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Thread: Band of Blood Brothers: Era of Chaos
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Exclamation Band of Blood Brothers: Era of Chaos

The Middle....

Star Wars

Band of Blood Brothers

Era of Chaos

A figure stood on the bridge of the droid control ship, he stood tall and proud, yet he seemed heavy in heart, as if weighed down by a great burden. His eyes were hard and stern, yet full of wisdom and kindness, though there was great grieving hidden in the wells of his flurescent eyes. He emmanated an air of forlorning, it was a sad sight to see such a strong willed person stricken with such unknown pain and sorrow.
He stood, gazing out of the viewport, his stare was beyond the dusty red planet, and beyond the predatory ships lurking around it. His mind was elsewhere, thinking of all the past and current events.
It had been two long, arduous years of running, after the destruction of Halo. Two long years since the death of Shadow. Cyphon had kept isolated recently, for the last seven months he had kept as alone and away from his many companions, all for various reasons. He could feel the creeping darkness forever growing on his mind, the enemy fleet forever getting closer to avenge the destruction of their comrades.
In the forever growing apprehention, Cyphon felt disturbed, and the presence of the sith, Zeryl, and the ever darkening Jynn, with there constant hatred towards eachother, only put more stress on his mind.
With the battle between Cyphon and the two, before the events at Halo, aboard the deralict, Cyphon had only intended good to come of it. But with it there was only more strife; Zeryl had not learned anything from the fight. But as for poor Jynn, she became, corrupt, and misled, she had forsaken the teachings of her master, plunging into a slow embrace of darkness. It was a sad sight to see, as her hatred grew, Cyphon became more pained by his actions, they were only intentions of good, yet they brought about such unrest in his companions. He had only wanted peace for Jynn, and understanding for Zeryl, yet it only wrought a path of darkness.
With this growing darkness in his companions, Cyphon had eventually stayed away from them, the constant bickering between the two, the flow of anger and hatred towards Zeryl, and even others from Jynn, all they did was pain Cyphon. Cyphon couldn't be around either one of them alone either, with Zeryl it was just his presence. With Jynn, it was little squables that would brake out between them, and just the thought of her fall got to Cyphon, and though Jynn's heart was in the right place, her ethics were not.
Most would think, why should Cyphon care which path someone follows, he's a Gray Jedi. Cyphon however, knows that darkness is no path to follow, and hatred, no life to live. It had always pained Cyphon, in his long life, to see any person forsake any teachings, or life, someone held dear, for the path of pain and suffering. It pained Cyphon to see Zeryl like this as well, the man was blind, and he wondered in a land of torment, whether he knew it or not, and whether he accepted it or not.
But not to exclude Alex, the jedi was a good man, but his presence also caused great stress on Cyphon, any of his companions for that matter. It wasn't that Alex was following a path of darkness, it was the fact that the presence of any of his companions at this stressful point in time caused Cyphon much grief, for the once rare dreams of death, and loneliness, began to grow, and any person who Cyphon considered a companion and friend, only brought the thoughts of these dreams to mind.
How Cyphon missed his ever cheerful friend, Shadow. Cyphon wished Shadow could aid him in this time where his concentration faded by the day. Just the thought of the last time Cyphon saw Shadow caused Cyphon torment. To see someone torn so far from humanity, to be a freakish hybrid of two other beings, and to have those two evil beings quarrel over his mind and body like a piece of meat, it drove Cyphon to great fatigue thinking about it.
The figure turned from his thoughts, his mind and concentration slowly returning to the here and now. The figure sighed, staring down at the chrono reading on a nearby console. It had been nearly five weeks since Cyphon last saw any of his companions. He had kept to his flagship, and they had kept to their flagships', or 'High Charity'. But that self imposed exile would end tomorrow, there were several major events occuring that required him to be around his old friends for that day on the station-holy city, 'High Charity'.
Cyphon sighed again, pressing a comm button on the console. "Jhon, is the construct's corrupted data restored?" He asked with a sad, dry tone.
"Sir, it has been restored to the best of our ability. It's protocal makes it repair the rest on it's own, though that may take awhile, it's better than us trying to restore something we truly can't," came the reply over the comm from the old Elite, Jhon. He had been made a ship commander within the fleet when the events at Halo occured. His flagship was a Covenant Assault Carrier by the name of, 'Venerable Loyalty', repaired in to optimal efficiancy.
"Good, have a team meet me on the suface of the planet with it. I need it's knowledge of the area to figure out at least a general perspective of where we are. And if nothing else, then to help us locate a livable world to resupply on," Cyphon replied, his response tired, he sighed once more before saying over-and-out, then switching the comm off.
Cyphon turned sharply, though it wasn't done with the same vigor as he used to use. His stress was not just his own though, the entire fleet full of people seemed...distant, or just out-of-it. They saw the disposition of their leader, and commanders, and the fact they were running, yet the Rebel Confederacy was still catching up was a demoralising thing. The death of their most loved field commander, the feeling of an ever losing battle was on their minds, and being lost in strange unknown space was all very unsettling for the people in the fleet.
Cyphon left the bridge, his steps heavy with his burden, and posture, not quite as upright as it once was. He kept going, almost aimlessly, until he finally reached where he was going, the main hangar. There he approached the Nimbus-class starfighter that was already preped for his departure. He took his cloak off, revealing his black, leather-like armor underneath. With this, he put on a spacial combat suit, like the ones the clones and other space soldiers would wear when in low atmosphere, or no atmosphere combat. Stepping into the cockpit, he did a quick once-over, and lowering the hatch, he left the hangar with all the speed he could afford, the small craft descending upon the dusty, red planet below.
((Sorry it took so long to post this thread, my patient and faithful friends, but I was being!!! LAZY!!!!!! DUN DUN DDUUUUNNN!!!!))

Edit: - ((If you guys are having trouble figuring out what to post, then I'll give you a hint....socialise! Seriously, do anything you want to! Except follow me to the planet surface....Oh, and Rex, I don't want you coming back jjuuussttt yet, don't worry, it won't be long though ))

"But in you...I see the potential to see the Force die, to turn away from its will..."
"You are beautiful to me, exile. A dead spot in the Force, an emptiness in which its will might be denied."
"But no Jedi ever made the choice you did. To sever ties so completely, so utterly, that it leaves a wound in the Force..."
"I would have killed the galaxy to preserve you...You are more precious than you know..."-now...it's verbatim!-A quote from Darth Traya (Kreia)

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