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Thread: [FIC]Warriors of the Shadow - A tale from the old Republic
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[FIC]Warriors of the Shadow - A tale from the old Republic

Warriors of the Shadow
The Mandalorians are attacking! The galaxy is once again at war, the republic is falling beneath the might of the Mandalorian armies.

Lead by the ruthless warlord Mandalore The Ultimate, the Mandalorians have
laid waste to the outer rim and have started to work their way to the galactic center, with every victory more are recruited into there ranks.

High above the small planet of Eres III a battle wages between the two sides, the Republic have taken many casualties and with the Jedi refusing to aid the Republic defeat looks imminent.....

Chapter 1
Hogg Beviin looked up at the sky, far away he could see the dark hammerheaded outlines of the Republic ships fighting the bulbous and almost insect like Mandalorian cruisers, he knew it wouldn't be long before the Mandalorians broke through the Republic fleet and the drop ships would arrive then the fighting would begin on the ground.

Hogg had lived on Eres III his entire 30 year life, his family which consisted of himself his wife Luni owned the vast fields of Xoxin that surrounded his home, it would be a shame when the fighting reached here months of hard work would be destroyed under the boots of soldiers, they very rarely had any consideration for the farmers of the planets they were protecting or conquering, Hogg groaned and turned to enter his home.

He opened the door and stepped inside, his wife was sat in a old rocking chair by a fire which made the room glow a warm orange colour she was knitting a small blanket out of nerf hair.

"Wont be long till they reach here will it?" his wife said with a sigh

"No it seems the Mandies are making the final push i just hope they show us some mercy," replied Hogg "they only want to fight strong opponents like soldiers not us farmers what do we know about fighting?" Hogg opened a cupboard and took out a old beat up vintage Czerka blaster rifle "but dont worry my dear when they do arrive i'll make sure we're safe".

"I dont think you'll do much with that old thing" Luni smiled at Hogg.

"This rifle has been in my family for near on a hundred years, my father used it to hunt escaped Ullers who ate our crops when i was a kid, if it can take out one of those beasts it can take down a few Mandies" Hogg raised the gun to his eye to check the sight.

"I'm sure it wont come to that dear" she said and went back to her knitting

"Lets hope not" Hogg said as he went back to the door and looked up "lets hope not"

The bridge of the Mandalorian cruiser 'Verde'

"Mand'alor we've found a gap in the Republic fleet!, shall i inform the troops to saddle up?" the t-visored lieutenant asked the heavily armoured man who stood staring out of the main view port.

"Not yet brother i want the republic to really feel for the loss of this planet, prepare the guns for orbital bombardment" the armoured man said no emotion showing through his masked face.

The lieutenant had never seen his Mandalore's true face he wasn't even sure if he was human, he had heard rumours from the other high ranking officers that Mandalore was one of the last Taung the original Mandalorians and he had not doubted it, Mandalore was a tatical genius he knew exactly what to do in battle but in these past months, it seemed his mind was preoccupied and his tactics more extreme as if he knew he was the last of his kind and this was their final chance to leave there mark in galatic history.

"But Mand'alor we'll kill civillians! where is the honour in that?!"

"Not all soldiers wear uniforms lieutenant, do as i say lets clean up this planet and move on the sooner we crush resistance here, the sooner we'll get to our real target Coruscant" Mandalore looked out the main view port to see the torso of a republic soldier float past "once the ground has been razed we'll send in the war droids".

"As you wish my lord" The lietenant spun around and headed for the turbo lifts.

Eres III, The Beviin homestead.

The first explosion was enough to knock Luni right out of her chair "What was that?" she screamed as she tried to scramble to her feet

"I't sounded like a orbital bombardment but the mandies would never do something like tha.." Hogg was interrupted by a second blast, the shockwave of which blew out the windows

Hogg ran outside to find the fields of Xoxin on fire the heat was incredibly intense and Hogg could feel it burning his face, he ran around the side of his home and pushed the emergancy sprinkler systems button, a series of water spurts started to spray up over the fields but it was doing very little to calm the flames.

Luni had joined him outside "we're doomed arnt we? it'll take years for the xoxin to grow back how will we survive!" Luni broke down into tears

"Dont worry my love, i have some credits saved and we'll get in contact with your parents on Alderaan i'm sure they'll let us stay with them until this terrible war is over" Hogg held Luni close to him "now lets get back inside and start packing"

Luni went back into their home, Hogg stayed outside staring at the burning crops it was then he saw shapes coming through the smoke from the fire, the distinct dragon like shape of a Basilisk War droid.

Hogg stood at the window of his home he had a perfect head shot on the Basilisk's rider he gently squeezed the trigger of his antique rifle and a single blue bolt went straight out and hit the Mandalorian's T-visor shattering it in to hundreds of pieces.

"Luni go hide in the fresher dont come out till i say so, ok!" Hogg screamed at his wife to hide, she ran into the fresher and hid.

He managed to get a few more shots off at the incoming droids and their riders most of the shots just bounced off the armour but ocasionally he'd get lucky and take out a rider, then he heard a crash as if something had landed on the roof the house.

"Fierfek! they're on the roof, we've got to get out of here"Hogg shouted.

All of a sudden a huge robotic claw came crashing through the ceiling ripping the roof apart, Hogg sent a few rifle bolts in the direction of the droid but it was useless
the bolts just bounced off, Hogg screamed in pain as the droid's claws started to crush him, Hogg was certain the rider had a smile beneath the helmet.

A blaster bolt struck the rider in the side of the head knocking him to the ground, the droid let go of hogg and he fell to the ground he looked up to see who the shooter was and there Luni stood with a small sports blaster in her hand.

"Nice shot love" He looked at his wife and winked.

"I heard you shout i had to come to help you" Luni was shaking from the

"You did good, now we have to get out of here" they ran to the front door.

Outside the flames still raged, they were surrounded with nowhere to run too, It was then another War droid came stomping out of the flames it reached out and grabbed Luni, Hogg raised his rifle and took aim, the droid was crushing the air out of Luni's lung she opened her mouth to call out for Hogg but it was no use, no sound left her mouth.

Hogg aimed carefully to not hit his wife but before he could get the shot the droid had ripped his wife apart, Hogg dropped to his knees he let out a cry of anguish, as the droid threw the remains of his wife to one side it stumbled forward and towered over him.

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Very good Terros. I look foward to the next chapter

Make love, not toast.
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Originally Posted by steven
Very good Terros. I look foward to the next chapter
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Chapter 2

Hogg looked up tears streamed down from his eyes, his eyes had once been blue but where now red, the droid had stopped its advance and the rider stepped down Hogg was amazed at the size of this man he must have been at least seven feet tall larger than even a wookiee this could mean only one thing this was no human rider it was a Mandallian Giant.

Hogg had heard that the Mandallians were one of the few species to withheld the Mandalorian attacks to their homeworld, which impressed the Mandalorians enough to ask them to join there ranks, this was the first time Hogg had ever seen one in person.

"Stay back!" Hogg shouted at the giant.

"Or what? you'll shoot me with that relic?" the Giant said lumbering forward.

Hogg looked down at his rifle the bolts might not pierce the armour but he knew a way to give the giant one serious head ache, Hogg grabbed the gun by its barrel and ran straight at the Giant raising his makeshift club above his head.

He swung at the Giants head the sound of contact was satisfying, he hit him dead on knocking the Giant back a few steps and leaving a rather impressive dent in the Mandalorians helmet.

The Giant removed his helmet he must have been hit pretty hard as blood leaked from his huge bat wing shaped ears, Hogg smiled he raised the rifle again ready to make a second blow to the Giants skull, but before he could bring the rifle down onto his target he was grabbed by the throat.

"Mandalorian crushgaunt handy little things it amplifies my strength, not that i need it mind" the Giant growled at Hogg slowly squeezing his throat making sure not to crush it completely.

"I'll kill you!" Hogg spat at the monster

"Dont make threats you cant back up human"

"I dont!" Hogg kicked the Giant hard in where he had imagined the creatures genitals to be, the armoured cod piece offered some protection and shattered the bones in Hoggs foot, but by the look on the Giants face it had still hurt.

The Giant dropped Hogg to the floor and bent over in pain "I thought Mandalorians were made of tougher stuff" Hogg stood up and walked up to the giant he raised his rifle and slammed it down in to the creatures head cracking his skull open and shattering the old rifles stock into pieces.

Hogg was about to celebrate his victory when he felt a sharp pain in his neck, it was a dart most likely poison, Hoggs vision started to blur he spun around to see the T-visor of a small framed humanoid and then darkness.

The bridge of the Republic cruiser "Victory"

"This planet is lost, i repeat all Republic forces are to leave the Eres system, theres nothing left planetside all the Xoxin is gone and it wont be long til whats left of the population is speaking Mando'a!" Shouted Captain Cambel a large Zabrak who spoke with a booming Coruscanti accent.

"Sir the Mandalorians have disabled our engines we arn't going anywhere" a young officer replied back over the commlink

"Ok i want what little power we have directed to the shields it might give us a little time to get the crew to the escape pods" Cambel said.

A loud clanking noise rung through the hull of the cruiser.

"They're trying to board us sir!" The officer hastily said down the commlink

"What could the Mandies possibly wan with us?" Cambel replied "carry on with the evac i'm taking a squad of men to meet the invaders"

Cambel pointed at the few soldiers on the bridge to come with him and marched down to meet the incoming enemy.

The lower levels of the 'Victory'.

"They're getting through!" the corperal said raisng his blaster pistol up at the enterance being plasma cut through the bulkhead.

"Stand your ground lad" Cambel came up behind him lifting his carbine up to his eye.

Cambels squad surrounded the entrance trying to find the best place to shoot at the attackers who where about to burst through, the atmosphere was intense, Cambel could feel beads of sweat drip down his face from the heat of the doors cutting device and after a few seconds a perfect circular metallic slab fell to the floor.

"Open fire!" Cambel shouted as the first armoured shock troops appeared through the entrance.

Flashes of blue and red laser fire crossed across the hallway, the exchange lasted only a few moments, the corpses of republic troops littered the floor all that was left of Cambels task force was himself, and stood infront of him was a group of seven T-visored warriors lead by the heavily armoured Mandalore.

"Greetings Captain" Mandalore said, even with a thick alien accent Cambel could tell Mandalore was happy in seeing him.

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another good chapter Terros

Make love, not toast.
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