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Thread: Darth Revan - Return of the Dark Lord
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Diego Varen
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Darth Revan - Return of the Dark Lord

This is my new Fic starring a DS Revan, Bastila and maybe some other KOTOR Characters. Usually I play a LS Revan, but since there isn't many DS Revan Fics, I thought I'd write one. I think the prologue has been inspired by the Doc's Fic, Into the Darkness. Thanks Doc. Anyway here it is. I hope you enjoy it and I hope this is successful.


The final battle of the Jedi Civil War was over. However it wasn’t the end, for it was only the beginning of Darth Revan’s reign. The beginning of Revan’s reign as the dark lord once again. It was time for him to see his new army. An army of Sith troopers and Sith apprentices from across the Galaxy. It was time.

“Malak is dead!” Bastila announced across the temple, “All hail the return of Darth Revan! The true Lord of the Sith!”

Revan smiled a crooked smile and stepped forward. There were so many applauding him. A rhythmic chant began, which became louder and louder.

“All hail Lord Revan! All hail Lord Revan! All hail Lord Revan!”

Revan turned to see his new apprentice, Bastila and smiled at her. Not only was she his new apprentice, but she had also been his lover for quite a while now. Bastila bowed to him. She began to speak.

“The Sith bow before you,” Bastila told Revan, “You have reclaimed your rightful throne. The Jedi Order is in tatters. It is only a matter of time until your Sith minions wipe them from the face of the Galaxy.”

Revan felt pleased. Pleased with himself and his new army. The Jedi Order did deserve to be wiped out, but the Republic, the Republic was a different story. In Revan’s opinion, the Republic didn’t need to be destroyed. Perhaps Revan could take it over and use it as his new empire, along with the Sith of course.

“The Republic fleet is decimated,” Bastila continued, “The Core Worlds are defenceless against us!”

Revan folded his arms over his chest. He continued to smile, as his gaze began to look over the surface of Rakata Prime. He could still hear the Sith chanting, but Revan began to walk away, Bastila at his side. An admiral approached Revan. This admiral was known as Admiral Aremihc.

“What would you have me do, Lord Revan?” He asked.

“Prepare the Iron Fist,” Revan told him, “Bastila and I won’t be needing the Ebon Hawk again.”

“What about the Droids sir?” Admiral Aremihc asked, “And Canderous Ordo?”

“The Droids will remain on the Ebon Hawk,” Revan continued, “They aren’t needed and Canderous has betrayed me. He has gone to resurrect the so-called Clan, Ordo. Now prepare the Iron Fist, before I strike at your head.”

“As you wish my lord.” Admiral Aremihc told Revan, before walking away.

Revan continued to smile. Bastila also smiled.

“Well done my master,” Bastila told Revan, “You certainly have an impact on people.”

Revan and Bastila approached the Iron Fist. The Iron Fist was a large flagship, which was similar to nearly every single ship in the fleet. However this particular flagship belonged to Revan.

“Bastila, keep an eye on Admiral Aremihc,” Revan told her, “He was too close to my old apprentice and I suspect he will try to wreck my new empire. Kill him and you’ll be worthy of the title, Darth Bastila.”

Bastila bowed to Revan.

“As you wish, my master.” Bastila told Revan, before getting on the Iron Fist.

Revan followed Bastila on board. Like she had said, it was only a matter of time, before the Core Worlds were to be defenceless against them.

Stay tuned for Chapter I Carth’s Escape

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