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Thread: Merging Models Tutorial
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Merging Models Tutorial

Original Thread for Discussion


Lord Spartan asked me if I could explain better how to merge models, so I decided to make a tutorial step by step, this first part is about loading the file in Gmax and organizing the workspace. I'll be using the model pmbil as a base, and we will merge another body model mesh.


1. The Tools

1.The Kotor Tool by Fred Tetra you can find here:

2.MDLops by Cchargin:

3.Gmax, if you are new to 3d modelling you should download the tutorials and help files too:

4.Nwnmax for Gmax:

5.Taina's Replacer:

2. Loading the model

Once everything is installed and working let's create a folder for the project....I'll call it NewRobes. Next we extract the pmbil model from the game to NewRobes folder, to do that open Kotor Tools and select:
Kotor I -> BIFs -> models.bif -> Aurora Model -> pmbil.mdl
Then press the button “Extract File” and save the file on NewRobes folder.

The model's name is codified:
p -> player model
f or m -> female or male model
b or h -> body or head model
a or b ->underwear or cloths model
l, m or s -> large, medium or small body (soldier, scout or scoundrel)
a, b or c -> asian, black, caucasian skin colour (for heads) the number is the portrait used.

Extract the .mdx file and save in the same folder.
Kotor I->BIFs->models.bif->Aurora Model Extension->pmbil.mdx
To extract the texture used by the model:
Kotor I->ERFs->TexturePacks->swpc_tex_tpa.erf->P->pmbi01.tpc

If you don't know which textures the model uses I'll show you later how to find it. If you double click over image the image viewer will show it, if there is nothing written in the white box we can press the “Extract file”, select “Save as tga”, and save it in the same folder.

But our texture has a text there, so we will copy it to a text file too, to do that we check the “Export Selection to TXI file”, select the text, press “Write File”, we save it in the same folder as the model files.

Now in NewRobes folder we have four files pmbil.mdl, pmbil.mdx, pmbi01.txi and pmbi01.tga.

We are going to convert the pmbil.mdl from binary to ascii file, using MDLops. Start MDLops, activate “Kotor 2” button, and press “Select file” button, and select the file pmbil.mdl.
I usually let the “Extract animations” checked, I have seen some tutorials that says it should be unchecked though... Then press the “Read and Write model”, it will create a pmbil-ascii.mdl and pmbil-textures.txt file inside the NewRobes folder. The pmbil-textures.txt file tells which textures is used by the model, it is very useful if the model uses many textures with different names.

Now we start Gmax, remember to start Gmax not using its icon, but using Nwmax's icon, it will start the Snooper script too, without it you will have to paste the text from the Gmax's listener and copy on a text file to export the model. Gmax will start and the Nwmax roll-out will open.

To import the model we select it in the Nwmax roll-out “MDL Loading”, in the file name we use the browse button to select our pmbil-ascii.mdl file, in Options check “Import Geom Only” and then press “Import” button. The model and a lot of other stuff will appear in the screen. Minimize the Nwmax roll-out.

On the screen we have 4 panels...the Top, Front, Left and Perspective views, when you click inside one of the panels it is activated and it is shown by turning its board gray instead of the default dark blue.

You can change one panel to the other right clicking on the panel's name and selecting it in the menu, or using the shortcuts, T to top, B to bottom, L to left, R to right, F to front, K to Back (on Kotor models front and back are reversed), P to perspective, U to user view.


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