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Thread: The corvette. Underrated?
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The corvette. Underrated?

After spending many hours playing Eaw online, more and more players are using these early on in games. Yes, they are one of the only ships the rebels can build that early, but today, I managed to take out an Acclamator with just 5 vettes.

Naturally, they are great for taking fighters out and also good for taking out Tartans. A new found respect for the Vette!

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Considering the fact that Acclamaotr is frigate class this shouldn't be possible. COrvettes are fast patrol boats.

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Darth Plagus
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dont underestimate their power!

It may sound silly but you can take out a SD with nothing but 3 corvettes and an ion cannon. Obviously the vettes cant take down the shields of a SD but if you can knock it out with the ion cannon the speed of the vettes makes up for their lack of power. The problem with most of those big empire ships is that they can't fire behind them, and with the ion cannon frying their computers they cant turn very well. If you can get your vettes to always stay behind the SD, and you have enough patience you can knock out their main guns and then take your time with the hangar, engines, etc. etc.

I did this a while ago. They sent in a SD, 3 tartans and 2 broadsides, and a bunch of scout fighters. I sent my corvettes into the corner and had them hit and run against the scout fighters and broadsides. During this time i rammed 3 nebulons down the SD's front door and they got destroyed pretty quick, but they did take out the tartans and give me the time to take out all of the other ships with the vettes, leaving just a single SD, my ion cannon, and 3 corvettes. I wasnt about to give up my planet, i have never surrendered a single planet with out a fight and i was completely astonished when i destroyed the SD with those VEttes...but i tell you it CAN BE done...

On the other side of the story though, yesterday i took out a fleet of 42 vettes, 16 missle vettes, 7 nebulons and a dozen of each fighter with nothing more than 5 broadsides, 5 victories and 3 tartons....which leads me back to a different doesnt matter what side you are or what ships you have...if you are playing the computer and dont just ram all of your ships into a nightmarish WILL win, usually lol.
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What kind of SDs are you talking about, can they even take out the ISD? If so, I never knew they were that powerfull, though they are way too powerfull, I can agree to that. Considering they are only armed with 2 gun turrets (not sure what type but I always thought quad or dual lasers).
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Gunships are awesome too. I tend to build a nice fleet of these with corvettes early on and use it to raid enemy systems. Not going after the stations, but destroying elements of the enemy fleet.

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correct me if I am wrong but they also have a couple of laser cannons along each side do they not?
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I've taken out Captian Piett with three Corellian Gunships before...since the Gunships' special ability "locks" on rather than wearing off, I could always sit in the Accuser's aft arc and fire missiles indiscriminately--even when Piett locked a tractor beam on one of my Gunships. The Accuser only managed to destroy one boat during the engagement, and that only because the proton beam fires omnidirectionally. A lesser Star Destroyer wouldn't have got away with that.

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Darth Plagus
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ya, wedge, thats what im talkin about! lol As long as you stay away from their line of fire and dont let your ships move from behind them, just wait...and wait...and wait...its not that the vettes are too powerful its just that they DONT get might take 5 mins or more but if you have no ships and want a win...its worth it lol

oh and i was talking about imperial star destroyers...the big daddies....not those worthless victories and the hapless interdictors lol (why do the interdictors have such horrible weapons? would the empire really have built a ship that was as key an element in battle as the inter. and not given it the weapons to defend itself from attack? just seems likes something that isnt very practical..but oh well lol)
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Toa Tahu
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It's kinda crazy, I know, but these Corellian ships (both of them) are insanely durable!

I start my game with several Corvettes to counter the Empire's pesky Tartans. Soon, if my Corvettes didn't get destroyed, they could be used to counter the Acclamator Cruiser, Victory SD, and Interdictor SD, in groups! I remember one encounter where my rabble of 2 Nebulon-Bs and about 4 Corellian ships (forgot what number of what already) got surrounded by two VSDs, and one Interdictor SD, albeit damaged ones. My group emerged unscathed!!

Also, Corellian ships make valuable additions to your main attack force. The Gunships would tear through any lurking capital ships and utterly bring down space stations' hard points with ease. Corvettes, on the other hand, would pick out all those small garrison units, especially the irritating TIE bombers which would make short work of my larger capital ships.

In short, Corellian ships are invaluable. I wonder why they never make capital ships. Sure to give Imperial SDs and MC Cruisers a run for their money.

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A yes, the gunship. Sure beats the Y-Wing the way it is in the game. Simply due to durability. And am I the only one wondering why it's called a gunship if it's main weapons are rockets?
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Darth Alec
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Maybe gunships are underrated by some, but only the ignorant. And the vet is very versitile and few weaknesses. But they won't win the battle alone against a smart guy with caps.

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