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Thread: MI 5 Impossible
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Chaos Anhell
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MI 5 Impossible

Ok, fisrt of all, i know that im going to be spanked by everyone here, most by the moderators, because well, this dosnt deserve an unique tpic, but well, im pretty new here, and i have the experience that if i post in other thread that has time, nobody reads any new topic. Sorry to all the users and all the mods if i cause you trouble posting this thread, lock it if it is necessary, but i will thank you to not, anyhow, i just need to express a few things about MI series and some other sorts thing related with a next serie of MI. I really need to express it, its killing me form inside :P.

Ok, before i start talking another thing, this thread is not about bitching abou EFMI, im sure that everybody is tired of see "OMFG TEH EFMI SUCKS SO HARD" but this isnt any topic meaning to this. Also, i want to post this by the most reaction i see that most of MI fans tells "THERE SHOULD BE ANOTHER MONKEY ISLAND 5!" Once again i tell, MOST of the reaction, not ALL.

Ok, lets get down into the point. As you noticed (Those who readed my post about COMI problems with the disk 2) i was triying to play COMI again. I did it after all (i dont want to mention what i had to do for getting another disk 2). Anyway, after i finished i installed again the EFMI and i played it again, and i also did it with MI and MI 2. Why? I am a MI freak? Possible, but i had another reason, well, first of all i get depressed by that thing that Jim Warren said (until 2015) so i decided to play again all the MI to see what i would think after that (dont ask me why i took this decition, i just needed to play every monkey island again to get depressed). So i started, and i completly passed the SOMI wihout problem, then MI 2 and no problem at all, COMI, brought me problems with that but i solved it, and finally the "all hated" EFMI. We all noted various things on EFMI diferent to other related series, but this is what i noted.

1st.- we had a drastic change with the 3d art and also with the keyboard movement, but everyone was waiting till the day where Guybrush would let the cursor.

2nd.- Exept Guybrush, change form voices, some in positive way (Elaine) and some in negative way (LeChuk) (IN MY OPINION)

3d.- Well, aparebtly LeChuk wasnt the unique bad guy, Ozzie Mandrill is too.

4th.- Well, we break with a "tradition" of the MI. Why? Well, IMO, In the past series the Guybrush never revisited (Oh and the crack in the goodsoup tomb dosnt count, also the elevator of the underground tunnels of Dinky/Monkey Island dosnt count too) some of the past islands. Of course, Monkey Island is revisited in every game, that is the catch. But what i mean is that also, Monkey Island never sawed equal to the 1st time we se on The Secret of Monkey Island. But Melee island, and the other island were never revisited in the next sequal heading to that. What i mean is, MI 2 never revisited Melee ISsland (again, the elevetor on the underground tunnels dosnt count) and Curse of Monkey Island never revisited Phatt Island, Scabb Island, Booty Island or Melee Island (again, the crack on the Goodsoup crypt and also the "twentee-grab" water thing dosnt count too). But at least to me, it surprised me to see that Escape from Monkey Island revisited Melee island, and also Monkey Island as a similar design as The Secret Monkey Island.

4.- Pretty bad humor compared to COMI and MI 2.

5.- A little detail, but also funny, MI 2 and COMI had a similar "Episodie Sceen" (you knwo, where they say to you "Part 3 Three Sheets to the wind" or that kind of stuff) but we see that TSOMI and EFMI had, not similar, but diferent to the others.

6.- Stan dosnt have any use in EFMI

7.-No more pirate things, i mean yes, probably the pieces of the Ultimate insult could be pirate thing, but, capitlism on the caribean, an Austrailian tycoon, lawers talking? cmon, that is no pirate thing.

There are also some kind of sign that i note on Escape form Monley Islands. Sign of what? Well signs of a good bye to Guybrush. Creepy dosnt it? Well everyone tells me "OMFG YOU FREAK OF MI" because of what im about to say, but indeed, some people belaive im not crazy at all, mostly because of all the humor and all the secret easter eggs hide trough all the MI series.

a) Ok, this is the fisrt sign i note, and where most people say "GET OUT OF HERE" but, well, pls dont conclude until you have read all. Ok, fisrt sign, look at the name of the game, ESCAPE FROM MONKEY ISLAND, the "ESCAPE" word, hmmm, looks pretty werid there. Maybe the whole team of MI wanted to ESCAPE from the MI series.

b)Ok, by some reason, i do not know why, but, the programation, graphics, and other couple of things, make me think that EFMI had a very low budget. Also music, there are much recyvled music, Lafoot music is same as the Smugllers cave in the COMI, and the theme of EFMI is the same that COMI.

c)The tipic number of game series or movi series is 3. We had 3 Start Wars, 3 Terminators, 3 Jurassic Parks, and so we can make a whole list. But that some game or movie stops on a 4? It is pretty werid to me, maybe they wanted to be different, or maybe, the creators and the styaff of MI where obligated to create another monkey island. I will talk of this further in this post.

d)Ok, Guybrush falls on the last part of EFMI, into the breech in front of the Governers mansion on Melee Island. All becase Timmy uses a monkey combat move and push Guybrush. Guybrush ask everyones help, and nobody come. Its a metaphorious thingy or also can be a secret Easter Egg, Guybrush was thrown form a cliff and nobody will come to recue him, not Elaine, not Timmy, not Horatio and not George (that is one of the names he mentioned when he ask helps, and in my opinion, i think they wanted to refer to George Lucas) and not anyone of the staff that Guybrush mentioned

e) the hateness of all the citizens not pirates againts the pirates.

Another thing, i suposue everyone have noted this, but it seems that the creators of EFMI wanted to make some sort of remake of TSOMI. Here it another annoying list :P

I) LeChuk reapers, but with a human disguise, same that he dids on TSOMI with the sheriff Firnes.... never mind, i dont recall the name, but he did the same way with the sheriff.

II) Of course, the most biggest sign of all, Melee Island, and all their things in there, The International House of Mojo, Scumm Bar, Carla, Otis, and Meethook . It wouldn surprise if it would appeared the 3 master pirates (you know, those who tell you what to do to became a pirate on the Scumm Bar). And also well the scummbar.

I have plenty of other signs, but i dont want to list all here, is a BIG list.

Soo, in conclusion, we can see that, well, in my opinion, the staff of MI were triying to be some sort of tribute or remake the game TSOMI. And along this, it can be some type of saying good bye to Mi. They started with TSOMI, and they wanted to close with another TSOMI or some kind of it. They wanted to close that cycle, that even they blocked out themselves from a sequel. I mean, LeChuk is completly defet it, because, even if he revives, he had the curse of the ultimate insult, and he would be like a ghost,zombie,demon, ego-less with a human disguise pirate. How can be an enemmy with no ego? Also, look at this way, what other rencarnation can LeChuk have? He has been a ghost, a zombie, a demon. what other can be? Bones? or human again? I dont know really, but what i know is that in EFMI they decided to be all at 1 time. All are cool, but, i dont think there could be other rencarnation for LeChuk.

In other conclusion, it seems that they wanted to block any posibilitie of making any other sequel for Monkey Island, and also, maybe after all EFMI was like a fan request. What i mean? Well, it some sort something that happened with Grim Fandnago. ALL who have played the game has liked it, and everithing was hoping for a sequel. But the own creator of Grim Fandango said (ok, you shurely will ask me for the sourcesof this info, but in this case, i am very sorry, i sawed this looonng time ago, and i dont remember where to recover that interview. You will have to trust in me) "Grim Fandnago is a great game, and it was only designed to be only 1 game, not with a sequel. If we create a sequel it will be just for the fans who really need to play another Grim Fandango" See what i mean? Maybe this was the case of EFMI, and why it is so diferent to others, they recobrated the most popular trough the series (you can associete Pegnose Pete with Largo LaLagrande, exept that Pegnose serve Ozzie). Another possiblity, some sort of this limitation that the big trademars tend to make when a game is old and its depressing. "If the next sequel dosnt work, say bye bye to your franchise". And lets face it, most of the ppl, and most of everyone that has played all the MI series, really hated EFMI. To answer the 1 billion dollar question, why everyone hates Escape from Monkey Island? Well, simply because of all i have said, it is different, and breaks to the tradition, some people have fear to changes, and some poeple get mad when the tradition is broken.

Now, let me put it as this way, ok, its a videogame, and the posibilities goes as far as the imagination can go on any other art. Yes it could be a sequel, but for me, it will be kind of, well, "forced" and in some kind of way ridicioulous. Now, why i post all this article, well, another thing, to try to understand some people with the anoying thing of "IT HAS TO BE A MI 5" that maybe Jim Warren isnt as crazy at all, and maybe they want to save the proud that MI series keep. MI has been recognised and celebrated by everyone, but the things will start beign like sucsesfull franchise as Sonic or Mario Bros. About Mario, i really dosnt know how the things are going there, but i know what is happening with Sonic the Hedgehog. For this i want to open a middle parentesys. For who dosnt know, Sonic the Hedgehog is the SEGA mascot and it has been one of the most popular franchise on the past years, in the super nintendo era. For making the story short, Sonic was the competition of Mario Bros. Sonic, trough all the years had an enemie called Dr.Eggman, that has been the same rival ovver and over trough 15 years! And the story is always taht this guy, want to have 7 objects (formaly known as Chaos Emeralds) to defeat sonic and conquer the world. You can close the parenteshys now :P Ok now compare this stoyry of Sonic with MI, at the fisrt time it sounds pretty wacky, but after you compare it it sound pretty familiar. Guybrush is Sonic, the world is Elaine, and Dr.Eggman is LeChuk. In my opinion im pretty tired of facing one character as a rival. Now imagine this. MI is a 15 years sucsesfull franchise, and he has mosre than 70 games, and always you have to defeat LeChuk. It would be silly and completly bored dosnt it? Thats why i think all of this post, and also, as i said before, to make poeple understand why is almost imposible and it would be silly a MI 5. Yeah, it could be other options for a sequal, there is a thread for that here dosnt it? I mean, im sure that most of the fans want to see the return of Largo LaGrande, and that would be awesome, but again, LeChuk i the main rival, and it cant revive, or maybe he can revive, but it would be diferent, and as i said before, pople fear to changes, same case as sonic, and same case as EFMI. So, to all of taht really wish a MI 5, it is a really bad thing to go with false hopes, lets face it, it is pretty difficult that Lucas Arts decide to make another one. And also, think of this, imagine a MI 5 same as EFMI wich all of you hated. Well, in my opinion i dont want to see taht MI 5 (if there is) would be like EFMI or worst. So, as Jim Warred (ok, is it Warren or Warred? Sorry if this is annoying, im really get inspired writing this and i dont think on searching how does this guy calls) "good games should remain buried", yep, the same thing i express myself. Now, if you really want a MI 5 sequel, well, be prepared for some possible real changes that can be same, or even more deep that EFMI.
So far, you surely think i am a freak, but, try to do the same i did, and get your conclusions.

Once again i ask that this topic shouldnt be locked, i really want to see opinion of this article. Is it very annoying, well then, i cant make anything to change your opinion. Please, i ask you that take some time and post your opinion here dear reader, i really want to see your opinion. Thanks for reaing this. I want to really apologise for the redaction and for the ortografy, english is not my language, and because of that it is really hard to write like anyone with that language will do. So sorry for the ortografy and redaction, hope it all understand. Have a nice day all of you ^^.
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