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Thread: [FIN] The Way of the Dark Side
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Diego Varen
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[FIN] The Way of the Dark Side

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The Way of the Dark Side

The new Emperor, Kyle Katarn sat on his chair, enjoying his new role as Emperor of the Galaxy. Soon the pathetic Rebellion he once served would be crushed, along with the Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. He had sent his large legion of Star Destroyers to attack every single Planet in the entire Galaxy.

He sat thinking about the time he had fallen to the dark side. It wasn’t that long ago either. When he had fell to the dark side, after killing his best friend, Jan Ors, he decided to kill the Dark Jedi, Jerec in cold blood to gain the power of the dark side. Personally, he wanted to leave Jan alive, but he had decided to kill her to prove that he wanted power.

An Imperial Guard approached him, which interrupted his thoughts.

“Emperor Katarn, your apprentice has returned.” He told Kyle.

Kyle made a crooked smile. He seemed to do that a lot more these days.

“Excellent,” Kyle told the Imperial Guard, “Send her in.”

“Right away my lord.” The Imperial Guard said finally, bowing towards Kyle, before leaving.

Kyle sat waiting for Sariss, his apprentice. He had now named her Darth Sariss, since she had decided to serve Kyle. Sariss entered and walked towards her master. She knelt in front of him.

“The Galaxy is defenceless against our assault, my lord,” Sariss told Kyle, “Soon the Galaxy shall be ours.”

Kyle smiled again. He felt like he had known Sariss all his life, even though he only knew for a week. He even thought that he was starting to have feelings for her. He had more feelings for her than he had with Jan.

“Well done,” Kyle told her, “You have done well and have proved your strength to the Dark Side.”

Sariss got up off the floor. Kyle decided to tell Sariss about his feelings. He slowly moved towards her and put his arms round her.

“What are you doing?” She asked, seeming uncomfortable.

“Sariss, how… how can I say this…” Kyle told her, “I… I…”

“What?” Sariss asked.

“I think I love you.” Kyle asked.

Sariss seemed to feel the same way, because she also smiled. She ran into Kyle’s arm and together they were embraced together with a long kiss. Finally the romantic moment had to end and the two Sith pulled away from each other.

“Why are you here now, instead of destroying the Rebellion?” Kyle asked.

“What kind of a question is that?” Sariss asked, “I wanted to be with you. If for only five minutes.”

“What?” Kyle asked.

“I’m here to take over as Empress!” Sariss shouted.

“You’ll have to fight for it, Sariss!” Kyle shouted, igniting his new Red Lightsaber that he had took from Jerec.

“I will enjoy slaying you!” Sariss shouted, igniting her blue Lightsaber and her green Lightsaber that was once Kyle’s.

Both of them ran towards each other, attacking each other, looking for a weakness. Both of them were strong in the Force, as they were with Lightsaber combat. Kyle immediately destroyed Sariss’ blue Lightsaber, leaving her with Kyle’s old Lightsaber. Kyle used his Lightsaber to destroy the power source that kept his throne light. Now it was dark and they both had to sense each other in the dark. Kyle could hear Sariss’ breathing, a lot heavier than usual. Kyle could sense her getting weak. Now was his time to strike. He used the Force to speed up and immediately killed Sariss. She shouted out in pain and soon she fall to the ground. Kyle put away his Lightsaber and walked over to Sariss body and took his old Lightsaber.

Soon he returned to his chair and remembered the days where everything was fine. He suddenly realised he had made a mistake. He shouldn’t have fallen to the dark side. Instead he should have saved the Rebellion from Jerec, but instead he had made the Galaxy a lot worse.

“Now you know.” A voice echoed inside Kyle’s head, a voice that was that of his father.

“I… I know,” Kyle said finally, “But I’ve made the Galaxy a lot worse.”

He fell to the floor and broke down. Tears dropped from his face.

“What have I done?” He asked out loud, “What have I done? It’s my fault.”

“Don’t worry my son,” Morgan Katarn told Kyle, “People in the Galaxy always make a difference. Like Master Skywalker.”

The voice of Morgan didn’t speak any more. Even his father’s words didn’t help. Kyle got up and held his Lightsaber to his chest. He knew that this was the way of the dark side. Death and destruction. Kyle ignited his Lightsaber and held it there for fifteen seconds. He then pulled it out.

“Goodbye Galaxy,” Kyle murmured, “I shall see you… soon. Father… Mother… Jan.”

And with his last words, he fell to the ground dead.

The End

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