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Thread: [FIN] Vengeance of the Dark Lord
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[FIN] Vengeance of the Dark Lord

Please feel free to leave comments here. Thank you.

Vengeance of the Dark Lord

There is one thing all Sith crave for, and it is power. The lust for power has killed and destroyed many Sith, and Darth Malak was no more than it. He always wanted power, jealous of his Master and friend, the Dark Lord Revan. When he bombarded the Dark Lord’s ship, he signed his own death at the Star Forge by the hands of a bloodthirsty Revan and his new apprentice, Bastila. Although, after the Battle of the Star Forge, Bastila overwhelmed Revan and threw him to the world under: Rakata Prime.

Revan woke up on the beach. It was filled with broken ships for spare parts. He still had his armoured robe although the hood was down. He had brown eyes and long brown hair. Just like his alter-ego: Feros Bellatrix.

I don’t want anyone to know how I am
, he thought. Revan walked a little to find the Rakatan tribe all desert. Suddenly, he felt something it him by behind. Three Sith Trooper stood behind him. He got up and scolded them.

“So that’s how you treat your master…and your reaper?” Revan said before igniting his blue lightsaber and throwing it at the head of the one that shot him from behind. Revan Force pushed another against the wall and snapped the remaining one’s neck by choking him with the Force. He looked up and yelled.

“Is this all you got Bastila?! Give me your best shot, baby!” he shouted before continuing into the Archives.

He noticed everything was destroyed but then noticed a sealed room. He plunged his saber at the door and the door opened. It was very dark but he used the Force to see around. He noticed a monitor with a locked container. He pressed a button and in the monitor showed a Rakatan historian that discovered the crystal that completed the trifecta along with the Heart of the Guardian and the Mantle of the Force. Revan remembered he once killed Savum Tan and took those crystals from him. The Rakatan then said something that unlocked the container with the crystal: Rage of the Sith. It had a unique crimson colour, more reddish than the average red lightsaber the Sith use. There was another lightsaber hilt there, the hilt was longer. He grabbed it and put the crystal inside.

Suddenly, a door opened on his left, an elevator of sorts. There was the ship Bastila used to get to the top of the Rakata Temple. He quickly got in and flew off to the Star Forge, thinking only about revenge.

Knowing the Star Forge well is a good thing as Revan quickly docked on a place on a nearby where Bastila ruled. He got on the place Bastila accepted to Battle Meditate in his favour before betraying him. Suddenly, her newest apprentice showed up. It was nothing more than a boy who thinks he’s a Sith.

“Who are you,” he asked in fear. Revan grinned and answered thusly by:

“Your worst nightmare,” He said before igniting quickly cutting down the apprentice’s arm. He fell in pain as Revan Force Choked him in the air and joined a little Lightning, frying him alive. He slowly walked to Bastila, ex-lover, and soon to be deceased.

He ignited his red lightsaber. The blade’s red was just like the blood, a natural thing Revan knew. Bastila turned around and greeted him.

“I was foolish to think you would rot and die in Rakata Prime. But so you were by thinking I would trust you,” Bastila said before igniting her red staffsaber.

“You’ll find that I’m a box full of surprises,” Revan said before igniting his lightsaber containing the Heart of the Guardian crystal. The battle was on.

Revan quickly used his lightsaber form of choice, the Jar’Kai to get an advantage on Bastila. He ran at her and swung with his red saber. Bastila quickly parried the strike as Revan turned around and hit her in the thigh with his bronze lightsaber. She fell to her knee but quickly got up. She ran at Revan, using the Juyo form to aggressively attack Revan. Being a master on the Jar’Kai, Revan parried all the strikes and Force Pushed Bastila into a container. He then Force Jumped and tried to stab her, but he stabbed the container as Bastila rolled. She then looked behind and stabbed Revan’s hand before destroying his bronze lightsaber. Revan, furious, quickly changed stance to Aggressive Back and started using Niman. He parried a strike from Bastila and then cut her staffsaber in two. Bastila attempted to use them but Revan Force Pushed one out through the window.

The battle ensued with many rage. Eventually, Revan cut down Bastila’s forearm. She screamed in pain and then weakly said.

“You won Revan. Now kill me,” she said furiously. Revan pulled his hood out and took off his mask.

“But before, shut up and kiss me you fool,” he said, pressing his lips against hers, kissing her before plunging his lightsaber in her abdomen. She then lay dead.

Revan had won, and a new era of darkness began tonight as Darth Revan, vengefully claimed his throne as Dark Lord of the Sith. The Jedi were broken apart, the Republic crumbling. The Sith would rule, forever.

The End

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