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Thread: You know youve played too much SWBF2 when.....
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Exclamation You know youve played too much SWBF2 when..... throw your pencil, expecting it to whirl around and come back... try to jump the grand canyon, thinking you can do a double, then triple, then quadruple jedi jump...'re running fron the cops and you hold out your hand, attempting to do force lightning... pull out a toy lightsaber during a barfight... kill 6 people then yourself, hoping to be able to respawn as a Jet Trooper... 'compliment' your girl that she looks better than aayla secura... run up to a white lamp, waiting for it to turn blue...'re running track and you stop, looking for a bottle with yellow liquid... go up to a trash can and expect it to give you ammo... get all beat up and start looking for a tall balck droid...

...a kid throws a red ball at you and you run away... say LOL instead of laughing... shoot a bird, thinking it was a vulture dorid... shoot 6 dummies in the head and expect to get a precision pistol...'re still reading this...

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Smile pointless and fun!

-To get from one end of the hall to the other you do a series of somersaults.

-You stand next to garbage cans hoping that you'll get more ammo.

-You stand next to fire-hydrants hoping you'll get your sprained ankle and sore neck (from all the somer saults) healed.

-You never talk to anyone, since that's not what a good Battlefront player would do!

-Occasionally when you are forced to speak, it just comes out as emphatic gibberish.

-In a game of dodgeball (or any sport) you nail your teammates and then run to the parking lot and steal their car.

-You bring the car back on the sports field and park next to the goal(s).

-If in sports you fumble or miss an opportunity, you blame lag.

-Even in swimming class you avoid the water like the plague.

-You have to crouch in your bed at night because you can't lie down.

-You steal the flag from your school and run to another school to "capture" it.

-Alternately you take the flag down and then run into some arbitrary part of the area and stand there, wondering why you haven't scored yet.

-If you get too far from home/school/work you suddenly start saying to yourself "leaving the battlefield!" and commit suicide if you don't get back soon.

-You try to fix your car by jabbing at it with a cattle prod. When that doesn't work, you hire a pilot to sit in the driver's side for awhile.

-If you get a bad grade on a test or scolded for some deficiency in your work, you blame it on Pandemic and LucasArts, whining for the lack of a patch...

-You respond to this...

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......when you use this idea from the SWBF1 version of this

......when your fingers are numb from playing

......when all you play is the Geonosis training level

......when you have defeat the campaign more times than your age

......when you spend a day trying to reach 400 kills w/out dying Kurgan said, "when you post in this thread"

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...... when you think of playing "Mario" as a darktrooper stomping on people's head all day.
...... when you tried to build a tower out of stacked AATs.
...... when you are playing "the other" BF2 game you keep trying to be a Jedi.
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-you haven't even played the game and are still complaining on the forums.
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