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Thread: Consular/Sith Marauder Build - Critique please
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Question Consular/Sith Marauder Build - Critique please

For background, Iíve completed KotOR 1 with 2 characters (1 Light, 1 Dark) and Iíve played KotOR 2 through to about half way (roughly half way as I don't actually know - I was still exploring the planets after Telos) with a Light sided character. Iíd like to get back into the game and finish it, so Iíve been working on designing a Dark side character (as a contrast to my first character).

Here's a build I've come up with which I'd like some comments on please Ė The build is up to L26 which should be more than sufficient to get the idea. Below the build I'll indicate my overall character concept as well as reasons for some of my choices.

Btw, I donít know how the ending to KotOR 2 works out (and Iíve worked hard to avoid finding out), so please no spoilers!!!

Str 14
Dex 8
Con 14
Int 14
Wis 14
Cha 14

Skills -------- L1 -- L5 - L10 - L15 - L20 - L25
Awareness --- 4 --- 8 -- 13 -- 15 -- 15 -- 15
Demolitions ------------------------ 10 -- 10
Persuade ---- 4 --- 8 --- 13 -- 17 -- 20 -- 28
Repair ------- 4 --- 8 --- 13 -- 17 -- 20 -- 21
Treat Injury - 4 --- 8 --- 13 -- 17 -- 22 -- 28

Main Force Powers
Force Shock -> Force Lightning -> Force Storm
Fear -> Horror -> Insanity
Burst of Speed -> Knights Speed -> Master Speed
Energy Resistance -> Improved Energy Resistance -> Master Energy Resistance

1 Toughness
3 2-weapon fighting
6 Imp Flurry / Critical Strike
9 Imp 2-weapon fighting
12 Master 2-weapon fighting
15 Master Flurry / Critical Strike
16 Weapon Focus - Lightsaber
17 Weapon Specialisation - Lightsaber
18 1st Superior weapon focus: Lightsaber
20 2nd Superior weapon focus: Lightsaber
22 3rd Superior weapon focus: Lightsaber
24 Imp Toughness
26 Master Toughness

The overall concept for this character is to have a strong force user who can use Insanity and/or Force Storm well in combat, but also have a devastating lightsaber attack. I want to be able to use Force Storm effectively so that lead into picking Consular as the starting class for the Force Focus ability. Sith Marauder was picked to provide the strong melee combat abilities with the superior weapon focus feats, the extra damage and the Fury ability. Due to the combination of Consular and Sith Marauder, I expect the character will have good (thought not extreme) amounts of both Vitality and Force Points. Overall they should be a well balanced character, able to adapt to the situation.

My starting statistics are balanced across the board to provide the most benefit to as many different areas, all of which I see as useful. Dex is left at 8 as Iím consciously choosing to not even bother trying to get a decent defense rating. Defense seems like an all or nothing thing to me, and I'd much rather focus on strong force powers and damage ability in melee combat. High Strength is important for melee combat. Constitution is important both for more vitality and to allow better implants. I expect to increase Constitution to 16 by L8 and then work on increasing Strength. Intelligence is 14 because I find having access to a range of skills to be very useful. Wisdom and Charisma are both 14 to provide extra force points and increased the DC for my force powers.

For skills, Iíve chosen a range of skills but focusing mainly on Persuade, Treat Injury and Repair. Persuade is because I enjoy the extra dialog options it opens up. Treat Injury is very useful as Iím Dark Side, especially in combat. Repair is mostly so I can breakdown items into components (I have heard that the Exileís repairs skill is used to breakdown items regardless of which character uses the workbench). Awareness is raised to 15 which should allow me to detect most mines. For Demolitions I'll wait until Iím a Sith Marauder so I can get it as a class skill before I put points into it, and then I'll instantly raise it to 10 as this should be high enough to allow me to at least disable, if not recover, most mines out of combat. Use Computer, Security and Stealth are left alone and I will rely on other characters (mostly likely Atton or T3) for these skills.

The feats Iíve chosen are focused around melee combat with 2 lightsabers (or possibly a double bladed lightsaber) with either Flurry or Critical Strike (I canít decide which - opinions anyone?). The Toughness feats are also included to provide that extra durability during fights, particularly as with this character's low defense, they will get hit.

Many thanks for your time,

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