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Thread: Bug list (after 1.03)
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No, AA turrets/vehicles are specific units and should only be able to attack aircraft, otherwise whats the point in building anyother unit if you can have an all-in-one unit that can fire at anything?

Oh, and I just played a conquest game where the AI had the bright idea to build 175 scout fighters plus 65 Tartans. The AI needs to be MUCH smarter.

A multiplayer issue I have... well two;

1) The buddy list system SERIOUSLY needs a MAJOR overhaul. The Chat system also needs a good tweaking. For example;

The Buddy list system; needs to be able to privately chat with multiple people at once instead of just ONE, very tedious. When somebody tries to talk/invite you through the buddy system, the alert that pops up telling you this BLOCKS EVERYTHING ELSE which is now beyond frustration, especially when your trying to type in the lobby and you suddenly get cut off. You should also be able to tab between the buddy system and the chat rooms without being forced to choose only one in which to type.

The Chat system; Would be VERY useful if you could chat in the main rooms while your also in a game room (Think Homeworld 2)

2. Why can I not choose which side I want to be when either hosting a game or joining one, the comp simply decides who I'll be and does not allow me to change, this has happened since I installed the game. Becoming very tiresome.

On a slight sidenote, Multiplayer Skirmish needs more options (i.e. gametypes) Racing to kill the station is becoming boring. A capture and hold territory mode would be much fun and allow for good scraps.

Thats all for now.

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1. In ground battles, playing as either side, units will get stuck.

If I - as the attacker - land a troop unit at a reinforcement point and that unit is under fire, something happens such that the unit is immobilized. Maybe the AI is confused about how the unit should react to incoming gunfire, since the unit still has yet to disembark from the transport.

I can`t recall this happening to vehicles, but infantry frequently suffer this bug - the units affected cannot move for the duration of the battle.

This bug is quite easy to recreate: just land reinforcement infantry while the reinforcement point is under fire. Inevitably some infantry units will be immobile.

2. In a space battle I had an Acclamator of mine suddenly shoot a constant stream of Proton Torpedoes from its appropriate hardpoint.

It had suffered some damage, though the torpedo point was in good shape. The ship was very close to an enemy Rebel space station (level 2?). I cannot recall the system.

Sorry I can`t offer anything more than that - its a bug that only occurred once since I`ve been playing (for many weeks now).
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BUG: accs can shot torpedoes like a machine gun: I managed to take 1 mon cal with my acc
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Sometimes an imperial fleet will orbit a planet I occupy yet it won't engage a battle.


I have to send another ship to that planet to activate the battle.


Is it because the hero unit is Han Solo?

AT-AT's get stuck when near buildings:

Thank you.

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