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Thread: [FIN] The True Teachings IV: Fate of the Future
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[FIN] The True Teachings IV: Fate of the Future

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Fate of the Future


''If there's a bright center to the universe, you're on the planet that it's farthest from.''
– Luke Skywalker

Time passes. For six months Ralik and his army lay hidden in their planet-sized factory. Their fleet slowly growing larger and the time for action was approaching. The Sith Empire was still unaware of the actual threat that Ralik and his followers posed and every attempt of Darth Krayt's agents to track Ralik down has been in vain. The factory and the terrifying growing fleet remained hidden. So did the cloning facility and as the number of ships grew, so did the number of soldiers. Ralik stood on the observation port in the Lenari factory and as he gazed upon the darkness of space he knew that the time of destiny approaches.


Raxus Prime. Four days later. The garbage pit of the galaxy. With its poisonous surface and millions of different disgusting smells it was the last place anyone would willingly visit. The sole purpose of this planet is to be an enormous junkyard. It has no cities, only Industrial facilities and toxic pools. The only thing close enough to a city is the residential quarter of the facility, where workers lived, if it could be called living.

The planet did have a small spaceport, which was the cleanest and thus the bussiest part of the planet. The only part where you could see crowds on the streets. The dimmed yellow lights uncloaked the cloud of smoke that was all over the atmosphere. Various exausts from the Industrial facilities, no doubt. Maybe even from the toxic pools. The Raxus sun lit up the orange-red sky that stretched across the horizon as the people moved in the crowd, unaware of the events that were bound to unfold.

''Do you see him?'' Gann asked over the comlink device.

''Not yet.'' Forn replied.

''Where is he? We've been waiting here for hours!'' Gann said nervously.

''He'll show up. He has to, we just have to be patient.'' Forn calmed him down.

''Damn junkyard planet! I won't be able to shake off the smell for weeks.'' Gann cursed.

''I hear ya, but we are here to do a job and we can't leave until its done. You know this order came directly from Darth Krayt.''

''Yeah, I know. What I don't know is what would this Sith Lord we're after be doing on this planet and why, if he's so dangerous, did Krayt not send his Hands to take care of him.'' Gann wondered out loud.

''Maybe he's not that dangerous after all.''

''Let's hope not. The sooner we-- wait a minute.''

''What is it?'' Forn asked with a dose of excitement.

''I think I see him, look to your left.'' Gann said as he adjusted the targeting reticule on his sniper rifle.

''I'll be...'' Forn said, ''I think our target has showed himself at last.''

''It was about time, too. A few more minutes and my sense of smell would have been permanently ruined.''

Indeed it seemed so. In the crowd of Jawas and humans walked a figure with a red hood and leggings and black torso armor. The description matched. He even had an amphistaff in the right hand. It was him. The assassins were sure of it. He was walking rather slowly from the food store and it appeared he was going towards the spaceport exit. This was the best chance they were going to get. The only chance. It was much better to shoot him in a crowd and use the following panic and disarray to flee the scene unnoticed. Yes, the plan sounded perfect.

''Where are you going?'' Gann asked rhetorically while he was following the target through his scope.

''We should take him out now, before he escapes.'' Forn warned.

''We will, in a minute. All right, do you have him?'' Gann asked over the comlink.

''Oh, yeah.'' Forn confirmed as he zoomed in on the target's head.

''You want him?'' Gann asked, keeping the target in his sights.

''Sure, I'll take him...'' Gann never heard the end of Forn's sentence, just a sharp sound of something hitting someone.

''Forn? Forn, you there?'' He asked into the comlink. ''What the hell is going on?''

Gann quickly turned his scope towards the roof of the building Forn was on, but he didn't see his colleague there. Instead all he got to see was a strange rusty-red droid aiming a rifle back at him. Gann could see the droid pulling the trigger and then, before he knew it, he was dead just as his partner was. The rusty-red droid put down Forn's rifle next to his lifeless body and walked away from the scene.

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