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Thread: SWB3 Wishlist#2
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SWB3 Wishlist#2

Here are some things that were in SWB2 that should be improved in SWB3: 1). In SWB2,the AT-AT could only carry one trooper. In the movies the AT-AT is a two-pilot walker. I think that the AT-AT should be a two-pilot walker in the game.
2). The ARC-170 Starfighter was only a one-pilot fighter. In the movies it was a three-pilot fighter in which the front pilot would control fright operations,the middle pilot would control the weaponry,and the back pilot would control the laser cannon on the back. The ARC should have all three positions available. And the fighter should drop torpedoes just like the movies.
3). In the movies, the V-Wing is a scout fighter with 2 laser cannons. In SWB2 the V-Wing is a slow bomber that shoots out bullets. It really should be a scout fighter with LASER CANNONS!!!!!!!!!
4). The fact that there are bullets (even though they have unlimited use) in the game leaves me disturbed. None of the Star Wars movies have any kind of bullet-like weapons. I think the feel would be better if SWB3 would excluded bullets from the game.
5). SWB2 excluded good maps that were in the first Battlefront. I think that SWB3 should have maps from Battlefront 1 and 2,including new areas.
6). In the previous Star Wars Battlefront games,troops would act like morons.For example,units would never take cover from fire.They would get into starfighters and crash them. In SWB2 I would fight in space battles and my own allies would try to shoot me. Also there would be 10 of my allies fighting close with the enemy,and once I get within 10 yards of the enemy they would completely ignore all my allies and would start to only shoot at me. SWB3 will be a very good game if infantry were military trained.
7). In the movies when infantry were using blasters,the shape of the bolts being fired from the gun were like energy strings. In the SWB games 1 and 2 the shape of the bolts were like balls of energy. I think the game would be more like Star Wars if laser strings would be shot out of blasters instead of laser balls.
8). In the movies,when the clone troopers would shoot bolts out of their blasters,the bolts would hit something and the bolt would burst with a flash. When a laser bolt from a droid's blaster would hit something,it would burst with sparks. And when laser bolts from the Rebels' and the Empire's troops's blasters would hit something,they would burst with a small flare and smoke. In SWB1 and 2 the bolts from blasters would only burst with small sparks. I think that SWB3 would be more like Star Wars if bolts would burst a certain way depending on the faction you are on.
9). In SWB2 you could only tell troops to follow you and leave you. I think there should be a larger variety of commands. For example,it would be cool if you could command troops to take sniping positions,grenading positions,take control of turrents and vehicles,and command bombing runs. This will be excellent for SWB3.
10). One think I didn't like about SWB2 is that the LAAT Gunship could only be used in space maps. I also thought that the gunship's speed and manuverability was terrible. The LAAT gunship should also be on ground maps as well as space maps. The abilities of the gunship really should improve.

With this and my first wishlist,the information will guarantee to make Star Wars Battlefront 3 THE BEST STAR WARS GAME IN HISTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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