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Thread: Force Lighting Anyone
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Darth Balor
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[TSL] Force Lighting Anyone

This is my first mod on my NEW Site be warned it is still under construc so it isnt pretty yet. enjoy link to site at bottom of thread. Please leave feed back and if you want to help me improve it go ahead.

Force Lighting Anyone V 0.1
by Darth Balor

This force power allows you to force lighting anyone in the game except your party members.

I made a force power which will apppear in the friendly force
power menu (where healing is). You can use it at any time and not
only during battle.

- new icon for the force power menu
- The Jedi will gain a temporary bonus (60 seconds ) to charisma, wisom and intelligence when using this power for the for the first time
on a victim in order to allow him to be more persuasive and occasionally have the possibility to unlock a few additional dialogue options.

- Everytime you choke a specific npc, it will cause damage .

- Darkside Points: If the user is neutral or good, he/she will receive darkside points when using
this Power to harm someone.

================================================== ===
Using the force power:
================================================== ===

- you will be able to select the force power in the level up menu only if you already have "Shock", which is a level
6 force power.

- Once you have Shock and Level 6, you will be able to select Force Lighting Anyone in the level up screen.
Force Lighting Anyone is not the Regular Force Lighting from the game. It has its own Icon: a red icon of a man being shocked.

- The force power will be available at anytime in your friendly force power menu (same menu as heal).

- Don't go killing everyone in the game: if you kill key npcs, you'll may end up unable to progress in the main quest.
Chose your victims carefully. The script will target the nearrest npc. Use the force...and your head.

================================================== ===
================================================== ===

This force power is semi-compatible with any other force power mods previously installed.

To install simply extractall files to the SWKotOR2 directory. Also included is a .kmm file

Delete the following files from your overide directory:
spells.2da (careful if you are using other force powers mods: deleting this file will delete your other force power mods)

The source code (.nss file) has been included.

================================================== ===
================================================== ===
To make this mod compatible with other force power modsyou will have to have .2da merger to merge your current
spells.2da and mine

================================================== ===
================================================== ===

- tk102 for making various modding tools

- Fred Tetra for making Kotor tool.

================================================== ===
================================================== ===

This mod may not be uploaded to any other website besides PCgamemods.com and My Site unless I give you
permission to do so.

You may alter the contents of this mod in anyway you see fit for your personal use. If you wish to use this mod in your own
publicly released mods, please let me know first and include this readme with the mod (you may also need tk102's permission).
I reserve the right to refuse depending on the circumstances such as if I deem the content of your mod inappropriate.


================================================== ===


Want to learn modding Kotor and TSL?
Visit Holowan Laboratories:

Contact: [E-mail address snipped]


Darth Balor's Mod Database

Moderator note: Removed e-mail address, they only attract email-harvesting spam-bots. Check the ReadMe file in the mod for the address, or use the forum user profile to contact the author. ~M

note 2: download link removed. please edit your readme to at least give proper credits - see d3's post below - d3

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