, 01:06 PM   #166
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What I would like to see...

From Star Wars Episode One - Battle Droid, Destroyer Droid (heh, yeah right...) Qui-Gon, Padme... Naked Padme (hey, I'm young, I like Natalie Portman, nothing wrong with that! Plus while people are staring, go in for the kill... now I have to run from the mob of women gamers *force speed* ) Jar Jar! (Yeah... we need him... nothing worse than someone getting killed by Jar Jar... plus he's good target practice)

From Star Wars Episode Two - Jango Fett (duh), Zam Wessel, another Padme, Clone Trooper...

From Star Wars Episode Three - A really badly scared Aniken?

From Star Wars Episodes 4-6 - Luke with the cloak, Leia with the slave suit, Boba Fett, Darth Vader, Jabba the Hutt (another yeah right...) Ewoks! (Will have the same affect as Jar Jar, humillating when someone is killed by one of these) IG-88

From Star Wars Expanded Universe - Mara Jade, Jan Ors in a bathing suit (hey, they said they were going to the beaches of somewhere) Dark Luke, Dark Mara, Emperor Clone, Yuuzhun Vong, Jacen Solo, Jaina Solo, Anikan Solo. Lowbacca, Tenel Ka

From Shadows of the Empire - Xizor, Guri, Coruscant Guard (from the game really) Dash Rendar.

From Final Fantasy (just another one of my favorite games) - Sephiroth, Cloud, Vincent, Aeris, Tifa (favorite women from the series, plus I think they would be cool with a lightsaber) Seifer, Squall (just want to kill the punk), Tidus (want to slaughter this punk) Auron.

From Lord of the Rings - Aragorn AKA Strider, Frodo, Legolas, Bromir, Gimli, Gandalf, Saramon, Sauron, Arwen.

From Star Wars - Naboo Generator Room (with Duel of the Fates music), Jedi Council Room, Carbonite Chamber (better than we got now, and better than the one someone made)

From Final Fantasy - City of the Ancients (area where Aeris died), Sector Seven Pillar, Shinra Rooftop

From Lord of the Rings - Ruins (where they fought the Ringwraiths), Elven Council Area? (where the fellowship began)

Spork and SBX... the best saber mods out there.

From Star Wars - Dark Trooper Plasma Gun, Duel Lightsabers, a BETTER Sith Lightsaber (AKA Double-Bladed Lightsaber, Maul's Saber, Lightstaff... whatever)

From Final Fantasy - Masamune (Sephiroth's and Auron's), Buster Sword

Alright, I'm Done! Everything I could possibly think of... maybe a few of these will come to existance heh.

Ren Scotson, Commander of the Order of the Shield
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Old 05-02-2002, 09:41 PM   #167
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hehe that light saber would just look sooo cool as a beam saber
hehe ^.^

RX-178 Gundam MK. II
Zaku II

any any others i missed lol
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Old 05-03-2002, 01:08 PM   #168
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Duel of the Fates - With a good Maul character in single player would be stunning. Maybe you play the role of Obi Juan?

Obi from EPII and I need to be made. As well as some of these classic remade levels need to be well.. REMADE.. as in

Battleground JEdi seems like they got it right but too small... same problem with the current Oasis.

One of the good maps of MOTS was the Luke's Tatooine home, and the large spaceport level with multiple hiding spots... good maps!

They need to bring back that rail rocket gun, that was sweet.

I don't like the current Death Star level, the emperor's throne room needs to be bigger and more ominous.

THEY MUST find away to make a map for Bespin, where lUke and Vader faught with working destroyable windows that suck everyone out..YAY!
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Old 01-21-2006, 03:36 PM   #169
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I would love to see a nice gungan skin! I haven't been able to find one!
If it's too much trouble, could you just post a link to one?
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