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Thread: [FIN]Star Wars:The Survivors of the Battle
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[FIN]Star Wars:The Survivors of the Battle

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The Survivors of the Battle

The Mandalorian solider waved his arm, signaling for the squad to follow. This Mandalorian was known as Mandalore, the Mandalorian Leader. He crept through the long tunnel that had been blown away during part of the battle earlier. Explosions shook the ground and rubble fell all around them. Mandalore raised his blaster and shot a republic soldier. The solider fell to the ground. A Mandalorian, Canderous Ordo, crept up beside him.

“Mandalore, when do we attack?” he asked.

“Now, prepare your troops. You know what to do.”

“Yes sir.” With that Canderous crept back and called his troops. And they started to move east to flank that side of the republic camp.

Soon all the Mandalorian leaders flanked the republic camp from all sides. Mandalore, on the North Side, Canderous on the East side, Jagi on the west, and Cassus on the south side. Mandalore grabbed a grenade and threw it into the republic camp singling for the Mandalorians to attack. The sides charged invading the camp.
Blaster shots flew through the air. Mandalore opened fire at the republic soldiers. He saw from the corner of his eye Cassus fall to the ground. A republic trooper charged him wielding a viroblade. Mandalore ducked down and pulled out a virodagger. The enemy’s blade swung over his head as he did so. He shot up stabbing the solider in the stomach. He twisted around and pulled out a vibrosword. He stuck the virodagger into another republic trooper and swung his sword striking down another. Mandalore ran over to Canderous.

“Mandalore, were running out of men!” Jagi said running toward them.

“Hold your position, fight!” Mandalore roared back.

“But sir-”

“Follow orders Jagi!”

“Yes sir!” Jagi turned back and resumed the assault. Mandalore turned to Canderous.

“Change of Plans Canderous,” Mandalore started. “Take Jagi and his troops and lead them toward the Jedi.”

“Mandalore why,” Canderous asked?
“Because, my spies reported Revan and Malak are coming this way. Ambush the jedi.”

“Yes Mandalore.”

“GO!” Mandalore shouted.

Canderous ran to Jagi and told him Mandalore intentions. Mandalore saw Jagi nod and gather his troops to follow Canderous.

Mandalore’s and Cassus’s were now the only two legions of troops left in the republic base. They had destroyed the republic forces at the base and waited the arrival of Revan. Mandalore walked over to Cassus’s fallen body. He reached down and checked his pulse. He was dead. Mandalore took off the fallen Mandalorian’s armor. Then he called over a Mandalorian trooper.

“Yes sir?”

“Take this armor to the ship. Store it in the cargo hold.”

“Yes sir.” The trooper took the armor and ran off. Mandalore raised his blaster as he heard a thump. Republic troopers poured into the base. Blaster shots filled the air again. Mandalore heard a snap-hiss then another one and knew Revan had arrived. He aimed through the crowd at him and fired.

The shot reflected back and hit the ground. Mandalore moved to the side and fired again. Once again the shot reflected back and plummeted into the ground. Another jedi moved toward him. Mandalore recognized him as Malak. He fired again but used it as a distraction and dropped a plasma mine. Then he jumped to the side and backed up. Revan obviously not falling for the trick, leaped up and landed behind Mandalore. Mandalore stumbled back and almost tripped his own mine. He fired at Revan again, and still once again the shot reflected back. Mandalore turned and shot at Malak. Malak surprised jumped to the side and stumbled. Mandalore charged at him and slammed his elbow into his chest. Malak grunted and fell; Mandalore raised a viroblade and slashed. A gash appeared on Malak’s leg. He slashed again and cut another one on his other leg. Revan charged at Mandalore, his Red and purple lightsabers blazing. Mandalore reached down and grabbed the unconscious Malak’s saber. He switched it on and moved into a battle stance.

Mandalore after blocking Revan’s first few attacks oddly found that the lightsaber was similar to a virosword. But a lot more dangerous, of course. Mandalore swung his saber at Revan only for the attack to be blocked by him. Revan twisted and struck Mandalore’s legs. Mandalore stumbled and fell. Revan then brought his saber down through Mandalore’s chest killing him instantly.

Canderous and Jagi’s forces crept through the buried republic ship. Dirt covered every single inch of the ship. Canderous finally came to the end. A republic captain stood there blaster in hand. A virostar flew from Canderous’s hand and hit the captain in his neck. The body fell to the floor. Canderous turned and led the troops out of the ship.

“STOP,” he commanded as everyone exited.

“Yes sir?” Jagi asked him.

“Jagi, take all your troops and lead them into that Canyon.”

“Yes sir,” Jagi turned to his troops. “You heard Canderous,” he told them. “Come on.”

The troops charged into the Canyon.

Jagi took a few steps farther then stopped as he heard a noise. He turned to see tons of republic troops charging toward them and Canderous and his troops firing at them from behind. Jagi looked closer in time to see Canderous grab a rocket launcher and fire at a platform of rocks over head. The rocks fell as the missile hit them. They fell on the republic troops, killing them but trapping Jagi and his men. Jagi stood stunned at what had happened. Quietly he swore he would have revenge.

Revan bent down and took the mask from Mandalore’s corpse. He stopped as he was about to put it on. He sensed a dark energy from some of his equipment. He grabbed the source and looked at it. It was another mask; the one Master Kreia had given him before he left for the war. He put Mandalore’s mask away and looked at the other mask. He had never put it on because of its dark power. He slipped it on and felt its power even better. Revan grinned under the mask; there would be a change of fates today.

Revan walked into the clearing of the former battlefield. He saw few survivors there was: Malak, 13 jedi who had joined him in the battle, 9 republic commanders, and 3 captive Mandalorians. Revan pulled out his lightsabers and activated them.

Malak seeing his intentions stepped out. “All hail Darth Revan Dark Lord of the Sith,” He shouted.

Cheering broke out from the crowd, including the three mandalorians. The Mandalorians pulled off there helmets and bowed before Darth Revan. Revan was surprised to see two of them were rodians, the other was a human. Revan stepped down and signaled that the Mandalorians were free to live. He sensed anger at someone in them. The battle was over and a new threat had risen.

Revan remembered all this as he entered the Unknown Regains into the hyperspace computer. He pulled the switch for the hyperspace jump and sat back to relax. The age was over. A new age for him had begun, to search for the “true sith” in the Unknown regains. That is what he would do.

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