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Thread: [WIP][FIC] Davik Kang : Rise to Power
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[WIP][FIC] Davik Kang : Rise to Power

Davik Kang : Rise to Power

Contents (This is to assist in navigating chapters. Note that by clicking the hyperlink your browser may open a new window)

Chapter I - Ambition, Dreams of Gradeur (New!)
Chapter II - This is Business (Subject to Revision)
Chapter III - The Exchange (Subject to Revision)
Chapter IV - Welcome to the Rackets (Subject to Revision)
Chapter V - The Bird is Quick (Coming Later)


The year is 3,986 BBY. A decade has gone to past since the end of the Great Sith War. Peace has settled amongst the galaxy and everything is relatively… quiet. Though the war’s repercussions still bear effect upon the galaxy. A depression has befallen upon the Republic in the aftermath of Exar Kun’s war. The demand on industrial production has dropped, and unemployment has become a serious issue. In particular, heavily populated worlds are taking the blunt of the hit. With unemployment there are not enough taxes to counter the high maintenance costs of running the sprawling urban environments of these planets.

Our story follows a young Davik Kang who seems to be going nowhere in life. A chance to earn extra credits falls upon him, and from there he journeys into the harsh existence of the underworld.

Chapter I – Ambition, Dreams of Grandeur

The mourning alarm went off to release me from an uncomfortable sleep. With my eyes still heavy, I was able to open them to a squint. Lazily, I turned my body around within the bed to shut the alarm off. After a brief moment, I swung my legs over the bed and sat up; blinked several times, and slowly rubbed a hand across both of my eyes; letting off a long sigh of discomfort.

Turning the lights on, I began my typical mourning cooking a simple meal, while listening to the holofeed.

Fifty-eight revoked in one week alone ladies and gentlemen. The toll continues to rise each day and it only looks to get worse. Unemployment has skyrocketed within the lower levels, yet upper city remains unaffected at the moment. The nobles have the power to help keep our infrastructure healthy, yet very few of them have contributed to our great society. And because of this ignorance our beloved Taris continues to deteriorate… Now with me today is Anesa Tarrk; she’s a diplomat of the Republic and an expert in the field economics. Tell us Ms. Tarrk, what do make of the situation, and what does Taris’ future look like if this continues?

Well obviously the Sith War has left many worlds, including Taris, in desperate need of financial aid. Unfortunately the war has left the Republic with it’s own problems and many worlds will need to cope with the situation themselves. I have been appointed to Taris as the financial advisor in this crisis. So I will be assis-

I abruptly ended the holofeed’s transmission. My breakfast was ready, and I wanted to eat peacefully without pondering about the depression. Seated at the table, I ate in silence. The only sounds you could hear were the hum of swoop bikes, the perpetual strokes and pumps of automated machines, and the bustling city itself.

About half-an-hour went by before I was done eating. I disposed of the dish and utensil into a nearby sink. While running the faucet I folded my hands together to collect some of the running water, and went on to press it against my face. I looked up into a mirror, reflecting a grim looking man, with blue eyes and short black hair. Looking straight back at me with splashes of liquid drops scattered all across his face.

I threw the rest of my garments, code-locked my apartment and walked out the doorway only to be greeted by the disgusting stench of the lower city. It was like dirt down here; trash littered the streets, spice junkies crouched up in the corners, swoop thugs preyed on the weak, a true testament of the depression at its peak.

I walked along the beaten streets, carefully observing my surroundings. And as I continued to walk, several others and I noticed a couple of thugs mugging some poor soul in a nearby alleyway. They beat him repeatedly with shock sticks, causing his body extreme agony while slowly rendering him unconscious. It wasn’t pretty either; they had already busted his head open, and probably broke a few ribs too as he was favoring his abdomen. I only watched for a minute or two, as did others. I then walked away from the crowd that began to gather around the alley. Funny… this was everyday stuff down here in the lower city yet people are still amused by a simple fight or beating.

I entered the local cantina. Dozens of people were hanging around the pazaak room, and many more idled around the bar-ring itself. The only business the depression hasn’t hurt is the cantina. People come here to drink away their problems, watch the dancers, test their luck at gambling, the works. I was fortunate enough to work as a bartender here, and grateful enough to have today off.

I took a seat at bar-ring. When a familiar voice came from behind me.

“Davik! You’re here rather early I should say.”

“Rance, how’s it going?”


Rance Senesca. A friend since childhood; normally came here for the dancers. He took a seat right beside mines. Michael, a fellow bartender approached us.

“Davik, Rance, what I can get for ya? The usual?”

“You betcha” Rance replied, with a slight smile of amusement. I nodded my head in agreement.

“So Davik, what are ya up to?”

“Nothing. Figure I stop by the cantina, buy a few drinks, place a few bets on the swoop race, play a few rounds of pazaak. You know…”

“Gambling eh? A poor investment Davik, especially during these times.”

“I’m not the one wasting credits on Twi’lek dancers.”

“Hey you’re looking at it the wrong way. I’m helping them out ya see. They got a job too ya know, and they still need… investors to help them out.”

Amused, I raised my eyebrows at him.

“Drink up fellas.” Michael handed us our drinks. I had the Tarsian Ale; Rance had the Juma Juice.

“So Davik, you interested making some… extra credits?”

I took a sip of my beverage.


“Maybe? Davik I’m talking five hundred credits each. For the both of us.”

I took a sharp look at Rance, full well knowing this wasn’t any normal job.

“Five hundred credits. Alright what’s the job?”

“A delivery”

I expected him to go on and brief me. However he simply continued on drinking his glass of Juma Juice, leaving me momentarily perplexed.

“That’s it?”

Rance nodded slowly. He always had a perspective of seeing things to be ‘simple’. I went on to speak again.

“Sounds like there’s more to it.”

“Maybe, but five hundred credits is good enough for me to walk around in the undercity. But a delivery, pfft! this is taking candy from a baby.”

“Who hired you?”

“I don’t know exactly. I meet this guy who looked real rich… high class so to say. He was here at the cantina last week, around this time, and approached me, offering to pay me a thousand credits to deliver a package to an associate of his. Why he chose me, probably because I am one of the biggest guys around. Whatever the job is I think… I think it’s going to require some muscle if ya know what I mean.”

“So wait a minute, why ask me to help you? Sounds like you could have a thousand credits for yourself.”

“Why else Davik?”

He took another gulp of his drink, waiting for me to come up with an answer. I shrugged.

“Come on now, you’re one of my most trusted friends. You’re an ally Davik, whether ya like it or not.”

I chuckled a bit at his statement.

“Do I have a choice in the matter?”

“Of course you do, but there’s more to it. See… I’m not a good talker. If I were I’d be persuading ladies, not paying them. I need someone with, well… diplomatic skills. You’re smarter than me Davik, I need you to do the talking.”

“So you want me to do all the deals and all that good stuff.”

Rance nodded, taking a sip of Juma Juice.

“Fair enough. Though I’m convinced that this whole thing is begging for trouble. Where will we be going do you know?”

“Nope. The man said he’d contact me tomorrow. He then gave me a small hologram projector along with the package.”

“I see. Do you know what’s in the package?”

“He told me not to open it, besides it’s code-locked.”

“So whatever it is, it’s probably important. What happens if we lose it?”

Rance started began to laugh subtly.

“Then we’re screwed!”

He was chuckling hard now. It was obvious the Juma Juice had gotten to him. I just shook my head.

“So, are ya in Davik?”

I thought about it for a moment, while taking a long sip of the Tarsian Ale.

“As tempting as your offer is I’ll have to think about it Rance.”

Rance nodded his head.

“Go home and think about it Davik. You know I’m almost always around the cantina all day. And if you decide ya want in, drop by my apartment early tomorrow.”

“Sounds like a good deal.”

By now I had finished my drink, and with this opportunity Rance had provided me with, I simply had to go home and think about it. Five hundred credits for a ‘delivery’ sounded a little too auspicious, and I wasn’t willing to walk into some setup or anything that would get me killed. So I walked out of the cantina like Rance suggested I do, and traveled on home where I could peacefully think in solitude.

My Fan Fiction - Davik Kang : Rise to Power

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