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Thread: The Great Hyperspace War RPG
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Cool Guy The Great Hyperspace War RPG

//I don't really like the idea of D&R threads so I decided to start this RPG the good old fashion way, by having character recruitment and the RPG on the same thread.//

This RPG is set before the events of KOTOR 1, during the Great Hyperspace war when the hyperdrive was invented. (I'm going to make up my own story about the whole thing because I know nothing about what really happened)


The hyperdrive was invented by a brilliant physicist on Curoscant by the name of Jaden Narr. Recognising the potential of this device, the govornment immeadiatly seized the device and Jaden, taking his plans and building a new kind of spacecraft, one that would finally be able to travel outside of the Curoscant system.

The craft, New Horizons 1, was lightly armed and had a crew of 10 scientists and one Jedi representative named Darn Kash. Two days after it had left the system, a plea for help came through the force to the Jedi Temple from Darn. That was the last time he was heard from, ever.

Furios at the loss of their scientists and expensive device, the govornment built a new ship, heavily armoured and armed with a platoon of soldiers on board. After the ship entered hyperspace, they arrived in the Corellia system. In a few hours they detected multiple projectiles coming at them from a small orbital station, which they destroyed.

The ship quickly fled back to Curoscant, but something followed. They then realised that Corellia must have captured the New Horizons 1 and built their own hyperdrive off of it.

A huge war ingnited, hyperdrives were mass produced on both sides. Curoscant won the war, and took over Corellia, then turned towards other systems.

Eventually, everyone had hyperdrives, and the planets conquered by Curoscant became the Republic. Then, out of the fringes of the galaxy came a dark force which began coquering planets on it's own. They were the Sith. The war that followed would be brutal and bloody, the Great Hyperspace War had begun.

This RPG is set 10 years into the war

No super characters
No PC killing without permission
Have fun
Don't be stupid

Character Creation (You can use the character database if you want):

Class: (Jedi, Dark Jedi, soldier etc.)
Faction: (Republic, Sith, or Mercenary)
Rank: (Master padawan general etc.)
Ship: (optional)


Name: John Lavelle
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Apperance: Tall, Dark brown hair, blue eyes
Class: Jedi
Alignment: Light
Faction: Republic
Rank: Knight
Ship: The Star Ghost, a heavy cruiser with a hanger and a 12 fighter escort, 20 turbolaser batteries, and 2 space to surface missile bay, 2 space to space missile bays.
Equipment: Dual Blue lightsabers, red robes and white platebody
Bio: John was taken for Jedi training when he was 5, he showed alot of promise and was quickly given the rank of knight.

We will star when more people come.
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