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Thread: Q&A answered
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Q&A answered

Here are the answers to those questions asked earlier last month! Enjoy!

Answered by Pat Pannullo (FoC Designer)

Wedge2211 - The new Underworld faction in Forces of Corruption has many abilities that it seems the Rebel Alliance could have had in Empire at War. For example, they have some ability to hide their bases and units from Imperial scanners, and they can travel clandestinely through Imperial-occupied systems (unless, I presume, the Imperials have deployed an Interdictor). With these game play features now implemented into the game, will the Rebel Alliance also get some ability to build secret bases or hide their forces from Imperial searches, making them a sort of 'middle of the road' faction with a play style in between the subterfuge of the Underworld and the military might of the Empire?

The Consortium is not really hiding or using stealth to travel – they are bribing officials to allow them to pass through, and whenever they do so it costs them. Each of the factions has their own style – the Empire uses heavy firepower to overrun by brute force; the Rebellion uses raids to bypass combat and hit fast, and The Consortium spends vasts amounts of credits to “break the rules”. We’ve further distinguished the Rebellion from the Empire by making the Rebellion very much more “hero-centric” in the expansion. In the films, the Rebellion was really all about the people and heroes that served the cause, and that is reflected in Forces of Corruption.

deriko - Will you guys be adding the ability to choose what units start out a space battle? Like if you let us choose our units at the loading screen of the battle.

We have added a “pathfinder” slot to the fleet positions (as seen in a planet’s zoomed-in view). Whatever you put in that slot will be the first thing that warps into a space battle.

Wolfenstein1942 - Will the Underworld faction use all the pirate troops in the original game? (For example, IPV-1, Pirate Missile Soldier) If so, do you plan on adding some more hard points to the Pirate's frigate?

The Zann Consortium only has one shared unit with the old pirate faction, the Interceptor Frigate. It is, however, heavily modified and has a different hard point configuration among other differences. We try to keep the hard point number roughly equal within a class of ship (corvette, frigate, capital ship) so the hard point amount on the Interceptor won’t change much.

jedi jim 1989 - Will the empire and rebels have similar abilities to the corrupt side, seeing as they would be able to by them from corrupt rebels or empire worlds, shouldn’t this mean that they have the technology as well?

There is some overlap in abilities (the TIE phantoms can use cloaking for example), but in general the Consortium’s abilities are unique to the side.

Darth Andrew - How will the second Death Star and the Eclipse be destroyed in battle?

The Eclipse is only available in the story campaign, and it really doesn’t get destroyed. The DS2 can be destroyed by Rogue Squadron in a similar fashion to Red Squadron’s role in the original game, and the Consortium can also use IG-88 to nullify the Death Star’s threat.

Fetid Corpse - What are the names of the pirate ships? And what are those crazy helix projectiles they are firing?

Let’s see….Starviper Fighter, Vengeance Frigate, Crusader Corvette, Keldabe Destroyer, Interceptor IV Frigate, Skipray Blastboat and the Aggressor Destroyer (I think that’s all of them…) The helix projectile is a plasma blast from the Aggressor.

shadowsfm – Will the rebels and imperials getting new abilities to existing units?

Some of the abilities for existing units were changed or shuffled around slightly for balance and playability. In most cases, however, the new abilities went to new units.

Jmaster3265 - What made you decide to pick this as an expansion? Why not pick clone wars or a new hope, empire strikes back, or return of the jedi?

A New Hope was pretty much covered in the last game J We tried a lot of different concepts when we first started talking about the expansion; some were more well received than others. The Clone Wars really didn’t resonate with a lot of people. Going forward in the timeline seemed like a good idea, but honestly there are tons of games and other media that have covered ESB and RotJ any number of ways. We decided to take a different approach – cover the timeline from episode IV through and slightly beyond Episode VI, but from a different point of view. The “corrupt” faction seemed to be a popular idea, so we ran with it. This also gave us a lot more freedom with unit and hero creation since the new faction was entirely EU. And it allowed us to put in a bunch of canon and EU stuff for the original factions that fans were asking for.

ARCLeader - I heard that there are going to be some new turrets. Could you tell us a little more about them and how they are used, like Rocket Turrets and Mobile Defense units (the turrets that can move).

Mobile defense units can each produce three “extensions” unique to each faction. While some of them are offensive turrets, others are defensive structures or a specialty items. For example, the Consortium MDU can build a cage full of Ysalamiri that negates the Force abilities of any Jedi/Sith that get near it. The standard build-pad turrets for the Consortium act as you might expect, though they do not have the same choices that the Rebels and Empire have.

Apocalypse|TFL - Will be it possible to play 2 v 2 v 2 using all 3 factions in online skirmish? If it is possible, will it also be possible to team up two factions (for example: a clan war match - TFL v EOE/NSE TFL being empire and EOE/NSE being reb/underground in a 4 v 4)

Yes, three-way battle team-ups are possible, and new maps provide for three ground bases and three space stations in skirmish (both multiplayer and solo). You cannot ally different factions together, but you can create mirrored games (such that all three bases could be Empire if you wanted).

Mrsparkle - Is Lando Calrissian in the expansion? I Have not seen him on a list of heroes yet.

Lando will not be making an appearance in the Expansion.

slornie - will the new campaign only be for the Underworld faction, or will the original empire and rebel campaigns be extended to take into account the longer timescale, with more units, etc ?

The expansion’s story campaign details the adventures of Tyber Zann and the Consortium; while the Empire and Rebellion are definitely present, there are no extensions to the original campaigns.

Darth Anarch - Will there be more Galactic Conquest maps? And will you release any in future patches as well?

There will indeed be more galactic conquest maps, both multiplayer and solo play. Releasing more in patches is a possibility, but there is nothing definite at this time.

ImpElite - Will there be an increased Population cap or no pop cap?

We will look into the population cap issue as balancing the expansion continues. It is highly unlikely that the pop cap will be removed, since it is a large part in keeping the game playable on as many machines as possible.

DarthMaulUK – Will any new features be added to the multiplayer aspect of the game?

As mentioned above, we are adding mirrored games to the mix – you can now play Rebel vs. Rebel, Empire vs. Empire, etc. We’ve also added some new features to the maps themselves that should add some interesting tactical situations.

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