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Thread: Star Wars: Darkness begins
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Star Wars: Darkness begins

About 10,000 years before the events of KOTOR 1, the Republic spanned the entire galaxy with no opposition.

The Jedi were at there strongest, with connections to the force that were so strong they were incomprehensible. Then one man, a prominent Jedi named Kairn, found darkness.

Kairn was captain of the republic vessel Wintersprung. It was a small cruiser assinged to patrolling the border of the unknown regions the outer rim, a dangerous job, but they were safe. Or so they thought. During one of their routine patrolling runs, they encoutered a mysterious gravitational region, that was to strong to escape from. Kairn immediatly sensed the Force, along with a deep sense of forboding.

The Wintersprung attempted to send an emergancy trannsmission, but the signal was being jammed by an unknown force. Kairn sensed death all around him, and almost became sick. He promptly fainted.

When he awoke, he found himself in an acient stone room. He felt as if darkness was closing in all around him. He remembered his Jedi training and attempted to clear his mind, at which point he felt a black presence in his mind.

"Muahaha! Feeble human, follower of light! Who are you to come here fool?" The presence said.

"We were dragged in by a gravitational force- Where's my crew? And where's my apprentice? I cannot sense him..." Kairn said. "NO what have you done to her?" He cried as he fell to the ground in pain.

"Your crew could not withstand the power of this place and were immediatly but very painfully destroyed by the power of this place. You were strong enough to survive, which is suprising considering you follow the Light."

"What is there but the light, and what happened to my apprentice?"

"Your apprentice was neither to weak nor strong enough, so she is caught in an eternal web of pain in the black pyramid."

"No, I can feel it... aaaaahhhh... pain"

"Ahh yes I see you have formed a bond with your apprentice, hahaha."

"I must... set... her... free."

"You will not, we have awaited this moment. She fuffiled an ancient prophecy that we have... Now is our time."

"Who.. are... you?"

"We are the Sith. You petty humans know of us in your subconcius mind. We anre evil, we are darkness, we are hatred, we are fear! We our your nightmares. And know we shall consume the galaxy with our power! For millenia we have waited for the prophecy... We shall use the girl's pain to open the portal into your world, which we have been trying so hard to enter since we were spawned of darkness!"

"NO... release her... please... I can not bear the pain..."

"But there are ways you can use the pain blinded human fool! Join with us and you shall weild a power able to control the galaxy!"

At this point Kairn attempted to clear his mind of the pain and the presence, putting all of his effort into it. However, even his great power in the force was unable to stop the darkness, and he was crushed in pain.

"Ahhh that's better fool. I sense you will now bow before the Sith..."

"Yes, master"

"My name is Darth Talk'ana. I will put you into stasis, but when you awake, you will be in our city, Hardak."


A few hours later Kairn awoke to find himself in a dark land with a blood red sky. He felt great pain inside of him, but he was able to walk. There was a huge black pyramid infront of him, surrounded by a series of smaller red ones. He immeddeatly felt drawn to the place, and was unable to stop himself from going to it.

The closer he got, the more pain built up inside him, although he was unable to tear away from the massive structure.

There was a figure dressed in black robes, slightly taller than him, standing next to a small red pyramid. It beckoned to him, revealing a pale hand with abnormally long fingers and nails. The face was recesed in darkness.

"You aren't Darth Talk'ana..."

"No, I am the Chronicler of the Sith, the teacher and librarian."

"What are... these... pyramids?"

"Strutures built by the ancients, containing knowledge. Knowledge that you will soon be subjected to..."

The Chronicler waved his hand, and all of the red pyramids began glowing brightly. Kairn was somehow whipped into the black pyramid in the center. Endless knowledge began pouring into his head. Darkness and hatred flowed into his mind, corrupting him. He speant many days in there learning of darkness, the light flowed out of him freely, and he was fully corrupt.

When he emerged, there was a gathering of hundreds of Sith outside the pyramids. Somehow he knew that the portal was about to be opened.

He remembered what he had learned about channeling his pain into power, and used it to give him the strength to follow the Chronicler, who was beckoning him again.

"Come my child, you will return here when the portal is open, first you must consturct your sword and take your robes."

"Yes Chronicler"

The Jedi order had lost all sense of Kairn and his apprentice Leena, until one day, a total of two weeks after the Wintersprung had been lost, they felt him and a terrible darkness which they could not understand, but only momentarily. Their senses were blocked, and they were unable to percive the comming darkness.

The Sith emerged on a small planet, inhabited by a race of humanoids who would become known as the Creators. Coruppted by the Sith, they constucted devices and sites of terrible dark power, that the Sith would use to Darken the galaxy. Devices such as the Star Forge.

Over the next few standard years, Jedi began dissapearing, as if erased from the Force. The council decided to immeadiatly investigate, but they were to late. Worlds on the Outer Rim were razed by massive battle cruisers and completely destroyed by dark powers that are still unknown... Then the first disastorous open battle between a sith cruiser and a detachment of the Republic fleet sparked chaos.

The war began, the Jedi searched all the resources they had in an attempt to find out who their attackers were, but came up with nothing. They were brley a match for the skill of the Sith warriors. They mostly met former Jedi and other species in the Sith ranks, and whenever they met an actual Sith Lord, They were destroyed.


Sorry that was so long guys, i just had some inspiration...

Standard RPG rules apply (No godding, pking without consent, etc)
No being a Sith Lord or any main Character such as Kairn
This is a serious RPG, don't fool around to much


Character sheet:

Faction: (Sith, Jedi, Republic, Mercenary, etc)
Class: (Jedi Master, Jedi knight, Dark Jedi, Soldier, etc)
Rank: (Luitenat, General, etc)
Ship: (Optional)
Hitory: (Optional)

Name: John Lavelle
Age: 20
Race: Mirluka
Appearance: Dark brown hair, blue eyes, handsome, moderatly tall
Faction: Jedi
Class: Jedi Knight
Rank: General
Equipment: White robes with silver Breastplate and thigh gaurds made of force-energized alloys, Darkbane (a doublebladed vibrosword charged with force energies weildable only by a Light Side Jedi)
Ship: The Star Ghost, a heavy Republic cruiser armed with missiles and turbolasers, carrying 2 squadrens of fighters and a large shuttle. Also can carry a battalion of troops and has a special meditaion room in the captian's chambers.
Hitory: The normal, a regular 5 year-old drafted into the Jedi academy on Kataar, as most Mirlukans were. He was pacticularly storng in the force and excelled through the ranks quikly. He became a General when the war started.


The Star Ghost slowly passed through the system as John stood watching on the bridge. He couldn't see as a human could, rather he could percive the world around him through the force. This was the gift and the curse of the Mirluka. They were invaluable assets to the Republic in this time, being some of the only ones who could 'see' the Sith through the Force. He saw many things, perhaps to many. He saw death, darkness, fear, hatred, but he also saw hope. Then he saw that a Sith cruiser was about to come out of hyperspace.

"Scramble defenses now, incoming cruiser!" He shouted.

"Yes Sir!"

"Transmit a warning to all the planets in the system to be on full alert, and contact the Republic! Colonel, I want to see all squadrens in the air now!"
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