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Thread: Post your CLAN details here
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Join Date: Dec 2004
Location: spain
Posts: 2

Platform: PC
Faction: All
Tag: SPA
Time Zone: Spain (Europe)
Language: Spanish

Spanish Clan for all SW Games

Clan de habla hispana en el que jugamos a todos los juegos de SW.

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Join Date: Nov 2004
Location: Austin, Texas
Posts: 56
Rebal Guard Squad

Clan:Rebal Guard Squad
Platform: PC , PS2
Faction: All
tag: rgs

US only clan

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Join Date: Jan 2005
Location: USA
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Clan: Sole Survivors Squad

Leader: [S3]UltraMagnus

Platform: PC

Factions: No direct affiliation

Language: English speaking

Country: Mainly North American, but it is not a restriction

Age: 18+

S³is a PC clan for Star Wars Battlefront. Any type of player is welcome; role players, casual and competitive. Our site is fully detailed and has php forums and an image gallery for members of the clan. Those wishing to join/remain in S³ may review the rules posted in the forum at any time.
Although you do not need any previous experience in online first person shooters, past experience in games such as Battlefield 1942, Call of Duty, Doom 3, Halo, Jedi Knight series, Mechwarrior 3/4, Unreal 2003/2004 will be an asset and determining factor for your starting on the team.

This is my signature.
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Icy Rage
@Icy Rage
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Join Date: Jan 2005
Location: Kamino: Tipocia City
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Post Clan Arctic

Leader: clanarctic/Icy Rage
Clan-tag: CA
Name: Clan Arctic
Platform: PC
Faction: Republic
Site link:

All who want to join must go through a tryout.
Don't make fun of the site.
Look for Clan Arctic Tryouts on the Battlefront Internet.
Tell me when you arrive at Clan Arctic Tryouts.

Rants: The sute is devoted to fighting the evil !
Cantina rules!

-ARC Trooper

ARC Missile Launcher
Republic Blaster Pistol
Thermal Detonator
<---- ARC Helmet
<---- Enemy

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Admiral Thrawn
@Admiral Thrawn
Join Date: Jan 2005
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The Empire's Elite

Name: The Empire's Elite
Founder: Admiral Thrawn/Firestorm
Platform: PC
Faction: Mostly Imperial
Time Zone: Eastern

This is a brand new clan that just came out today! The unique thing about this clan, is that as of now, it will only consist of 15 members, and since there are 2 founders, that leaves 13 open spots. Why so small? We feel that the smaller the clan, the better we play together as a team. It doesn't mean that you have to be great to get in, everyone as a fair shot. We're open to any country as long as you speak english, so if you feel like this is for you, then check out our recruitment page at
Hope to see you all there!

The Empire's Elite

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Janek Sunber
@Janek Sunber
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Join Date: Sep 2004
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Clan Info

Clan name : Imperial Starfleet (IS_N)

Founder: various
Platform: PC
Faction: Imperial
Time Zone: Eastern

Forum URL :

It's kinda an old clan , by 2002 it died , recently me and a few friends went up with a forum and we're trying to bring up a next generation of imperials. I'm looking forward both to play tournys and story based games maybe even non-melee wars. So anyone willing to join a reborn clan is welcome no matter the skills , we're filling up the ranks first. Thanks.

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Join Date: Feb 2005
Location: Scotland
Posts: 3
Clan Name: ISC (Imperial Stormtrooper Corps)
Leaders: (ISC)Spawn and Me
Faction: Any we don't have a specific one, even though our name is imperial

ISC (Imperial Stormtrooper Corps) support Star Wars: Battlefront, and Star Wars: Republic Commando. and are always out to look for new members, we are a big clan, in military structure, all members speak english or atleast can type it, and we have members coming from all around the globe. we also have a Battlefront Server which is called and its in the server lists. ISC is a division of RJK, and RJK supports many games. ISC wants to exband, and get more members, so we would welcome any person willing to join into ISC with open arms, i am provideing you here with some pictures from our site to see if you like it, or you can check it out by going to and checking out ISC

Anyone interested in Joining, follow these simple steps to gain membership, we don't have any tests, to get in, and we are not a skill clan, so we accept any skill of player, but we do have an elite part for the good players in ISC, but we also have a training center where we teach members how to play the game, if they want any tips or help they can just ask. here are the steps on joining.

1: go to
2: Click on Join/About
3: Read the Page
4: Click on Continue with enlistment
5: Read the Terms
6: If you agree, click on I agree
7: Complete your Form (put JediRanger as your recruiter)
8: Use the E-Mail you recieve to activate your account
9: Complete the "Basic" Training Course (easy quiz)
10: Click on Join/About again, then look for ISC, and click Join ISC,

then your done, and are a member of ISC, its that easy

here are the images from our forum
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Join Date: Oct 2004
Posts: 4

Clan name : Dogg Pound Gangstas

Founder: DPG Maximus
Platform: PC
Faction: Any
Time Zone: Any

Forum URL :

Tha |DPG| Dogg Pound Gangstas Online Medal of Honor Allied Assault (MOHAA) clan was formed just shortly after EA / 2015 released MOHAA on January 23, 2002. |DPG| is a respectful clan that discourages taunting, cheating, foul language and many other negative gaming behaviour found on most public servers.
We have a no cussing/no abbreviated cussing rule that applies to both our servers and our forums. We are a clean clan that has a no tolerance rule pertaining to cheaters (Hackers) and we like to keep it that way.
Our ages range from 11 years old to over 40 years old there are no restrictions of age, race, sex, or geographical locations. Anyone with a great attitude and some skill in one or more of our currently active games can be recruited into our community.
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Join Date: Mar 2005
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Clan name : Gamer's Liberation Front

Founder: Evilhamster
Platform: PC
Faction: Any
Time Zone: Any

Evilhamster made this clan when the one we were in (The Imperial Navy) died. All of our members have been trained and have very good scores in battlefront, with our top units haveing an average of 60 kills per death outside of vehicles. We take the game very seriously when we play, and all units must pass our training before they can participate in battles.

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Location: Holowan Laboratories
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Clan Name : Battlefront Doumei
Clan Tag : (BFD)
Members : 20 and growing
PlatForm : PC
English BFD Clan
Japanese SWBF_Doumei

Hey all.
BFD is a Japan based clan. Our members are mostly from Japan but we're open to everybody regardless.

We host our own dedicated server and meet up at night (+9GMT).

Our clan is open and friendly and plays for fun and not status.

Battlefront Doumei
B.T.W. Doumei is Japanese for ally.

A big shout FART and TAW. Full server mayhem is class.

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TG Xar Kun E
@TG Xar Kun E
Join Date: Apr 2005
Location: Canada
Posts: 3
Clan name: Tactics Guild
Members: 10 and growing
Leader: Me, and JarmenKell
Platform: PC
Faction: All
Timezone: alantic
Ranks: Elite, Vetern, soldier, trainee

Basicly we are a elite clan focused on tactics and teamwork.
Our site is

ALL our members go through a trial week befroe they can get into our clan.
anyway that about sums it up.

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Viceroy Xerxes
@Viceroy Xerxes
Join Date: Dec 2004
Location: Chicago
Posts: 6
Clan: Darkside Warriors
Tag: {DsW}
Leader: Emperor Skulldron
Platform: PC
Factions: Imperial
Language: English speaking
Country: worldwide ; no restriction

Web site:
Age: no restriction ; We have members of all ages : high school ; college ; young and older adults ; we just require that members be mature.

Darkside Warriors is a Sith/Imperial faction clan with active JKA, Galaxies, Battlefront, and Republic Commando divisions. Our first goal is that we are clan that is fun for all members. We have our own servers for JKA and Battlefront. We have a dedicated Teamspeak server which helps all of our members communicate in games and outside of games. On Galaxies, we have our own city on Rori. Please, feel free to visit our web site. If interested in joining please read the rules and fill out the application in the "Join DsW" section. We also ask that you please post your details on the forum i.e. Character name; division you are joining; times you play online; e-mail address & instant messenger; and your general location or time zone.
Feel free to post questions in the forum.

{DsW} Viceroy Xerxes - Colonel
SWBF - Ground Forces Division
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Posts: 1
GameToast Modders

GameToast Modders
Clan Name : GameToast Modders
Clan Tag : [GT]
Members : 50 and still growing
PlatForm : PC
Timezone: None (world clan)
Clan Leader: guru

The Gametoast clan started about 4 months ago, by a bunch of modders, (me included) who just wanted to have fun pwning others in BW5, well, 4 BWeeks later, were now 50 clan members and growing, the clan has also teamed up to make a few maps such as GT-1 Jai Nollan and GT-1 Dantooine Dust. Gametoast is climbing the ranks at hitting a whopping 4 out of 20 clans in BW8.

Learn more about us or download the latest mods at

Metal On


Metal On!!!

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=SS=Cmdr. Katie
@=SS=Cmdr. Katie
Join Date: Jul 2005
Location: florida
Posts: 1
Clan Name : Star Soldiers
Clan Tag : =SS=
Clan Leaders : =SS= Cmdr. Katie, =SS=Maj. General Bryant and =SS= Lt. General Wickwire, (Republic Commando Division.)
Platform: PC
Factions : All
Time Zone : Eastern, but not limited to that.
Clan Forums Link :

There are (2) Divisions to =SS=, which are Star Wars Battlefront and Star Wars Republic Commando. The SWBF Division of =SS= has the (5) Squad Units. There will also be a SWBF 2 Division too once the game is out. I am the Leader/Founder of =SS=, an avid girl gamer and we are recruiting too. We have alliances with at least (2) SWBF Clans. Our servers, for the time being anyways, are =SS= for both Divisions. Feel free anytime to visit and register in our Forums- we welcome all. =SS= upholds all aspects of fair gameplay, good sportsmanship and respectful conduct. We do not tolerate any questionable behavior or foul language in our Fourms or game servers.
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Join Date: Jul 2005
Location: UK
Posts: 1
Clan Name: The Photon Raiders
Clan Tag: =TPR=
Clan Leader: =TPR=Wilde
Platform: PC
Factions : All
Time Zone : All
Clan Web Site:

There are lots of really competitive clans out there but we have tried to create somewhere for people who just love the game and wanted to be part of something bigger.

At the moment there are organized events like clan tournament (e.g. sniper, rocket and fighter) as well as training at the weekends so that we can all learn skills and tricks to increase our enjoyment of the game. For those who are more competitive we have regular clan battles.

We are currently running 2 dedicated servers. 1 public 32 slot server running all maps, 24/7 and 1 private server for =TPR= members only. The private server will run theme weeks mid week, e.g. Custom map, No vehicle or Flying only weeks. At the weekend it will run as a practice server except for matches and tournaments. We also have the use of a 50 slot Ventrilo server.

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Location: Hoth
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<TOA> Tired Of A$$H0l3$? come and join me <TOA>Suzuki on the ps2! dont have a headset and its nott needed!^_^! no website tho just email me at and ill set somthing up! every age race class person is welcome to join just have to go thru a same test to join me! Im accepting now! l8ter!!! website is up

I am the toa leader. Email me at or just pm me.
join me today!
Suzuki wants you today!

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Major Pwnage
@Major Pwnage
Join Date: Aug 2005
Posts: 7
Republic Marauders

Leader:Major Pwnage
Time Zone:All

The {RM} is a new clan which will take time to set up.
Check the site soon for more details.

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Join Date: Sep 2003
Location: Madison, WI home of Raven Labs
Posts: 16
[RDH] Rabid Dogs of Hell (ages 17+)

Leader: [RDH]skatea23[KA]
Platform: PC
Faction: All
Time Zone: All, we are International
Members: [RDH]=250+, Battlefront Team Roster=~10
Clan Tags/Name: [RDH] Rabid Dogs of Hell
Clan Websites:

For Battlefront we play all factions and all classes, and have a lot of fun doing it! We run our own server daily, which is easily configured remotely. We use TeamSpeak2 for live voice chat during play.

In addition, we support over a dozen games and have servers in both North America and Europe. We are a true online gaming community the likes of which you have never seen.

You will stop by and see us today!

Run with the pack or get left behind!

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darth anubis
@darth anubis
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Location: in the vally of the jedi
Posts: 5

The lost and the Dammed <latd>

Factions: ALL

We are an european based clan and play SWBF as much as possible also there are other games we do but just go to the clan site and look for yourself cos i'm too lazy to write everything about the clan

(latd's pilot guy and recruitment officer)

"I don't do titles'" -Kyle Katarn
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Posts: 1
The Order of the Galactic Crusaders

Clan: The Order of the Galactic Crusaders
Tags: ={OGC}=
Leader: The High Council
Platform: PC
Factions: All
Country: Mainly American/European but open to all
Age: 14+
Clan Site:

We The Order of the Galactic Crusaders are a new and up rising clan. We are a solid group of players that have left another clan, so we have alot of experience under our belts. Since we are a relative new clan we are only concentrating on SWBF for the moment. When we get more members in we will expand our game list. So our introduction is made, we will be more than happy to be part of this world of playing online, and hope to see you all on the OGC server. Thank you for your time, and dont be afraid to jump in our forum and talk to us. I wish all the best to all the other clans, and we will be seeing you around. So dont forget the name OGC because we are here to stay and take our place at the top of the ladder, where we belong.

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Emperor Resik
@Emperor Resik
Join Date: Aug 2005
Posts: 4
Galactic Sith Order

Galactic Sith Order

Leader: Resik
Platform: PS2
Faction: Empire,Republic
Timezone: United States and Canada only (sorry UK)
Clan-tag: differs: =GSO=, ~=GSO=~, {GSO}, [GSO], *GSO*

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Smuggler Vito
@Smuggler Vito
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Join Date: Aug 2005
Location: NYC
Posts: 14
Corellian Smugglers (SWBF/PS2/XBOX)

Corellian Smugglers Online

The homebase for the CS CLAN. We are all over the PS2 community and a little on Xbox. We have over 25 active players and over 200 members to our site. Come check us out and you will see why we are a step above the rest.


LEADER: Xanatos

Active Players

Rex Kwon Do
Your Friend
Son of Shogun
Jesus Juice
Don Vito
Animal Mother
Rocky Racoon
Jedi Bill

and of course,

CS Cheerleader
KittyKat (new pics, new cheer please...thanks)

Missing in Action
Chamber (PS2 DIED)

CS Junior Mafia
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Join Date: Oct 2005
Posts: 4

Clan Name/Tag: Jedi Warriors [JW]
Leader: Ju Hae (Crazyboy579)
System: PS2
Location: USA ONLY
Official Website: (after clicking this url click on the battlefront2 pic that will redirect u to our site.)

Welcome to clan Jedi Warriors. We are a battlefront2 clan for ps2 in usa only. we are a clan thats just out there to have fun and to beat other clans for bragging rites. Join us now by going in our site
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jmkar jobar
@jmkar jobar
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Join Date: Jul 2003
Posts: 1
The League of Shadows ={LS}=
Platform: PC
Faction: All
Timezone: Central
Leader: DoubleDealer and Bradis

Our members are of the all-top 25 in stats if they keep them. So anyone who wants to join has to be in the top 25.
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Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: look out your window, i am HIDDEN and DANGEROUS ( {HaD} clan stands for HIDDEN and DANGEROUS )
Posts: 15

{HaD} clan is recruiting players for SWBF1 and SWBF2.

To join {HaD} send an email to me, to do so go to the "contact us" page on and send an email to

- our SWBF1 site is;

- our SWBF2 site is;

- our clan forum is;

= Leaders;

- Our SWBF1 leader is {HaD}DARTH MAUL

- Our SWBF2 leader is {HaD}Mr Fast

- Our JK2 leader is {HaD}Tunkson

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Location: Zabrak
Posts: 3
The {ISD} clan of the galaxy. Imperial Star Destroyers conquers the galaxy and destroies the {SWA} clan. Ranks are availble to your improvements. Join to serve your empire and we shall crush the rebellion. Main website is

<img src="" alt="Image hosted by">
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Location: Mississippi
Posts: 17
.::GwF::. has arrived

The .::GwF::. clan on SWBF2 in now finnally coming to SWBF1.

Leader: .::GwF::.Adml.Vortex (That's me I had 2 change my name)
Platform: Pc
Faction: Who cares
Tag: {GwF}
Leader email: or

If you want to join either Post here or under the Join the Clan thread an the forum on our website.

oh yea!

There is no I in Team.
Not in English at least.


The {GwF} website is
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Location: Norway, Drammen
Posts: 64
-RSF- is looking for members, either SWBF or SWBFII

The Republig Special Forces are recruiting, we play both SWBF and SWBFII!

Leader: -RSF-},AIRWOLF,{
Recruiter: -RSF-},AIRWOLF,{ joint with -RSF- Viper and -RSF-Silent_Sniper
Clan Tag: -RSF-
Clan Site: Our old one ( got deleted, so we're making a new one, but visit our forums!
Contact info: Send an e-mail to
Other info: We're having some troubles, our former leader quit, a guy started doubleclanning, a former member wants to hack us, and we're wondering what to do, but we might wanna get allied with some other small clans.

This is my signature. Now you wasted your time to read it.

**** THE USA! George Walker Bush looks like a monkey! WEEEEE! Hail George Lucas! **** George Bush!

Ep IV: Luke discovers the force:

Ep V: He confronts Vader:
Ep VI: He's fighting against him again: GO LUKE, GO!

[Img 9[Img]

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Join Date: Oct 2005
Posts: 22
Alpha Red

Name: Alpha Red
leader: starfoxz
we play battlefront 1 and 2
web site :
join the ultimate global gaming clan!!! we play SWB 1 and 2!!!! we also play other game!!!! visite us at

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Tom Fett
@Tom Fett
Join Date: Sep 2005
Posts: 6
Clan name: Star wars battlefront Federation
Website :
Platform : Ps2 , potential to expand
Games : Battlefront 1 & 2
Faction : ANY
Description : We aim to be a friendly gaming community, Based in Europe and no trials necessary
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JediRayne's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2006
Posts: 1
The F***ed Ones

Platform: PC
Faction: All
Timezone: Various

Currently recruiting, very simple rules. Please register on our Forums and fill out an application today.

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Join Date: Jun 2006
Posts: 2
First Army
All factions
We play battlefront 2 tooo so thats actually what were looking for.
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Join Date: Jun 2006
Posts: 2
First Army
All factions
We play battlefront 2 too so thats actually what were looking for.
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Join Date: Jul 2006
Location: the middle of nowhere
Posts: 3
Wheelchair Gang
leader: me, {WCG}Destroyer
tag: {WCG}
platform: PC
all factions
US only clan, we will fight clans from other countries if we can find a time that works.
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xOGUHx's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2006
Location: Inglewood, CA
Posts: 2

Leader: General Ghost
Platform: PC
Timezone: Various

BattleFront is my Platoon, so if interested please go to our site

here is some info about our clan:

We strive to be an elite and professional group of gamers. We expect our members to act professional, and organize ourselves as such.We are very well trained gamers, and well disciplined people. With this gaming clan we are trying to train the best of the best. We want to be known as the most elite group of gamers on the net. We are trying to get a unit for every multiplayer game that is out there, and create the ultimate gaming clan.We are the most disciplined, and organized clan out there. We do not tolerate any type of disrespect from our members, recruits, or other clans. We recruit anybody that wants to work hard, and is motivated. We are structured in the image of the Marine Corps, and like the Marine Corps we do not take any "crap" from anyone. If you would like to join us please visit our site.

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TheMichal's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2005
Location: Warsaw
Posts: 48
CLAN: Clan Shadow of Sun
Platform: PC
Faction: All
Tag: {CSS}
Time Zone: Poland (Europe)
Language: Polish

All interested to clanmatch please write on our board

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DarthWengle's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2006
Posts: 13
CLAN: [WA] - Warrior Army
Platform: PC
Faction: All
Tag: [WA]
Time Zone: England
Language: English (+ French/German)

WA - Warrior Army is a clan that was formed 15th September, & had its first server October 13th (2006). Our aim is to proe we are the ultimate clan by taking on ANYONE, not just people who have to be amazing, and we recruit & IMPROVE their skills to make them as awesome as everyone else.

Darth Wengle: Leader of the Warrior Army, defender of the Hunter legion, President of the Warrior Council & stuff...

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<nGo>Darth*Bush's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2006
Posts: 3
Clan: <nGo> new Galactic order <nGo>
Platform: PS2
Faction: All
Web Address:
Tag: <nGo>
Age Limit: 18+

<nGo> new Galactic order <nGo>

The new Galactic order is a Star Wars Battlefront 1 clan. The goal of the <nGo> is to reduce the population of vehicle whores in the battlefront galaxy by 75%. We will not rest until our mission is completed. Including the goal above we also have another mission and it's to wake up all the Sheeple of America to the evil corruption going on in the world.

We are currently in the process of recruiting new members. The <nGo> doesn't have a ranking system for it's clan members because only the galactic elite may join this illustrious organization.

Join the new Galactic order at

"Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we." —President George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., Aug. 5, 2004
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Join Date: Nov 2006
Posts: 2

link to clan
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Join Date: Nov 2006
Posts: 3
Clan: InterGalactic Commandos
Platform: Mac and PC
Clan Leader: Commando Cheese
(IGC) is a Battlefront based clan. Our main site of operations is We have beat every clan on Our members are PC and Mac. They are from around the world and we have teenager to adult members.

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