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Thread: Chapter 6.8 - Biggest update yet (Due Tuesday 10th)
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Chapter 6.8 - Biggest update yet (Due Tuesday 10th)

Here are the update notes for TCPrime.


/follow can only be used on player characters
/assist now takes an optional parameter for the name of the character to /assist, so you no longer have to target the character you want to /assist. /assist without any parameter still works as usual, which is to /assist the character you have targeted
Different classes now get different stats, rather then everyone getting 90 or 0 in everything
Wookiee Shoulder Pads now use the left shoulder slot
Players can now join groups if they are in stealth
Added purple color to the Mandalorian color palette
Altered Force Melon to act as a healing stim item
Imperial Battle and Imperial Super Battle Droids found patrolling Theed will no longer attack Rebels on Leave
Updated descriptions of Dread Strike and Advanced Ambush
Added a check to see if a player was mounted when trying to place a camp
Players must now be within range of the creature they wish to start milking
You must now be within 10m of a lair in order to search it
Monster AI will no longer ignore players with more than 10 levels difference between them
Added stat change notifications as a player gains levels
Aqualish vendors can no longer wear hats which were causing their heads to disappear
Old loot crates that cannot be opened have been removed
Instant Travel Vehicle (all factions) no longer gives "Purchase Ticket" option if player is attempting to use while dead.
Rebel Twi'leks can now see their lekku when equipping the Grey Spec Ops Armor Helmet
Fixed an issue where the cooldown timer would appear to stop for a factional period of time and then resume
Synapse Focus Crystal can no longer be used without a bio-link and cannot be used by anyone else but the bio-link player
Trandoshans can now wear Rebel Assault Forest Camouflage Gloves
AT-STs no longer drop creature body parts
Wookiee vendors can now wear the Padawan robe
Fixed an issue that made Jedi unable to wear dynamically created Jedi-only armor clothing
Characters now only receive "LEVEL UP" special effects when the character levels up
Altered the icon for the Cure Affliction immunity buff so it matches the icon for the command button
'Structure Status' on player structures will now show the structure's maximum storage capacity
Crystal Buff will be removed when you exit the Obi-Wan instance
Loot schematics should no longer give player the "Learn Schematic" radial if not in a player inventory
Increased datapad limits to 105
Added Remote Player Association Access Devices to all players' datapads
Holopet emitters can now be manipulated by players in the structure admin list
Holopet emitters can no longer be manipulated in a player inventory and must be in a valid player structure to be turned on or off, receive Holopet sisks, and to name Holopets
You can now specify a file name to edit using the /notepad command. The .txt extension will be automatically appended to the file name you specify. The name of the current /notepad file will be displayed in the window title of the /notepad window
Attempting to start a duel while dead is no longer possible
Leaving a Cloning Facility before accepting the cloning bind location no longer takes your money and does not bind you; you will be notified that you are at a bad location

Increased the experience and credits given as a reward for the repeatable Azure Cabal quests
Dulok villages on Endor have had Duloks added to them
Dantooine villages have had spawns added to them
Huff Darklighter now gives his quest
Tusken junktown mobs spawn no longer inside of world building objects
Disabled Igbi Freemo's static quest
Lok Herald: NPC Talia v' laenya no longer gives a pointer waypoint if you already have it
Reduced the respawn rate at the Warren on Dantooine
Blistmok, Xandank, and Tulrus quests will now give a SUI to confirm quest grant
If Blistmok Heart and Xandank Jaw quest items are not in the player's inventory, these will not give the quest
Fixed an issue where Imperials received two battle droids instead of the expected single droid when opening items; this fix reduces the spawn to one
Fixed an issue causing some NPC city patrols to get stuck
The hotels in Narmle no longer block people from being able to speak with the event promoter or Sindra
Fate of the Galaxy III: When player dies and thus fails, the quest could still be completed when the dungeon reset; that will no longer happen
Rancor, pygmy rancor, rancor youth are now normal Creatures; other rancor types are elites
The Mouf Roarlord bet quest now appears in the quest journal
When the 'Mining Communication Console' is used in the Mensix Mining Facility, it now gives a message when not on the quest
Tatooine: Runaways: The character no longer receives the pain bolts when the quest is not accepted via the quest acceptance window
"Darklighter Cache" can now be retaken by both Rebel and Imperial characters if you fail or delete it
"Cyrans the Unfeeling and the Sayormi Queen" now correctly gives the Prayer Mobile as the quest reward
PvE Combat:

Missions from combat and bounty hunter terminals are now capped at level 90
Most over-land world spawn mobs are now capped at level 90
Most elite mobs on non-adventure planets have been downgraded to "normal"
Most faction base and "crackdown" factional/Galactic Civil War elite mobs have been downgraded to "normal"
Some mobs on adventure planets have had their levels increased and/or elite/boss status changed
The bonus and reduction in damage from a critical or glancing hit will now include any applicable bonus special attack damage
A stealthed player can no longer keep any AI in a combat state
Corrected a problem that prevented the activation of some non-targeted abilities (such as Tactics, Reckless Stimulation, and Environmental Purge) with a corpse is targeted and in auto-aim mode
The melee damage bonus from strength will now apply to lightsaber weapons
All reactive health heals are now on a shared cooldown group. Abilities modified are the Entertainer Build-a-buff reactive heal, the Static Base Reactive Health Stim and the GCW Officer Unstoppable ability
The reactive heal cooldown timer has been increased to 3 seconds from 0
Reactive heals will no longer break stealth effects

Items in the stockroom from a vendor offer purchase (because your inventory was full at the time you purchased the vendor offer) cannot be relisted using the "Relist Item" action because these items have never had a merchant specified sell price. A message will be displayed when you use "Relist Item" and some of the selected items are from vendor offer purchase. Only the selected items that are not from vendor offer purchase will be relisted. You must select the "Sell Item" action on these vendor offer purchase items to specify a sell price for the items. The Sell window will display the offer price as the default price. This behavior only applies to new vendor offer items from this point on. It is not retroactive to existing vendor offer items or existing stockroom items from vendor offer purchase
For convenience, the stockroom list window now displays the price of the items
Treasure Maps:

Jedi Council Member Treasure Hunters in groups of 8 have a chance of receiving new rare loot items
Jedi Council Member Treasure Hunters in groups of 8 spawn a Boss. Good luck.
Jedi Council Member Treasure Hunters in groups of 4 or more get an additional treasure chest items with a higher percentage of rare drops
Treasure maps will no longer lead a player to Endor or Yavin 4
Treasure Guardians now patrol around instead of staying in one location after the chest is extracted
Treasure chests will now spawn at the player location instead of the exact waypoint location
The treasure map is no longer unusable if the treasure waypoint is deleted

Changing a mount control device's name in your datapad will no longer incorrectly rename a mount called from another control device
The pet feed command has been removed for mounts

Space escorts guarding freighters and other transports should act accordingly when the player threat approaches
The droid interface can modify a reactor's power lower than the required power by the ship's components. This caused the droid interface to go offline and not allow the pilot to reset the command. Now, when using a droid interface, if the interface goes offline it will reset all the ship's components it has modified
Repairing a ship resets components modified by a droid interface
Launching a space ship will now remove any stealth effects from the player

Travel tickets can now be purchased while in stealth mode
The forage command can now be used in stealth mode

Working Droid Factory: Aurek and Besh now have unique encounter elements
Working Droid Factory: The time limit to kill both Aurek and Besh is reduced to 15 seconds from 30
Updated the HP and damage values for the volcano crater encounter on Mustafar

Reduced arachnid spawn in northeast Talus

Some spawns have been modified to spawn the planet's level range, instead of a level range too low or too high for the planet

Level ranges for dynamic spawner and hunting missions have been altered. Missions for hunting can only be offered from terminals of your corresponding level:
Tatooine 1-30
Naboo, Corelia 20-40
Rori, Talus 40-60
Dantooine, Lok 50-70
Yavin, Endor 70-90
Dathomir 80-90
Player Cities:

The sales tax from vendor sales should now correctly go to the city's treasury
Changed the system message for time remaining to declare on your house again to be more accurate
Adding someone to the militia no longer makes the auto-vote for the mayor

Rodian females may now equip items with the "Healer's Robe" appearance
Trandoshans may now equip most gender appropriate clothing and armor gloves, boots, and shoes, but these will NOT appear visibly on the character

/tellpet command now works with single-letter pet names
Added a fix to keep stealth actions from being used while calling a companion
The buff icons for Shaken and Enfeeble will now show the correct values
Naming a beast with spaces in the title will cause the name to become invalid and be removed; it is no longer possible to name a pet with spaces, tabs, and new lines or carriage returns
Beasts should not attack PvP targets while in passive mode on their own
Droids now can be called indoors and in private houses

Elite and Boss NPCs will no longer drop "Junk Dealer" type items
Junk Dealer loot drops, particularly those used in Reverse Engineering, have been redistributed; there should be fewer ultra-rare and ultra-common junk loot drops
A wider variety of junk loot will drop from NPCs of all levels
Low and medium level Jedi robes, color crystals, and lower powered lightsaber crystals now drop from regular NPCs


A storyteller prop may no longer be moved horizontally to a location where it would be higher above the ground that it could be moved vertically
Storyteller NPCs will only assist against other storyteller NPCs from the same story

The instant travel command now only calls an instant travel vehicle for 1 minute instead of 5 minutes to reduce clutter

If you have reached the maximum level (10) you will no longer receive fly text or experience until you leave the station
Galactic Civil War:

Factional comm link NPCs can only attack and be attacked by opposing special forces player or opposing comm link NPCs

Non-special forces bases cannot have turrets donated to them during their invulnerability phase
Food and Drink:

All foods and drinks will now overwrite each other to allow you to quickly switch between which food buffs you wish to be active at the time
The following food buff effects have been updated:
Travel Biscuit: Adds agility and run speed boost
Accarragm: Adds sgility and run speed boost
Flameout: Adds constitution, strikethrough chance, and strikethrough value
Breath of Heaven: Adds constitution and dodge chance
Thaktillo: Adds constitution and parry chance
Vercupti of Agazza Boleruuee: Adds constitution, evasion chance, and evasion value
Deneelian Fizz Pudding: Adds constitution, block chance, and block value
Junk Dealers:

Junk Dealers will now more accurately display the name of the items to buy
No Trade items will no longer appear in the list of items to be sold to a Junk Dealer

Audience members will automatically stop watching/listening to you when you stop dancing/playing
Entertainers now receive a message when another player pays a cover charge
Typing /stopdance no longer generates two system messages
Entertainer missions now say to perform inside of the cantina
Bounty Hunter:

Seeker droids no longer update a waypoint on targets that are in stealth mode
Arakyd Droids will attempt to travel to the player after they land
Seeker Droid will provide more feedback via system messages
Both Arakyd and Seeker droids will now fly away when given data
The cooldown on the Shields expertise has been reduced to three minutes
The debuff applied by the Advanced Assault expertise line now also reduces the target's armor
Dread Strike expertise now reduces the target's ability to heal
Power Assisted Sprint expertise now removes/prevents snaring effects
You can no longer use BH shields while prone

Shirts can now be worn under various Jedi robes
The buff "Saber Block" will no longer be removed when a Jedi switches weapons; the benefit from "Saber Block" will only apply if a lightsaber is equipped
Lightsabers may now be crafted with a socket for use with Skill Enhancing attachments. Like the crafting of other weapons, the chance for creating a lightsaber with a socket is based upon the Jedi's lightsaber assembly skill
Force Shockwave fixed to display the correct particle and animation for the special attack with double-bladed light sabers
Jedi color crystals, damage crystals, pearls, and other rare components can no longer be tuned unless they are in a Jedi's player inventory
Force Run description updated to "Force Run: This level 18 ability increases your run speed for a short duration and removes most snare or root effects currently affecting you." Force Run also attempts to grant you immunity to further snares or roots while active

The expertise "Glancing Armor" has been renamed "Balanced Armor
The expertise "Balanced Armor" improves chance to dodge by 2% and 5%; changed from improves chance to receive a glancing by 2% / 4%
The expertise ability "Avoid Damage" improves chance to dodge by 50%; changed from improves chance to receive a glancing blow by 50%
The expertise "Quiet Steps" reduces the targets chance to block, dodge or parry attacks by 2% / 5% attacks made out of stealth; changed from improves Camouflage skill by 15 / 30 points
Flashbang Grenade changed to 6% strikethrough vulnerability and 15% glancing blow vulnerability from -80 agility
Flashbang Grenade debuff duration lowered to 10 seconds from 20 seconds
Flashbang Grenade re-use increased to 20 seconds from 7 seconds
The expertise "Decoy" now creates a simulacrum of the spy that will draw attacks from aggressors; changed from "Applies a 10% glancing blow vulnerability to the target for 8 seconds"
The expertise "Diversion" rank 1 will apply a flanking debuff for +15% critical hit vulnerability to any targets attacking the spy's decoy; changed from "Increases duration of decoy by 2 seconds"
The expertise "Diversion" rank 2 will put the spy in a short duration stealth; changed from "Increases duration of decoy by 2 seconds"
Reduced Action Cost for: Stealth, Smoke Bomb, Reveal Shadows, Decoy, Burst of Shadows, Preparation, Run its Course and Avoid Damage
Kamino Dart Trap and Caltrop Trap blast radius examine data was corrected
Firing a flamethrower with no target will bring you out of stealth


Reverse Engineering (Ground)

Power bits will prefix their power value to them (e.g., +15 1st Order Power Bit
Modifier Bits will now prefix their modifier (e.g., Agility Modifier Bit
Power-ups will prefix their modifier (e.g., Agility Armor Powerup)
SEAs will prefix their modifier (e.g., Agility Armor Attachment)
The difficulty of Iterative Reverse Engineering (or re-reverse engineering) is now scaled based upon the +Power of the mod. It is now much easier to get a +1 increase in power when Reverse Engineering crafted items with stats when the stat is low. As you iterate on it and raise the value of the power bit, the difficulty approaches what it was previously as it nears the +35 cap
Domestic Goods

Crafted containers can now be named; this only applies to newly crafted containers
Removed mention of any specific effects from static food descriptions; these are covered in the "effects" examine information
Removed references in food descriptions to effects that no longer apply
Altered text description of Fitness Drink to reflect what it really buffs
Pastebread has been removed as a subcomponent from the Cavaellin Creams draft schematic

The Gungan Head statue is now available at level 86
Master Structure Traders can now craft Guild Data-Screen Cartridges; these cartridges are used to change the screen appearance for your Player Association Data-Screens
Elite Efficiency Moisture Vaporators now require 2 advanced Turbo Fluidic drills; this change makes the vaporators actually extract and hold at the elite rate

Armor boots, gloves, belts and other miscellaneous pieces may now be crafted with sockets like other pieces of armor.
Rocket Launcher schematic categorized as a Special Heavy Weapon instead of Rifle when found in crafting tool
Furniture Customization:

As part of a growing movement across the galaxy, structure traders have discovered they can now colorize a wide variety of furniture. They should now receive 255 total furniture customization spread across their levels. Added support to hue the following furniture pieces:
End tables
Love Seat
Elegant Chair
Elegant Bookcase
Elegant Armoire
Small Couch
Large Couch and Ottoman
Upholstered Chair
Reclining Chair
Metal Chair
Metal Wheeled Chair
Large Bed
Small Bed
Kitchen Chair
Love Seat
Player Associations:

With the remote player association access devices you can perform all guild functions except creation and leadership transfer; you no longer have to be near the other player to do these functions. To sponsor someone, the player has to be online. To transfer leadership, you still have to be within 20 meters of each other
Player association voting has been temporarily disabled; this is due to bugs and errors in its logic
Player association halls can no longer be automatically transferred to the leader of the player association. If you want to transfer use the normal methods
Updated Player List UI
The UI will now list in groups of 25. At the bottom of each list there will be a red NEXT entry. Clicking that entry will update the UI to the next 25 members in your player association. If there is not another page, the NEXT button will not display
Added New "Back" button to the bottom of the UI. It resides between the OK and Cancel buttons. Clicking it will allow you to go back one page on your members list
These changes will allow you to edit any member of your guild; you will no longer be constrained by the 50 member limit
Structure traders are now granted a schematic for a guild registry device
This device can then be used by a player not in a player association to create a player association
Once a player association is created, the device is destroyed and a player association display screen is added
This screen is decoration for housing; the player association leader is owner for it and it is No Trade
When examined, it will give information about your player association
When it is destroyed, the guild leader has the option to create a new one
Player association terminals no longer spawn in player association halls or the Mustafarian bunker
Player association leaders are able to set permissions on any member whether they are online or not
Added functionality for guild screen to destroy and allow new leaders to create one
Players can filter how you want to show your guild member names
By Permissions
By Titles
By Name (you input the name you are looking for
Added several new commands
-guildShowAlpha (shows member names in alphabetical order)
-guildShowTitle (shows all titles so you can search for member by title)
-guildShowPermission (shows all permissions so you can search by permissions)
-guildShowName (gives an input box to allow for searching through guild member names by what you type in)
-guildInfo (shows the guild info, same function that is on terminal)
-guildSponsor (allows you to sponsor someone, same functionality as on the terminal)
-guildChangeName (allows you to change the guild's name, same functionality as on terminal)
-guildDisband (allows you to disband the guild, same functionality as on terminal)
/guildShow will still display the list of filters you can use
Also added /guildShow to take arguments as an alternative to using the full slash command; for example, /guildShow alpha will show by alphabet
Player association UIs only allow one UI at a time; this is to fix potential errors with having multiple UIs out at once
New cartridges crafted by structure traders can be used to change your Player Associations Data-Screens. Cartridges are loaded by the player association leader via the radial menu while it is in their inventory
Changed Guild Manipulation windows to close if a new window is requested via the remote device or slash command. For example, if you are giving permission to member A and then decide you want to sponsor someone, you can just type /guildSponsor and the old permissions UI will close and the sponsor UI will open
Racial/Class Statistics:

The various races and classes should gain bonus stat values over time as they level. Level 90 values are shown below.

Smuggler Base Statistics
+120 Luck
+20 Precision
+20 Strength
+70 Constitution
+30 Stamina
+100 Agility

Officer Base Statistics
+20 Luck
+70 Precision
+50 Strength
+80 Constitution
+80 Stamina
+60 Agility

Commando Base Statistics
+60 Luck
+120 Precision
+120 Strength
+60 Constitution
+0 Stamina
+0 Agility

Jedi Base Statistics
+30 Luck
+30 Precision
+100 Strength
+40 Constitution
+40 Stamina
+120 Agility

Spy Base Statistics
+40 Luck
+50 Precision
+50 Strength
+80 Constitution
+40 Stamina
+100 Agility

Medic Base Statistics
+80 Luck
+50 Precision
+50 Strength
+60 Constitution
+120 Stamina
+0 Agility

Entertainer Base Statistics
+80 Luck
+0 Precision
+0 Strength
+40 Constitution
+120 Stamina
+120 Agility

Bounty Hunter Base Statistics
+20 Luck
+60 Precision
+40 Strength
+80 Constitution
+80 Stamina
+80 Agility

Trader Base Statistics
+90 Luck
+90 Precision
+90 Strength
+90 Agility
+0 Constitution
+0 Stamina

Human Statistics
+50 Precision
+50 Strength
+50 Stamina
+50 Agility

Wookiee Statistics
+10 Precision
+85 Strength
+85 Constitution
+40 Stamina

Rodian Statistics
+80 Precision
+20 Stamina
+80 Agility
+20 Luck

Bothan Statistics
+65 Precision
+25 Constitution
+50 Agility
+60 Luck

Mon Calamari Statistics
+60 Precision
+40 Constitution
+60 Stamina
+40 Luck

Trandoshan Statistics
+50 Strength
+65 Constitution
+65 Stamina
+20 Agility

Twi'lek Statistics
+40 Precision
+60 Stamina
+60 Agility
+40 Luck

Zabrak Statistics
+50 Precision
+50 Strength
+50 Constitution
+50 Agility

Ithorian Statistics
+40 Precision
+60 Strength
+70 Stamina
+30 Luck

Sullustan Statistics
+40 Strength
+60 Constitution
+60 Agility
+40 Luck
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is it really due today or was that just the vendor unpackingthing?

"Without strife, the victory has no meaning. Without strife, one does not advance. Without strife, there is only stagnation."
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vendor unpack thing. My bad! lol 6.7 came first
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probably be next week anyway.....least i get 2 days off of work to fully enjoy it!!!

"Without strife, the victory has no meaning. Without strife, one does not advance. Without strife, there is only stagnation."
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I am a trader and me colourizing my furniture brings a smile to my face

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Suggest this thread
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looks like they're taking their time with this one! I'm glad though. I cannot wait to get a better pair of gloves (currently have the neat microsensory bossk awarded gloves), the crafted ones will be better. (I'm a Trandoshan, so this is GREAT!) also i'll be able to equip some boots.

"Without strife, the victory has no meaning. Without strife, one does not advance. Without strife, there is only stagnation."
―Yuthura Ban
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