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Thread: Kotor 3 storyline
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Darth Angst
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Exclamation Kotor 3 storyline

Reaven, crushed and heartbroken by the death of Bastilla, stops his battle with the True Sith and goes to meditate in his own Anger. This game would allow you to recreate the Exile and Reaven using features from the first two,and the ability to say if they were Light or Dark side. Also you would create TWO new characters.
The republic is stronger but still vulnurable, the war could go any way, but the Exile (now a Jedi Master) has learned that the sith know what system Reaven is on! (A Key factor in the War) Also the Sith have captured a Jedi Knight (one of your characters you created) and are trying to use his force powers to tell which exact planet Reaven is on.
You are another Jedi knight( your other character) set to rescue him and get the information on Reaven.
The game would have an optional traing level so you could use your lightsaber right away. After rescuing him by killing a sith apprentice. You escape in the Ebon Hawk, which was secretly bugged by the sith so they can follow you to Reaven's locaton.
The exile than goes on a search for Reaven, along the way revealing secrets in flashbacks of the war... It reveals Reaven, before going to the darkside was a great person and even took the exile under his wing during the war. It also shows what he saw that made him go to the darkside. (the first time)
Meanwhile you travle the galaxy as your two characters, with other party members, bringing peace to big neutral battle planets(swing planets?) that are controled by neithr sith or the republic.
There are like five planets and after 3 you confront the current sith leader. Not even both of you combined can beat him so you have to choose a character to tell the other to Escape before it's too late ( the character who says this gets left behind.)
Mean while, guided by Kreia's spirit, the exile arrives on a jungle planet and confronts Reaven ( with his mask) He does not know that Reaven is the jedi who took him under his wing, ( in a cutscene, it shows one mission, Reaven, as a jedi, along with Mallak, is shot down by Mandaloreans, and assumed dead by the exile. It then shows Kreia take them in.) They then start to battle.
The character left behind ends up turning evil and after the two more planets you must confront each other with the sith leader watching.Proving that the character you kept is better than the sacraficed one the Sith leader realizes this and strikes his newest aprentice down. He tells you to take your former allys place but you refuse and battle him. After beating him a cutscene shows him about to kill you, when your former ally saves you and kills the Sith leader.

After that you see a cutscene with a True Sith Lord killing Handmaiden, Atton and Mira. Mira asks him why before she dies and he replies that he will allow the Jedi and Dark Jedi to weaken each other and then he will destroy them. It is revealed than in another flashback that He captured Kreia as a child and taught her the True Sith ways but she hated him so she changed his teachings when he left Trayus.
After a cutscene in which the exile sees Reaven take off his mask (so he recognizes him)You then use an escape pod to go to the planet of a bloody duel between Reaven and the exile. you can help one or the other or else kill them both.
If you help the exile Reaven will use his final breath to transport you from the true sith, who arrives and is killed when the planet is destroyed by the remaining Mandaloreans, Using their ultimate weapon, which is destroyed after by the republic.
If you help Reaven, He'll do the same thing except he won't die.
If you kill them both then The True Sith will congratulate you and you will become the apprentice he never had. (That's the true darkside way)

What do you think of this idea? Please comment... I'm serious! I want to know what you think! Thanks

-Darth Angst

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