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Thread: Rise of the Sith Dominion
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Darth Tepe walked about a moment before he entered the podium prepared for them. He had changed his mind from going to the office first, and now the Sith were setting down on their seats while the Guards stood by like statues. They were well trained, even if a bit hastily in a single month. The guards outside the podium looked at the Senate Guards and recieved similiar looks back at them. They both knew they shouldn't clash as they had been trained similiarly and had the same codes. Their sides just happened to be different.

Senators started to fill the chamber and eventually the meeting was started with some lesser thing such as promotions and overall questions about the state of the Republic.
"See the senate in action and make mental notes, my apprentices. This will be your main enemy" Tepe said before yawning and leaving the podium, taking two of the guards with him for a walk. The Dark Lord walked down the corridors and then back up again as cheers and boos echoed from the senate chamber as senators made speeches. Suddenly, the Sith turned around and looked at a group of Jedi. The guards took their positions behind Tepe as he smirked and bowed.

"It is good to see you again, Luke. I did not think we would meet again this soon" the Sith said and as he stepped forwards, Kyle Katarn stepped forwards but Luke stopped him.
"Are you waiting for someone, Lord Tepe?" Luke asked and Tepe smirked before nodding.
"That I am. I saw the Ragnarok land a moment ago. I know the Sith Hunters are here, Luke" he said and Luke nodded in agreement.
"I saw the ship also but I have not gotten word of their arrival inside the building yet. I have talked with Leia and Ackbar... I don't think they can hold off the senate, even if you were here to observe" the Jedi said and shook his head slightly. Tepe laughted.
"I did not come to just observe. I have my own agenda here, but you will see that eventually" the Sith said and left off back towards the podium while the jedi followed him to their own, placed right next to the sith


Danera was the first to jump out of hyperspace. Even if he had left at the same time with the Hunters onboard the Ragnarok, his ship had a fast enought hyperdrive that it had left the Ragnarok behind. It could just be that he and Strider could've become rivals if the Firrerreo would've lived when Strider used to be a merc. The Naboo Royal Air Cruiser approached the planet and eventually landed inside a Senate Building hangar. When the Ragnarok arrived, the man was already out of his ship with his co-pilot droid, a B1 Pilot Battle Droid to be exact. He hit the head of the droid and yelled at it before kneeling down to see the damage the droid had caused when it accidentally hit the edge of a building on the approach.

"Why the heck don't I use the astromech in normal space?" he asked from himself before climbing back up to the cockpit to take out the repair kit and throw it down to the Battle droid. The droid catched and then took out the tools needed to repair the damage that had managed to destroy a turret and exposed the insides of the ship. The mercenary shook his head as he jumped down and checked up on the R-2 astromech hidden under the ship. as the Ragnarok landed next to the small ship, the mercenary came ou from under the fighter and looked over at the Battle Droid that was trying to fix the damage. He walked over and looked at the damage while shaking his head.
"You've done it now, Bobo. Just list whatever's damaged, patch it up and we'll see if we can get off this planet without spending valuable time and money for overprized parts" Danera said, patted the blue shoulder of the droid and then left for Ragnarok to meet the Hunters. He leaned onto the ship while waiting for the Hunters to come out

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