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Thread: Jedi Academy - Renaissance
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Jedi Academy - Renaissance

My follow up on the DS ending of JA. Uses my characters along with some of my girlfriend's.



Specks of moisture collected over the transparent view port, a pair of gloved fists clutched the control bars of the Raven’s Claw. The visible nose of the sleek craft pierced through the thick atmosphere, cutting the dense night sky like a lightsaber. Kyle Katarn’s brown eyes gazed out to the Vertical City, it always seemed like a gothic clone of the high-rises from Coruscant. The floors of these edged buildings seemed to stack up onto each other like layers of trash, amounting to supple skyscrapers. Exotic lights glimmered from the structures peaks and rooftop mounted landing bays. The obscure sky was cluttered with various star fighters, cargo frigates and cramp transport cruisers. And so the Raven Claw joined the heap, just another bit of shrapnel to the junk pile.

“Nar Shaddaa,” whistled her usually dryly-sarcastic voice, “you take me to the nicest of places Kyle.”

He cocked his head from the bleak scenery and looked to Jan Ors who settled in the co-pilot seat for once, “I figure we’ll be alright if we can avoid Hutts, 8T droid units and bloated Rodians.”

“Good plan,” Jan sighed with a shake of her dark hair, “maybe next time we can have a pleasant dinner party with the Remnants...”

“Point taken,” Kyle answered wryly as his fists gradually tightened, navigating fourth, “we can refuel, check the usual information hot spots. And I need to return a message to an old friends.”

“Anyone I know,” Jan turned her head to him.

“Odem Meck.”

“You mean the Imperial Officer who helped us with getting the Death Star plans from Danuta,” she asked with a strangely tranquil tone, a hint scepticism to her voice.

Kyle ignored the pace of her voice and nodded, “He was also my best friend at the Imperial Academy, apparently Odem turned mercenary as Desann and Tavion took over the Remnants.” His pupils lightly shifted back to Jan, “He went into hiding on this wonderful moon so he couldn’t be made an example of by Fyyar. After I killed Desann he sent out his message to me... then Tavion got her mitts on Ragnos’ scepter and it was too dangerous for Odem to resurface.”

“You want to bring him back to New Republic space,” stated Jan much more softly now.

“You know me too well,” a low chuckle crept from his bearded mouth. “He’s living with a local sect of B’omarr Monks. I promised I’d find him after we dealt with the Disciples of Ragnos, but then...”

Jan’s brown eyes moved away to an empty section of air, “Jaden turned...”

“Yeah,” an arid sigh escaped him.

She looked back to Kyle and extended her hand and clasped his shoulder, “We will find him. And if Luke thinks he can be turned back, then so do I.”

“We’ve scoured half the galaxy for him, but so far not a sign...”

“Kyle,” her hand retracted and his eyes shuddered together. There was a vacant expression over his face, Jan had seen this countless times with him, Luke, and other Jedi.

“It’s okay,” Kyle’s voice was lucid after a few seconds. His eyes opened, “I just sensed something, through the Force.”

“I figured that, but what?”

“I don’t know,” he answered steadily and took control of the ship again, “it may just be the mass of life on Nar Shaddaa. I’ve never been here while so strong with the Force. But knowing our luck, it’s something else.”

“And I thought this would be a nice little trip...”Jan’s voice trailed with drenched sarcasm, “So now what?”

Kyle turned silent for a few seconds. Clouds of fog and drops of rain continued to collect to the view port, “I just want to find Odem.”

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Jedi Academy - Renaissance
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