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Thread: Story Explained *spoilers*
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Story Explained *spoilers*

Hi everyone,

I only completed the game once (LS) but can somebody PLEASE explain to me this destroying the force, wound in the force who-har i'm hearing about? lol
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Few websites for you, also if you use the search function I think there maybe a few threads like this knocking around.




Hope that helps, I cant really be bothered to type the essay explaining the whole thing, if you ask specific questions after reading the above I will answer though. I'm sure all the other LFers will also chip in.

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A suggestion would be playing it DS as well, to learn more about the story and have fun...though I assume the Jedi Masters do tell you a lot about the wound. Here is ome things to note:

-The Exile has the ability to Force Bond with others, thereby using other people's Force. It is part of the reason why he is considered a leader, as your party members would follow you because of the Force Bonds that you form.
-Revan knew of you using the Force Bonds, and sees it not just as a strength but also as a weakness. You tie yourself with your companions, and so attacking a companion weakens you.
-Revan assigned The Exile to Malachor V to fight the final battle. He told him to build the Mass Shadow Generator, and then activate it.
-The MSG basically blows up both the Mandalorian and the Republic fleet. In other words, Revan killed off his own men. Revan did that because he wanted to kill off or convert those who were...less than totally loyal to his cause...to the Dark Side, in prepration for the Jedi Civil War. (This leads me to speculate that Revan saw The Exile as a threat and sent him to Malachor V so that he could be destroyed, but this is my word only. I saw no evidence to to contray though...)
-The Exile felt the pain because of his Force Bonds he had with the Republic. The Exile either had to die because of the pain, or convert to the Dark Side so that he does not feel the pain. The Exile turned away from both options and gave up the Force Bonds entriely...and gave up the Force in the process. He stopped listening on both a consisusis and unconisusus level...
-Note: THIS WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN. The Force willed that The Exile should have died or turned to the Dark Side and become Revan's pawn. Neither has happened, and since the Exile turned away from its will, Kreia soon took up an interest in him, and admired him for doing the impossible, turning away from its will.
-Since The Exile turned away from The Force's will, the Force was physically wounded and damaged. There is no force within The Exile, and it become empty, like a black hole. This is the Wound in the Force. Basically, it becomes hard to listen to the Force, since it has been destroyed in that place...and in this person (The Exile).
-The Exile, after giving up the Force, no longer liked the presence of others (since of the pain he suffers becaue of the Force Bonds he had at Malachor V), and hence, went into exile, and left the galaxy. He was later recalled to Telos (secretly by Atris to act as bait for Darth Sion), and Kreia seeks to get him to gain party members so that The Exile can form the Force Bonds again.
-Echoes, I believe, represent the effects that the Wound in the Force has on others.

-Kreia hates the Force because it has a will. Basically, the Force contorls history. It contorls if the LS wins, or the DS wins, fixing the balance of the galaxy...while countless people died. Kreia hated the Force for its manlipuations, and seek to end it. It is speculated that Kreia hates the Force because of her own failing...she was kicked out of the Jedi Order and Sith Order, and she wanted revenge, but saw that the Jedi and the Sith were being contorlled by the Force, and decided to destroy it.
-Kreia sees the Exile as perfect, since not even SHE could give up the Force (she was stripped of the Force unwillingly by Nihlius and Sion, and not only that, but she was afraid of giving it up and knew it...) She told Atris that she plotted on destroying the Force by causing a "greater echo"...In other words, causing a lot of destruction, much larger than that of the Battle of Malachor V that created the echo of The Exile. In other words, she wants to destroy a lot of lives so that the pain and "echoes" of thoe lives would compel others to die, fall to the DS, or do the same action as the Exile, and give up the Force.
-THE ABOVE STATMENT is, IMHO, a lie told by Kreia to movivate the Exile to kill her. Kreia admits to the Disciple that her goal is not to destroy life, and besides, Nihlius can do that pretty well, and Kreia hates Nihlius for his "hunger". To me, the truth is that Kreia saw The Exile as perfect, and therefore, taught him to become better and more powerful, so that her teachings (about The Force's will). Kreia may have gathered the Lost Jedi so that they can be trained and led by The Exile to create a Jedi Order, which would be infulenced by Kreia's teachings and beliefs. Also, since The Exile still is a wound in the Force at the end of the game, and that The Exile grows more powerful by killing others and making Force bonds with other people...I speculate that Kreia decides to teach the Exile so that she can expand the "wound", and steal more Force...so that the Wound grows more powerful and people will be slowly unable to listen to the Force.

I see it as a very unique, if complicated, subplot.
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