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Thread: [FIN] Star Wars: Incarnation of Evil
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[FIN] Star Wars: Incarnation of Evil

Original thread for comments can be found here: Star Wars: Incarnation of Evil

Significant changes: Riebe Sothe is now Reibé Vailar and the title of the story is set, never to change again.


Tanith Vessa is dead. The young Jedi could scarcely believe it. In an instant, his former master was at his side.

"Jast?" the master said quietly. "Jast, are you alright?"

The young Knight stood slowly from where he'd been crouching over a blackened spot in the dirt. Slowly, the darkness there faded.

"She..." Jast stammered.

"Vessa?" the master questioned. Jast nodded and stared at the lightsaber in his hand. The master tried to take it from him, but Jast's grip tightened around it, crushing it completely.

"Anything that was hers should be destroyed," he growled, glaring at his former master.

"Was..." the master murmured. "You mean she's dead? Where's the body?"

"Gone," Jast answered, returning his gaze to the floor. "So deep was her corruption that when she died, her body disintegrated."

He turned abruptly and left the large building he'd been in. Kirnam Vanzin, Jast's former master followed after him, still pressing him with questions.

"You killed her, Jast?" he asked. Jast nodded.

"She underestimated me," he answered. "Tried to toy with me."

"You are angry," Vanzin noted. Jast hesitated.

"I am angry with myself, Master Vanzin," he finally answered. "I was weak. I didn't give her a chance to surrender."

"She wouldn't have," Vanzin offered helpfully. "She would have forced you to kill her."

"Maybe," Jast agreed, "but I allowed my anger for the loss of Tarika to get the better of me."

"And I sense you are a better Jedi now for what you have done," Vanzin said. "Do not trouble with the past. It is over. Tanith Vessa is dead. Once more, at least for a little while, the galaxy can live in peace."

Jast nodded and the two Jedi headed for their ship.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Tanith Vessa was a formidable woman," Vanzin told his audience, the Jedi Council. "As beautiful as she was deadly. She led the Sith for three years, always evading our grasp and gathering information from us by seducing our students. She had a powerful grasp of the Dark Side of the Force."

"We know all this," one of the masters said wearily. "What is your point in mentioning it?"

"I am here to suggest that my former padawan, Jast Kevannis be given the rank of Master for killing this woman," Vanzin answered boldly. The Council was shocked to silence.

"Master Vanzin, this is not something we can allow," one of them finally said. "Jast Kevannis struck Tanith Vessa down in anger. We all sensed it."

"Knight Kevannis will never make Master," another agreed firmly. "We were considering exile for him, but since he did scatter the Sith, we will not go this far."

Master Vanzin nodded, knowing there was nothing he could do to change the Council's mind.

"Of course, Masters," he said, bowing. "I shall leave you to your business."

With that, he made his departure.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Dark Side of the Force was angered by the loss of its most loyal tool. The woman, Tanith Vessa had been struck down by a lucky Jedi... but luck was about to return to the Sith. At her death, Tanith's body had completely disintegrated, flowing into the Force with her life-energy and her Darkness. That Darkness was very angry now.

Slowly, in a small, poorly lit room on Korriban, tiny particles swarmed together. Blackness flowed around the assembling particles and soon the room was filled with a thick, black fog. From the center of the fog came an inhuman scream, a scream full of rage and pain. Sith students gathered, startled, but curious to know the meaning of this unnerving noise.

The screaming stopped and the students took a step back. The door opened and Tanith Vessa staggered out, pale, dripping wet, and furious. Her blonde hair was plastered to her face and neck, but her dark blue eyes blazed with a near unnatural fire that caused the students to take another step back.

For several long moments, they stood there, staring at her in astonishment. She stared back, her rage building. Finally, she managed to speak.

"Lightsaber," she rasped. "Where... is it?"

"Lady Vessa," one of the older students said, stepping forward slightly. "Our masters were unable to retrieve your lightsaber as it was destroyed..."

In less than a second, Tanith's right hand was wrapped around the young man's neck.
"Destroyed?" she snapped. The boy choked, unable to respond. With a yell of rage, Tanith threw the boy effortlessly toward the opposite wall and he hit it with a sickening thud before dropping lifeless to the floor.

"Where are your masters?" Tanith snapped. When none of the students answered, she screamed,

Jast Kevannis bolted awake, eyes wide. It was a nightmare, he tried to tell himself... nothing more than his conscience playing tricks on him for killing Tanith by anger. But the logical part of his mind couldn't accept this.

Tanith Vessa was alive and she was very angry with him.

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