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Thread: [FIN] The Sera Tana Saga--Short Fanfiction
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Diego Varen
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[FIN] The Sera Tana Saga--Short Fanfiction

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Welcome to the Sera Tana Saga Fan Fiction Thread. This contains all the Fan Fiction in this Saga. I take credit for writing this Saga, creating certain characters, like Nauk Grelan and Zor Krel and certain planets, like Maytarr, but this series won't make any money and I'm writing this for my own interests and for fun. The majority of things in this Saga belong to George Lucas, LucasArts, BioWare Corporation and Obsidian Entertainment. This Saga contains eleven Short Fan Fics, which are set before the Long Fan Fiction, which contains five parts.

The Sera Tana Saga - Short Fan Fiction

The Sera Tana Saga - Short Fanfiction is a series of eleven Short Fan Fics, which shows the adventures of Sera Tana, prior and during Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords.

- Part I - Exile
- Part II - Zor Krel
- Part III - The Fallen Ones
- Part IV - Forgotten Promises (Part I)
- Part V - Forgotten Promises (Part II)
- Part VI - Duel of the Fates
- Part VII - Revelations (Poem I)
- Part VIII - Apologies (Poem II)
- Part IX - Apathy Is Death
- Part X - Joke’s On Me
- Part XI - The Wanderer


Extra Information

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Diego Varen
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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Star Wars
The Sera Tana Saga - Short Fan Fiction Part I: Exile

Four thousand years, before the rise of the GALACTIC EMPIRE, a certain war ends for the JEDI KNIGHT, SERA TANA. Joining REVAN and MALAK in the war would soon mean the end of Sera’s life in the JEDI ORDER.

Before Sera is allowed to enter the Council meeting room, she will have a meeting with a certain JEDI MASTER. A certain master who she won’t meet again for a long time. A long time after the MANDALORIAN WARS


Sera Tana entered the Jedi Temple. The place she called home. The place she called life. The place she now thought as a place she would no longer be allowed to stay in, if exiled. As Sera walked through the corridors of the beautiful temple, Sera took her time in looking around. The Jedi who had remained true to the teachings they had learnt, paced around, ready to consult the Archives for answers about what to do next. Sera knew that she would never enter the Archives again, if exiled. She gripped onto her Lightsaber tightly, never wanting to let it go. The weapon she had used all her life would now be taken away from her, if exiled. Sera could only hope that she wouldn’t be exiled and be given a second chance. Her doubts of second chances dropped as she remembered the strict Jedi Master, Vrook Lamar. He would never give her a second chance. Vrook had never liked her. Sera had heard him talking to the Jedi Grand Master, Vandar about her being a mediocre student. It had hurt Sera’s feelings. There is no emotion, there is peace, Sera thought, trying not to think of the hard times she had had.

“Jedi Tana,” A voice called out, “The Jedi Council will want to see you soon.”

Sera turned around. She saw the Twi’lek Jedi Master, Nauk Grelan. Her and Nauk had been great friends, since they first met when Sera was under the training of her master, Jorran Corral. Jorran’s death, after Sera becoming a Jedi Knight, brought Sera and Nauk closer together. Even the death of Nauk’s apprentice, Quallan Devon, brought the two of them closer together, even though Sera had killed Quallan in a Lightsaber duel. Nauk had told Sera it was the right thing to do. Quallan had fallen to the dark side and he showed no emotion, but anger. Anger to the Jedi. He had killed many Jedi and Nauk believed Sera had given peace to those deceased Jedi, after killing him. Sera however, also regretted that. Would the wise Jedi Masters of the Jedi Council ask her about his death?

“Master Grelan,” Sera called back, as she ran towards him, “I know the Council want to see me soon, that is why I’m here.”

Nauk put his hand on Sera’s shoulder. He smiled at her.

“You’re very brave coming back here,” Nauk told her, “Most Jedi would ignore the possible exile by the Council.”

“Well as a Jedi, it is the only thing I can do,” Sera told him, “I shouldn’t have joined Revan and Malak. I should’ve respected the wisdom of the Jedi Masters and stayed here.”

“Calm young one,” Nauk told her, “The decisions you took have made you the person you are today. Go on, the Jedi Masters are waited and good luck.”

Sera smiled as she walked off, trying to hide her fear from the Jedi Masters.


The door opened as Sera approached the Council meeting room. Five of the wisest of the Order sat, waiting for her to arrive. They were all masters, Sera had known in the past. They were Vrook, Atris, Kavar, Zez-Kai Ell and Lonna Vash.

“Do you know why we have called you here?” Vrook asked immediately.

Sera sighed, hoping she didn’t sound rude. She knew that the masters already knew why she had left, but she decided to tell them. She didn’t want to look as if she was hiding something.

“I’ve come to answer for my crimes on Malachor V,” Sera told him, trying not to break down, because of the guilt she had kept bottled up inside for so long.

“As Revan summoned you,” Kavar began, “So have you come full circle to return to the Jedi.”

“Why did you defy us?” Zez-Kai Ell asked, “The Jedi are guardians of the peace and have been for centuries. This call to war undermines all that we have worked for.”

“Is Revan your master now?” Atris asked, “Or is it the horror you wrought at Malachor that has caused you to see the truth at last?”

Before Sera answered their questions, she thought for a while. Their questions made Sera feel guilty. It was as if she had done all the wrong things in the war. Vrook and Atris would be two of the masters who wanted Sera exiled. Kavar and Zez-Kai Ell wouldn’t be as harsh, however they were concerned, just as the other masters. Sera wasn’t sure about Lonna.

“I realise that following Revan to war was in violation of the Jedi Code - And I broke it, knowingly defying the wishes of the Jedi Council,” Sera told them finally.

“You refuse to hear us,” Zez-Kai Ell told Sera, “You have shut us out, and so have shut yourself to the galaxy. Know that there is no turning back from this judgment. It is good you recognize this. It means you will understand why you must leave us.”

Leave us, Sera thought, would they exile her?

“We feel that your true understanding of what happened at Malachor V will only happen in time,” Zez-Kai Ell continued, “And it cannot happen here, near the battlegrounds where you fought.”

Malachor, Sera thought.

“You are exiled,” Lonna told Sera, “And you are a Jedi no longer.”

“There is one last thing,” Vrook continued, “Your Lightsaber. Surrender it to us.”

Sera grabbed onto the weapon she had used all her life and ignited it. It hummed to life, showing a clear blue crystal. Sera walked forward towards the centre stone and forced it through the stone. She had no idea what would happen to the Lightsaber. Sera walked off, trying to ignore the glares of the masters.


“How did it go?” Nauk asked as Sera took off her Jedi robe, which was over her tunic.

“I’m sorry master,” Sera told him, “I was exiled.”

Sera could see Nauk’s disappointment, but she knew that he would be caring, unlike the other masters.

“Even though you’re exiled,” Nauk began, “You’ll be remembered as one of the greatest Jedi of this Order. I wish you good luck wherever you go and I hope to see you again. May the Force be with you.”

“So do I master,” Sera told him, “Take care and may the Force be with you.”

Sera left the Jedi Temple, which was no longer her sanctuary. Where Sera would go now she had no idea. Perhaps she would go to her home world of Alderaan and stay there, or somewhere else. Sera Tana, was a Jedi no longer.

The End

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Diego Varen
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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Star Wars
The Sera Tana Saga - Short Fan Fiction Part II: Zor Krel

ZOR KREL, a successful CHISTORI bounty hunter. Inside the DRUNK SIDE tavern on KORRIBAN, he drinks himself to death. He has nothing better to do, until he finds the perfect partner, who can help him accomplish his task.

KIRA NATASARE, a former JEDI KNIGHT. Now, an aspiring bounty hunter, she has heard of Zor’s troubles of finding a partner. Luckily for him, Kira wants to join Zor in his new task. However, she wants to lay down some rules, if Zor lets her join him…


What does a man have to do to find a good partner nowadays? Zor Krel, one of the galaxy’s most successful bounty hunters, sat inside the Drunk Side tavern. Normally, this would be one of his favourite times, drinking himself to death, until closing time. However, he had many things on his mind. What does a man have to do to find a good partner nowadays? Is there anyone worthwhile to work with? Is there any point trying to find a partner? Zor knew that many other bounty hunters would be after the same thing he was after. He doubted that anybody would work with him. They would betray him soon enough. Or maybe Zor would betray them. Either way, Zor was going soft. He knew however, that he would have to be soft. Having a partner was optional, but it would help Zor out. As his glass was refilled with more Tarisian Ale, Zor noticed a woman in the distance. She was walking towards Zor. He knew that, but he pretended to ignore her, sipping away at his drink. As soon as Zor finished his drink, he noticed the woman, standing patiently.

“Well hello,” Zor began, his one eye beginning to twitch, “And what can I do for you beautiful?”

The woman grabbed a nearby stool and sat down. She was opposite Zor. Zor observed her. She showed no emotion and she didn’t seem like the type of person you wouldn’t want to mess with.

“Zor Krel,” The woman began, “The most successful bounty hunter in the galaxy. I’ve heard of your little problem.”

Zor didn’t want his glass refilled, since he wanted to keep his head clear. It helped business, especially when it came to business like this.

“Have you now?” Zor asked, trying to keep as serious as possible, but even he recognised he was drunk, “Well then, why are you so interested in working with me?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” The woman asked, before answering Zor’s question, “This is my only possible opportunity to work with the greatest bounty hunter and I’m also interested in the task.”

Zor smiled. This was the perfect partner he had been looking for.

“I’m interested in our future together,” Zor told her, “However, what is your name?”

“Does it matter?” The woman asked, her eyebrow rising, “But since you are a person I idolise, I shall do as you wish. I’m Kira Natasare, aspiring bounty hunter.”

“Well, you already know my name,” Zor told her, standing up, ready to leave, “So, we should get going.”

Kira also stood up, ready to leave. She followed Zor out of the tavern, towards the nearby hangar.


“What a piece of junk!” Kira exclaimed, causing several people to look.

Zor felt embarrassed. His ship wasn’t a piece of junk. It had outrun many Sith fighters in the past and avoided the Exchange for as long as Zor could remember. His ship was nice as well. Zor had stolen it from a Sith ship and it was a shuttle. Inside, it contained two bunks and the cockpit. It wasn’t big, but to Zor, it was home.

“Listen beautiful, the Omen is a great ship,” Zor told her, “So get used to it, because we’ll be travelling on this beauty for a while.”

“Fine, since I’m assuming this has at least one bunk, I get the bottom bunk,” Kira told him, “After all I’m the guest. Oh and please don’t call me beautiful ever again, otherwise our time together will be very short indeed.”

Kira walked up the boarding ramp and Zor sighed. Something told him that he might not enjoy this after all.

“But I like the bottom bunk!” Zor shouted, as he ran up the boarding ramp after Kira.

The End
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Diego Varen
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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Star Wars
The Sera Tana Saga - Short Fan Fiction Part III: The Fallen Ones

The battle on TRAMOND XXV is almost over. But will it cost several more lives? SERA TANA is about to confront a familiar person, before going to find her leader and the man she loves. REVAN.

Now, the final events on Tramond will soon be over, before going to MALACHOR V and end the MANDALORIAN WARS. Who will win? Sera or her friend, QUALLAN DEVON


Blaster fire and explosions could be heard everywhere. Sera Tana, a young Jedi Knight, used the Force to dodge every single blaster shot, coming from the Mandalorian opposition. She could see her two friends, Revan and Quallan Devon in the distance. Sera could sense the dark side within them. How strong, how impatient it was, how it hungered for power. Sera knew that she had to save Quallan from the path that he had chosen, before Revan would eventually kill him.


“You may rise, Devon,” Revan told Quallan, who stood up.

Quallan was shivering. He had been fighting with Revan for a long time and during their time together, Quallan could sense that the two of them had changed. But not just them. The majority of the Jedi who had followed Revan and his best friend, Malak, had also changed. Quallan knew that only one Jedi hadn’t changed. Sera. The one he had loved, since their first meeting together, when they were younglings. Quallan knew that Revan and Sera were in love together and always had been and that is what made Quallan angry. He wanted Sera for himself. He didn’t want Revan to cause her pain. The only reason Quallan had been dragged down the dark path was because of his strong attraction for Sera.

“You’re weak Devon,” Revan continued, no emotion in his voice, “You wouldn’t have the power to defeat me. Ever. That is why you’ll die here, in the midst of this battle and I shall let the Mandalorians and the planet kill you.”

With one sweep of his black robe, Revan walked away, towards the Sith temple. Quallan really wanted to attack Revan right now, however, he knew how strong Revan had become. Quallan would be dead straight away. In shame, a tear poured down Quallan’s face, because of how he disappointed Revan and Sera.


Sera watched as Revan walked away. He had truly fallen and he had brought all of his supporters down with him. The only supporter, who hadn’t fallen, was Sera. Sera knew that she needed to find Revan, before he brought anyone else down with him. She could only hope that Quallan would help her. If not, then he had fallen as well or he was in shame for being “weak” as Revan just called him. Sera was surprised that the Republic, the Jedi and the Mandalorians hadn’t fought where Quallan was. They were outside the Sith temple. Sera walked towards Quallan.

“Quallan,” Sera began, “Are you alright?”

Quallan stood up and turned to see Sera. He had obviously been upset, but Sera knew that he was over it now. All Sera could see now was the anger within him.

“Sera,” Quallan began, immediately grabbing her hand and holding it tight, “You’re here and you’re alive.”

“Of course I’m alive,” Sera told him, “Listen, Quallan, we need to find Revan and stop him, before he brings…”

Quallan squeezed Sera’s hand more, which was beginning to hurt her. Before speaking again, Quallan threw Sera backwards. Sera’s Lightsaber unclipped from her belt, but Sera used the Force to pull it back to her. She stood up, not ignited her Lightsaber.

“Quallan please, can’t you see what Revan is doing?” Sera asked, “He is bringing everyone down the dark path, can’t you see that? Can’t you see what he did to you?”

Quallan ignited his Lightsaber, a green blade glowing and humming to life.

“Don’t make me kill you Sera,” He warned her, “I loved you. I still love you and even once your dead, I will continue to love you.”

Sera sighed.

“I’ll do what I must,” She told Quallan, “If I’m exiled from the Jedi Order, because of this, I won’t care. I just don’t want you to suffer the same fate as Revan.”

Sera ignited her Lightsaber, a yellow blade glowing and humming to life, which accompanied Quallan’s Lightsaber. Quallan leapt towards Sera, who immediately blocked Quallan’s attack. Sera began with her own attacks, trying to find a weakness in Quallan. He was strong and managed to force Sera back into the Mandalorian battleground. Sera managed to stay away from that battle concentrating on Quallan. If he had fallen and there was no way of redeeming him, Sera knew that she had to kill him. She remembered the story of Jolee Bindo, who had let his wife live, after she fell to the dark side. He had regretted letting her live, after finding out there was no way of redemption. Sera wasn’t there to witness him leaving the Jedi, but it was of his own choice. Would the same thing happen to Sera? Or would she be exiled? Exiled for killing Quallan? Or exiled for following Revan and Malak to war against the Mandalorians, which was against the Jedi Master’s wishes.

“You can’t defeat me, Sera,” Quallan told her, sounding big headed, “But I can defeat you.”

Quallan used the Force to pull a large pillar down, towards Sera, but Sera sensed the pillar coming, so at the last minute, Sera dodged and the pillar crushed Quallan. Sera used the Force to lift up the pillar and checked to make sure Quallan was still alive. He wasn’t.

“I never loved you Quallan,” Sera whispered, “I only liked you as a friend. I loved Revan, but I’m not sure if he ever loved me. He has done horrible things to me, but I’m going to have to live with them for the rest of my life. And I’m going to have to live with your death for the rest of your life.”


From the top of a hill, the Twi’lek Jedi Master, Nauk Grelan had watched Sera and Quallan fight. Quallan was his apprentice and he was felt guilty. He had tried to prevent Quallan from joining Revan and Malak, but over time, Nauk joined them. If only he had tried to be stricter with Quallan.

The battle on Tramond XXV was almost over and Malachor V was under attack. Nauk knew that the Republic would need the Jedi. He ran down the hill and he soon arrived at the location of Sera and Quallan’s battle.

“Jedi Tana,” Nauk began, “You did the right thing. Quallan’s death was necessary.”

“Was it?” Sera asked, “I didn’t want to kill my friend, but I didn’t want to suffer a fate worse than Revan.”

“That is why you did the right thing,” Nauk told her, his voice comforting her, before he turned to look at the sky, seeing many Republic ships leaving Tramond, “There is one last battle we must fight. Malachor V. Are you coming? We will need your skills in this battle.”

Sera nodded, speechless.

“Then let’s go,” Nauk told her, before grabbing Quallan’s Lightsaber, which would be the only thing that would remind him of Quallan.

The End

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Star Wars
The Sera Tana Saga - Short Fan Fiction Part IV: Forgotten Promises Part I

One JEDI was left without a master. One JEDI was forced to leave the JEDI ORDER, because of disobeying the JEDI MASTERS. MICAL was the apprentice. SERA TANA was the master. Both of them reunited, ten years later.

Ten years before they reunited, Sera observes a duel that Mical is taking part with. He is taking part with his rival, STEVEN SOLIDUS, who is also dying to be trained by Sera. The second JEDI GRAND MASTER, MASTER XARG is also observing the duel and as a JEDI KNIGHT, Sera must make a decision of who to train...


It was a beautiful day in the Jedi Temple. Sera Tana had been meditating in the tranquil gardens, listening to the Midi-chlorians receiving messages from the Force. Sera had always liked meditating in the gardens, since it was the one place she could relax fully, without the watchful eye of the Jedi Masters. She had always felt peace there. Sera sensed the Jedi Grand Master, Xarg, behind her. Sera opened her eyes and stood up to see the small master.

“Jedi Tana,” He began, his body hooked over his small wooden walking stick, “Choose padawan learner, you must.”

Sera knew that as a Jedi Knight, she would have to begin training an apprentice some time. She hadn’t had much experience training others. The only time she had was when she had to take a class of padawans for Xarg, since he had other matters to attend to.

“Padawans Mical and Steven,” Xarg continued, “Choose to be your first apprentice, you will.”

“Must I choose?” Sera asked, trying not to be rude, since she wasn’t sure if she was ready.

Sera didn’t feel ready to train someone yet. She felt too young and not wise enough to train someone. What if she failed? She had heard rumours of some masters being exiled from the Order, because of having many failed apprentices. Sera didn’t want that to happen to her.

“Choose, you don’t have to,” Xarg told Sera, “Strongly recommend against it, I do. Come, let’s observe them, we must. First, talk to the Jedi Masters, I must.”

Xarg led Sera through the crowded corridors of the Jedi Temple. Soon, both of them arrived outside the Council meeting room. Xarg turned to Sera, before entering.

“Discuss matters with the masters, I must. Return to your quarters, you shall.”


Mical stood, his practice Lightsaber blade hissing through the air. He was preparing for his upcoming duel with his rival, Steven Solidus. The two of them had been rivals all their life and Steven had always been trying to beat Mical at everything. Mical knew that today would prove, which of them would go on to become a great Jedi. Mical hoped that he would be that great Jedi.

“Hey Mical,” Steven whispered in Mical’s ear, “Don’t even think of beating me. I’m the best.”

Mical smiled, not letting his confidence drop. Despite his rivalry with Steven, Mical had always been afraid of what Steven would do.

“Your overconfidence will be your downfall,” Mical warned, not letting his emotions take him over.

Steven ignored Mical and walked off, checking to make sure his Lightsaber moves were perfect. Mical knew that he wasn’t good with a Lightsaber. His strengths were with the Force. The Force guided him and it always had. Not only that, but he was also skilled with healing people. Whenever someone got injured, they came to Mical. Even the wisest of the Jedi Masters came to Mical, when they were injured on a mission. Mical’s talent had made some jealous and Steven was one of those people who was jealous. In a way, Mical wished he wasn’t good at what he did, since he didn’t have many friends, but he knew that it would save lives. So what would Mical do? Heal someone when they were injured or loose his talent and become like the other Padawans? Mical decided not to think about it and returned to practice for the duel.


Sera and Xarg entered the training room. Many Padawan Learners were waiting to see Mical and Steven’s duel and they were all excited. Steven was excited. Mical wasn’t. He wanted to prove that he was a great Jedi, some other way. He didn’t like fighting, but he knew that all Jedi had to be able to protect themselves.

“Time, it is,” Xarg began, “For Padawan Mical and Padawan Steven to begin their duel.”

Mical and Steven took their places on the small stage. Here, they would have a duel, to see who Sera would take as her first apprentice. Mical had seen her before. From the first moment she had taken one of his classes, Mical had idolised her and he even thought he loved her. Jedi weren’t supposed to love, or at least, that was what Mical had been taught. Steven ignited his Lightsaber, a blue blade humming to life. Mical also ignited his Lightsaber, another blue blade that hummed to life, accompanying the sound of Steven’s Lightsaber. Mical knew that the Lightsabers weren’t made to kill. These practice Lightsabers would only sting the opponent, causing a burn, but nothing too serious.

“Begin your duel, you may,” Xarg told the two Padawans, as he stepped off the stage.

Steven made the first move, running towards Mical, ready to strike. Mical ducked Steven’s first attack and he let the Force guide him. Mical attacked with several strikes of his own, dodging Steven’s at the same time. At one point, Steven managed to use a powerful Force push to force Mical off the stage. Mical had wondered how Steven had managed to have such a powerful push. Xarg scolded Steven, warning him that the duel was of close combat and not of usage of using Force powers. Mical got up and once again, Steven knocked him down again. Mical was losing badly and he really wanted to beat Steven up. That was wrong wasn’t it? Wanting to beat someone up for revenge. Mical was being beaten again and again, because he had let his guard down. That’s it. He would get revenge. At least it wouldn’t make it look like Mical was weak. Dodging another attack from Steven, Mical immediately let himself use his Lightsaber to keep hitting Steven in the back. Ignoring his cries, Mical kept hitting him, getting his revenge on him. Steven had been horrible in the past to Mical and others and this was his moment to strike back.

“Stop, you must!” Xarg shouted, using the Force to take Mical’s Lightsaber from him, before looking at Steven, “Go to your quarters, you shall. You and the others.”

As everyone left, Mical began to feel guilty for what he had done. He would never behave like that. Nobody else believed that he could behave like that. Everyone believed that Mical was the perfect student with no flaws. Now they knew that he wasn’t.

To Be Continued...

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Star Wars
The Sera Tana Saga - Short Fan Fiction Part V: Forgotten Promises Part II

Ten years have passed since the PADAWANS, MICAL and STEVEN SOLIDUS weren’t chosen to be trained as JEDI. Both Mical and Steven have gone their separate ways and haven’t seen each other at all. After saving DANTOOINE from being taking over by AZKUL and his mercenaries, Mical was reunited with his prospective master from years ago. SERA TANA.

On the EBON HAWK, ready to go to the SITH planet, KORRIBAN, Sera remembers old times. Times that Sera wishes she could change for herself and Mical…


The Jedi Exile, Sera Tana and her companions, Atton Rand and Mical the Disciple, had saved Dantooine, from the mercenary attack on Khoonda. Administrator Terena Adare and the Jedi Master, Vrook Lamar were grateful for their help. Sera had been glad to help and now that Sera had found Master Vrook, she knew that Korriban was next.

Entering the Ebon Hawk, Sera, Atton and Mical returned to relax for a while. Atton walked off to relax in the cockpit, while Sera and Mical decided to relax in the medical bay. Sera thought about her relationship with Mical. She hadn’t seen him for ten years and he had changed. Sera no longer felt the anger within him that he had used to beat Steven in the duel they had ten years before. Mical had become much wiser and calmer. It made Sera embarrassed. She had wasted her life in exile, while Mical had got himself a life, after he was rejected for becoming a Jedi, soon after Sera was exiled. Sera knew that if she hadn’t had been exiled, Mical would’ve become a great Jedi. Soon after reuniting, Sera had offered Mical the chance to be trained as a Jedi and he accepted. Although Sera wondered if Mical hadn’t told her everything about his life, after leaving the Jedi Order. Who did he work for? Why was he still interested in Sera after all these years? Sera would have turned a blind eye. She was searching for the masters that had exiled her ten years ago. She didn’t have time to go recruiting old friends to aid her in her task. What had Kreia told her? To prepare for an army. Sera was beginning to think that Kreia was right. There was too many of them on the ship. Seven of them in fact. There was her, Kreia, Atton, the Utility Droid, T3-M4, the Iridonian, Bao-Dur, the Miraluka, Visas Marr and Mical.

“Who do you work for Mical?” Sera asked.

Mical looked up from the components he was working on.

“Didn’t I tell you?” Mical asked back, “I work for the Republic.”

“I know that,” Sera told him, “But who in particular?”

“I can’t tell you,” Mical told her, “I’m sorry.”

Sera knew that Mical wouldn’t tell her. At least not yet. Sera had wondered if Mical had forgiven her about the time when Sera rejected to take Mical as her first apprentice.


“Stop, you must!” Xarg shouted, using the Force to take Mical’s Lightsaber from him, before looking at Steven, “Go to your quarters, you shall. You and the others.”

Everyone left, leaving Sera and Xarg alone. The training room, which was once filled with many students, eager to see the duel, was now empty and quiet. Xarg walked towards Sera, hanging over his walking stick.

“Choose a padawan, you must,” Xarg told Sera, “What I told you before, I did. Not so sure, anymore.”

Sera knelt down on her left knee, so she could look at Xarg easily, without looking down on him. Even on her one knee, she was still quite tall compared to the elderly master.

“I’m not sure either master,” Sera told him, “Both of them are young and impatient. I don’t know if I can handle anyone like that.”

“Same you were, when you were young,” Xarg told her, “Reckless, you were.”

“Was I?” Sera asked, “I was chosen. Master Corral always thought the best in me, even in my darkest times. I only wish I had saved him, instead of leaving him to die.”

Sera stood up again and turned to leave the training room. As Sera was about to leave, Xarg stopped her.

“Mical, Steven, have potential, they both do,” Xarg warned, “Think about their future, you must. If both of them aren’t trained, their futures will become very different. One will remain on the path of the light, while the other will fall to the dark side. Heed my warnings, Jedi Tana and whatever fate you may choose for yourself and for the two young men, you’ll become much wiser for it.”

As Xarg walked away, Sera stopped to think. She didn’t understand what Xarg meant, but Sera had always wondered if the old master had become eccentric. Either way, Sera knew that other than Vandar, Xarg was the wisest master in the Jedi Order.


In the cockpit, Sera and Atton sat, waiting to arrive on Korriban, on the way to find the Jedi Master, Lonna Vash.

“Where’s that kid you picked up?” Atton asked, still piloting the ship, “I suggest we drop him off on the next asteroid we come to.”

“Don’t be so hard on him Atton,” Sera told him, “Mical is young and he is much wiser than when I first met him. He will be able to help us.”

“Oh yeah?” Atton asked sarcastically, “What with? For once, I agree with that manipulative old witch. He isn’t needed and he has no right with us.”

Sera ignored Atton, as she stood up and left the cockpit.

“Was it something I said?” Atton asked, as she left.


Sera returned to the med bay. Perhaps Mical would finally tell her who he was working for. Sera had never remembered Mical as the secretive type. When she met him, he was never afraid to tell anyone anything. Then again, Sera knew that people changed and she was one of them. She could never trust anyone anymore. At least, not at first. Even after first meeting, Sera still never trusted Kreia or her intentions. Sera wondered if Kreia was trying to lure her to the dark side. Her teachings were nothing like the teachings, Sera had learnt when she was a Jedi.

“Mical,” Sera began, as she cleared her throat, “I’m sorry if I was prying into your life, but I can’t stand it when people don’t tell me anything. Someone must have sent you to do what you were doing on Dantooine.”

Mical ignored Sera, which surprised her indeed. No matter what, Sera knew that Mical had to talk sometime and she continued.

“I know how you felt when you were rejected for Jedi training,” Sera continued, “You felt the same pain I received when all those deaths on Malachor V echoed through me. You rejected the Force, the same way the Force left me. We are both similar in many ways Mical. I can trust you, even after all this time. I just hope that you can trust me now that…”

“Sera,” Mical interrupted, “I’m sorry, I should have told you sooner. You might have heard of my boss.”

“Who?” Sera asked.

“Carth Onasi,” Mical told her, “He is the Admiral of the Republic and one of the only men I know who can keep the Republic safe.”

“When will I meet him?” Sera asked.

“All in due time…”

The End
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Contest winner - Fan Fiction 
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Star Wars
The Sera Tana Saga - Short Fan Fiction Part VI: Duel of the Fates

The battle on TRAMOND XXV is finally over. Many lives have been ended in the battle, with only several survivors. All three factions have been reduced to fewer than one hundred fighters in each faction.

On the way to MALACHOR V, SERA TANA realises that REVAN will be on the planet and she knows that she will have to fight him. Once friends, now enemies, the two of them will fight, during the midst of the biggest battle in the MANDALORIAN WARS...


Revan stood, alone on the top of the mountainous climate of Malachor V. He now wore a mask to hide his corruption to the dark side and his new black robe, identified him as a servant and disciple of the dark side. His best friend, Malak was with the Republic soldiers and Jedi who had fallen to the dark side with him. Now, the Forces of Corruption, as Revan liked to call his new army, were preparing to fight off the last of the Mandalorians and their former allies, the ones who managed to remain loyal to the Republic and the Jedi Order. As Revan stood, he thought about the one he loved. Sera Tana. He knew that she would soon find him and he would have to kill her, if she wouldn’t join him, on the path of darkness.


Sera woke up and could see the surface of Malachor V below. A precognition in the Force had warned Sera that Revan was on Malachor, the one place where the Mandalorian Wars would finally end. All those battles, all those arguments with the Jedi Council, had finally come to this. She knew that she had to fight him.

Before leaving for Malachor, Sera had promised Quallan that she would stop Revan from taking other people down the path he had taken. Sera regretted killing Quallan, but she had to stop him from making his life or anyone else’s worse. Quallan was once one of the greatest Jedi Sera had ever known, but when she fought against him on Tramond XXV, he had changed. He was no longer the courageous Jedi Sera had known, but he had become a pawn of the dark side. Revan had ruined his life.

Sera walked across the ship, past the Republic soldiers and Jedi Knights who had managed to survive the last lot of battles. The Zabrak technician, Bao-Dur sat on the edge of the vessel, looking out at all the Mandalorians who were already waiting for their enemies on the surface.

“Bao-Dur,” Sera began, immediately capturing the young Zabrak’s attention.

“Yes General?” Bao-Dur asked.

“We’re on Malachor,” Sera told him, “What a waste to fight on such a beautiful planet, teeming with life.”

Sera looked out at the innocent planet. The froglike creatures, which were known as Gizka, hopped around, unaware of the battle that would soon take place. The Mandalorians had already built their base on the planet and were using their weapons to bring many Republic ships crashing to the ground. Many of those ships were ones Bao-Dur had built, specifically for the use of a new military weapon that would end this war, the Mass Shadow Generator.

“Will the Mass Shadow Generator still work?” Sera asked Bao-Dur.

“Of course General,” Bao-Dur told her, “But it will come with a terrible price.”


Malak walked towards Revan. He could sense Revan was in deep thought. Was it to do with the war? Malak guessed so. Even though Revan had always been so sure of himself, he had always been quiet and secretive about the war. Malak was Revan’s closest friend, yet he wouldn’t tell him anything anymore. Malak was becoming worried.

“Revan!” Malak called out, “Revan, are you alright?”

Revan didn’t reply. Something was definitely troubling him, but what? Malak continued to walk towards Revan, hoping that he knew how much Malak was concerned for him.

“Revan, what is troubling you, please let me know,” Malak continued, walking closer and closer towards his friend, before placing his hand on Revan’s shoulder, “I want to help.”

Revan immediately turned around and knocked Malak to the floor. Malak wasn’t sure if it was an accident or if it was on purpose, but Revan was angry. Malak could see the anger in his face. Revan ignited his Lightsaber and held it at Malak’s jaw. Malak was afraid of what Revan would do next, but he used the Force to hide his fear. He didn’t even have the strength to get his own Lightsaber out and strike back.

“Revan!” Malak shouted, “What are you doing?”

Revan kicked Malak, down the steep mountain and Revan slid down with him.

“Please let me help you,” Malak continued, “I’m your friend!”

Revan grabbed Malak and despite the fact that Malak was slightly taller than his companion, Revan had managed to pick him up without ease.

“You don’t tell me what to do, my young apprentice,” Revan warned Malak, “Once you were my friend, but times are changing and so am I?”

“Revan, please don’t hurt me,” Malak told him, “What did I ever do to you?”

Revan threw Malak to the floor and kicked him again. Malak was bleeding from all the kicks Revan had given him. What would Revan do next?

“The old woman has made me who I am now,” Revan told him, bringing his Lightsaber onto Malak’s jaw.

Malak shouted in pain, unable to speak.


Sera had landed on Malachor a while ago. She could sense everything that Revan was doing. She could sense him hurting Malak, she could sense him, in pain and depression and she could sense the dark side within him. Sera knew that she had to find Revan, before he caused any more damage. First Quallan, now Malak, who next?

“I’ve been waiting for you, Sera,” A familiar voice echoed from behind her.

Sera turned around. Revan stood behind her, emotionless.

“You can’t stop me,” Revan continued, “I have become more powerful than you and the masters.”

“Revan, turn away from this path,” Sera warned, “The dark side only leads to death and destruction.”

Revan began laughing.

“Jedi propaganda,” Revan told Sera, “Their code is flawed, just like the teachings they have learnt since the day they became Jedi. Sith on the other hand are strong and incapable of error. Join me Sera and together, we can take over the galaxy and use it to our advantage.”

“Revan, I’ve loved you all my life,” Sera told Revan, “But I’m afraid that I can’t let you hurt anyone else.”

The End

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Contest winner - Fan Fiction 

On Dantooine, as I looked in the river,
Thinking about what you said,
Your words made my soul shiver.
Were you really an assassin?
Were you already dead?
You made me doubt you.

Revelations are hard things to take in,
For it is a sin,
When you’ve been told a shocking.

We met on Peragus and you thought I was a miner,
And you expected a date with your newest diner,
But I was hard to get.
Over time, many joined us,
You caused a fuss,
But you never told me anything much.

Revelations are hard things to take in,
For it is a sin,
When you’ve been told a shocking.

Kreia always hated you and I can see why,
For only fools fly,
But you weren’t no fool,
You played it cool.
I knew that I couldn’t do that.

Revelations are hard things to take in,
For it is a sin,
When you’ve been told something shocking.

After this,
I’m not sure if I can trust or love you,
But without you, we wouldn’t get anywhere.
As I stop and stare,
I wonder if I can ever trust you again.
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Contest winner - Fan Fiction 

I’m sorry if I caused you pain,
I’m sorry if I’m vain,
But that was years ago and I’ve changed.
My life has made me think of what I am today,
I don’t know what to say.

There is only one thing I can say at the moment,
And that is that I’m sorry for everything I’ve done.
I regret it all,
But I can’t turn back the clock,
And make the past different.

When I first saw you, you were beautiful to me,
My eyes opened up to see,
I started to hear,
And I no longer felt fear.
I’ve now forgotten my past,
And begun living in the future.

There is only one thing I can say at the moment,
And that is that I’m sorry for everything I’ve done.
I regret it all,
But I can’t turn back the clock,
And make the past different.

Now, you plan to leave for the unknown,
The Ebon Hawk has flown,
Leaving me on my own.
Will you come back?
I hope you do return,
Don’t dry up and burn,
Because you’ll make your scoundrel upset.
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Contest winner - Fan Fiction 
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Star Wars
The Sera Tana Saga - Short Fan Fiction Part IX: Apathy is Death

The tomb of LUDO KRESSH. A long forgotten tomb on KORRIBAN. It has been rediscovered by the JEDI EXILE, SERA TANA and her two companions, ATTON RAND and MICAL. With KREIA’s teachings echoing through Sera’s mind, Sera is to enter the tomb alone, taking three tests, showing her past and her future.

After completing two tests of her past, including joining REVAN and MALAK in the MANDALORIAN WARS and helping the REPUBLIC forces on DXUN, Sera is reunited with KREIA. But she has changed. In ways that the tomb might be responsible for…


Sera Tana, the Jedi Exile, walked through the sinister tomb of Ludo Kressh. She walked through the tomb. Sera opened the ancient door in front of her and saw a figure in the distance. Who was it? Sera wanted to find out. It couldn’t be any worse than the previous two visions she had experienced. Sera walked towards the figure and Sera knew who it was. Under the black hood of the figure’s robe, Sera could see that it was Kreia. Normally, Kreia was dressed in a brown robe and had white eyes. Now her eyes had become black. A common facial appearance in the dark side or so Sera thought. Kreia looked up and noticed her. She spoke immediately.

“You are to be commended for making it this far,” Kreia told Sera, “How do you feel?”

Okay, Sera thought, this is different to the other two visions. The last vision had Sera helping her old Republic forces attack the Mandalorians and the vision before that had Sera being recruited into the Mandalorian Wars.

“I don’t know Kreia,” Sera told her, “This tomb has… changed me and I’m not sure I like it. I want to leave this tomb as soon as…”

“Don’t worry,” Kreia told her, her voice now comforting, “The others and I will help you understand.”

Others? Like…

“Get away from her!” Atton’s voice shouted from behind both Sera and Kreia, “She’s a Dark Jedi.”

“What makes you say that?” Sera asked, playing along with the visions as she had done before.

Kreia ignited her Lightsaber and instead of her Lightsaber with a green blade, it was red. Red, the colour of the dark side, but Sera had met many Jedi who had used a red Lightsaber.

“Atton, I’ve had enough of your snide contempt!” Kreia shouted at Atton, threatening him with her Lightsaber.

Atton in turn ignited his Lightsaber, a yellow blade hummed to life, in tune with Kreia’s Lightsaber. Atton also threatened Kreia with his Lightsaber, but both of them kept their distance. Atton and Kreia were fighting and Sera was stuck in the middle. She had to stop them, before any of them did something stupid.

“Atton no,” Sera told him, “There is still hope for redemption. Many from the dark side have returned to the light. I mean, look at Revan.”

That didn’t work. The Iridonian, Bao-Dur entered the small room. He ignited his double-bladed blue Lightsaber.

“Stay out of this Bao-Dur!” Kreia warned, “This is a personal dispute between Atton and myself.”

Bao-Dur looked angry. As he stood next to Atton.

“You’re threatening Atton with a Lightsaber and I should just stay out of it?” Bao-Dur asked, before answering his own question, whispering, “No.”

As Kreia, Atton and Bao-Dur threatened each other with different flurries with their Lightsabers the utility droid, T3-M4 entered the room. He supported Atton and Bao-Dur, beeping his feelings on the matter.

“The three of you would challenge me?” Kreia asked, provoking Atton with her Lightsaber, before turning to Sera, “It is true, I have fallen to the dark side. You have but only two choices on this matter. Will you aid your one handed master against your companions, or will you stand with them to defeat me and complete all that I’ve trained you to learn.”

“I haven’t fallen to the dark side Kreia!” Sera told her, “I need to think on this.”

As Sera thought, two of her other companions entered the small room. The Miraluka, Visas Marr and Mical the Disciple. In turn, Visas ignited her red Lightsaber and Mical ignited his double-bladed green Lightsaber. Sera stood in the middle of all of her friends, trying to make her decision.

“Think again Kreia!” Atton shouted, “Your dark influence will come to an end.”

Sera ignited her Lightsaber, its blue blade lighting up the room, as the other Lightsabers had done.

“I…” She began, “It seems you all can’t work together any more and I’m no longer responsible for your actions. I stand alone.”

With those words, Kreia and the others glared at Sera.

“You refuse to side with anyone?” Kreia asked mockingly.

“You must choose a side,” Visas agreed.

“If you don’t choose a side, you’re no longer whole,” Mical continued.

“Meeting you was nothing but trouble,” Atton continued.

Sera stared at all of them.

“No,” She told them, “I’m not choosing a side and this tomb is messing with my mind. Now if any of you care about me, none of you should be fighting and help me in my quest to find the Jedi Masters.”

“You would choose apathy?” Kreia asked angrily, “Kill the apathy!”

“What did you say?” Sera asked, surprised at what she had said.

“Apathy is death,” Atton told her.

“Apathy is death,” Bao-Dur whispered.

T3 beeped the same thing, before the other companions continued.

“Apathy is death,” Mical warned her.

“Apathy is death,” Visas muttered.

“Kill the Apathy!” Kreia told them.

With those final words, everyone ran towards Sera. She was alone. Her companions had turned on her. The ones who had remained loyal to her, the ones who had helped her, the ones who had been honoured to be with her. Sera knew that killing her old friends would be the only way to escape the tomb. She wanted to leave the tomb as soon as possible. Sera used the Force to destroy T3, who disappeared. Sera turned towards the others. Their chanting became louder, echoing around the small room. Sera couldn’t escape the words, “Apathy is death”. Sera ducked as Bao-Dur tried to attack Sera. Dodging another attack from Bao-Dur, Sera immediately cut his legs off. Bao-Dur disappeared too. Two down, four to go. Sera rolled towards Mical, and beheaded him, who also disappeared. Visas raised her Lightsaber, ready to strike, but Sera immediately kicked her in the face, forcing her backwards. She disappeared too. Atton and Kreia were left. The tomb had influenced Sera to use the power of the dark side and she shot a bolt of lightning at Kreia, who didn’t block the attack and Sera killed Atton. Sera stood there, exhausted.


Sera had stood in the room for over an hour. She was devastated at what she had down to her friends. Why did she stand-alone? Had the power of the dark side taken her? Had the fact that her companions were threatening each other caused her to stand-alone? Or was it Kreia? Or was it the tomb itself? It was making her go insane. Sera knew that she had made a mistake. Coming to Korriban had been a mistake. The Jedi Master, Lonna Vash had been killed and she had learnt pointless lessons of the Sith. Sera sighed as she walked away.

“Consider yourself apathy Exile,” Kreia’s voice echoed in her head, but Sera turned around to see Kreia, “You are to be commended for making it this far.”

The entire vision had started itself off again. Would Sera ever leave the tomb of Ludo Kressh?

The End

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Contest winner - Fan Fiction 
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Star Wars
The Sera Tana Saga - Short Fan Fiction Part X: Joke’s on Me

The future is always set into motion. Or is it? Are KREIA’s teachings right? Or wrong? Learning the FORCE is very complex and learning of the future is also complicated.

After the civil war on ONDERON, prior to Kreia’s betrayal on DANTOOINE, on the EBON HAWK, Kreia teaches her current student, the JEDI EXILE, SERA TANA to see into a future. Looking into the future doesn’t mean that it will happen. They are shadows of possible events, as Sera will learn…


The Jedi Exile, Sera Tana, her master Kreia and Mandalore, leader of the Mandalorian Clan, Ordo arrived at the Ebon Hawk, which they had landed deep in the jungles of Dxun. Sera’s second trip to Onderon hadn’t been successful. Although she had managed to save Queen Talia from death and Master Kavar too. Atton Rand was already there waiting. He was waiting with Mical the Disciple and Mira. Mical, Mira and Mandalore got on board the Ebon Hawk, while Atton talked with Sera and Kreia.

“So how did your holiday in Onderon go?” Atton asked.

“Now, Onderon has only one leader,” Sera told him, “Queen Talia.”

“Well that’s good to hear,” Atton commented, “When two leaders are vying for power, it’s always the little guy who gets pushed around the most.”

“Let’s get going,” Sera told Atton, walking up the boarding ramp into the Ebon Hawk.

On the way back to Dxun, Kreia had told Sera that she had something to teach her. Something that was different to the other things Sera had learnt in the past. Sera was excited in a way. Despite her and Kreia’s different opinions of the Force and the galaxy, Sera still respected her wisdom.


Inside the port dormitory, Kreia sat down in a meditating position, Sera opposite. She also sat in the same position.

“Close your eyes,” Kreia told Sera, who immediately obeyed, “And listen only to my voice and nothing of the machinery of this vessel.”

Sera listened to Kreia’s words. She knew what Kreia was going to do. Kreia would go deep into her mind and show her the possible future. Whether it was good or bad, Sera had no idea. With Kreia’s help, Sera was learning how to read her companion’s minds. Sera’s thoughts were disturbed as her mind showed her the possible future.


In the distance, Sera noticed Darth Sion, fighting her companion, Atton Rand. Both red and yellow Lightsabers clashed with each other, as their wielders tried to find a weakness in each other. Sera couldn’t move. Sion had used the Force to stun her, yet Sera could still see what was happening. Atton’s grip on his Lightsaber was failing, as Sion broke Atton’s Lightsaber, with one swipe of his. Atton was left unarmed. There was no way he could win. Atton’s reaction to his Lightsaber being destroyed wasn’t quick enough and Sion forced his Lightsaber into Atton. As soon as Sera was released from her stun, she ran towards Atton and grabbed him. Atton’s eyes slowly opened and he was surprised to see Sera.

“You’re… alive!” Atton began, ailing in pain, “Did I save you yet?”

“Yes,” Sera told him, tears starting to pour down from her eyes.

“You’re eyes, that bad huh?” Atton asked, starting to cough, “Always was ugly. Now the outside matches.”

Sera wiped a tear from her eye before speaking again.

“What are you talking about?” Sera asked, confused.

Atton continued to cough, his coughs becoming more painful, but he was trying to stay alive as long as he could.

“Was waiting for this, but… not fair,” He continued, “Let you down, was supposed to save you. Tired of living anyway. Too many deaths. Never told you. Lied to you.”

“Atton?” Sera asked, hoping he would stay alive a while longer.

“I don’t want you to see me like this, I don’t want to die in front of you, can’t bear it,” Atton told her, knowing that what he was saying, was hard for Sera to understand, because of his condition, “Loved you from the moment, I saw you. Thought you were a dream, meant every word. Tried to play it off as a joke, wasn’t funny.”

Both Sera and Atton laughed, but Atton was coughing even more violently. The two of them stopped and Atton let his hand touch Sera’s face. It would be the last time the two of them would ever meet.

“Hurts when I laugh, hurts. You saved me. Joke’s on me. Hurts when I laugh, hurts…”

With those words, Atton died and Sera cried, alone.


Sera’s mind returned to normal and she didn’t speak. Kreia smiled at seeing her speechless.

“That can’t happen,” Sera told Kreia, breaking her silence, “I won’t it let it happen, I…”

“Hush,” Kreia interrupted, “There is something about you that has changed. You have feelings for the fool, don’t you?”

Kreia was right? But was she? Sera and Atton had always got along, ever since they had met on Peragus, a while ago. Sera felt that their relationship had grown stronger, since she had trained him in the ways of the Force, but, he couldn’t die. He seemed stronger than her, even under Kreia’s hating of him. Sera got up, sensing that they had landed on Dantooine. Sera sensed that the Jedi Masters had returned to Dantooine. She needed to hurry, since she didn't want to keep them waiting all day.

The fool will suffer, Kreia thought, as Sera left the dormitory.

The End

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Contest winner - Fan Fiction 
Star Wars
The Sera Tana Saga - Short Fan Fiction Part XI: The Wanderer

“Safe journey exile,” Admiral Carth Onasi muttered as I left his office.

I knew where I had to go now. It was the place I once fought on and the one place I had to destroy. The echoes in the Force had to be stopped and Malachor V was the planet causing it. The Telos Citadel Station was safer now, after Darth Nihilus’ attack on the station, but I wondered if Telos would be attacked again. Atris had given the information of the last of the Jedi’s whereabouts to the Sith. However, these Sith weren’t the same Sith who had been trained under Nihilus. No, these Sith were assassins that I had never fought before. None of them had wielded lightsabers before and none of them used the Force. They had been hunting me, stalking me like an over crazed Wookiee. They have been doing that since my adventure on the mining facility near Peragus.

As I entered the hangar, my closest companion, Atton Rand stood waiting for me. He had been there for me, since our first meeting with each other on Peragus. I wanted to ignore him and get Malachor over with, but I knew Atton would ask about what had happened with the admiral.

“Hey beautiful,” Atton began, as I entered the Ebon Hawk, “How was the meeting with the admiral?”

I looked at him, but didn’t give him an answer. Something told me that I wouldn’t see Atton or any of my friends ever again. I never liked the fact that they were all loyal to me, but all my companions hated each other, for reasons unknown. According to my master Kreia, I was a leader to them, but I wondered if this new leadership had brought a curse to my friends. Similar things happened in the Mandalorian Wars, but at least they wouldn’t suck up for my attention.


Inside the Ebon Hawk, I walked past all my companions. None of them tried to speak to me, since they all knew that I wasn’t in the mood to talk. Malachor wasn’t too far away, but I wondered what Malachor had become. When the Mass Shadow Generator was activated, I was horrified at the sight of Malachor defeating all life on the planet. I felt lucky to have survived that battle, but I had to live with the many deaths of my former Jedi brothers and sisters. It had pained me for years and I knew that this final battle would get rid of the scars of war.

Extra Information - Coming Soon

The Sera Tana Saga

PreKOTOR- interim between KOTOR and TSL: Short pieces linked to an as yet unfinished five part Saga.

Topsite has been reviewed before and has been handled harshly at times, but bounces back. There are wording problems ‘waited’ instead of waiting, but everything I saw was something that could be corrected by merely editing and polishing. Those who might have read my first excerpt posting from my off-SW Mirror of My love will note that Jae told me I had used you’re instead of your, and it took me a week to find it even knowing where it was!

Good work.

for info as trivial as this, just edit your previous post instead of double posting especially when the new information is posted less than an hour after the last post. thank you. ~stingerhs

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