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Thread: Realms of Deregor
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Realms of Deregor

The World

Deregor. It's a beautiful continent right in the middle of two great oceans. It is unknown to the races of Deregor what lies beyond those great bodies of water, but legends have it that beings now only remembered in fairytales and old wives' tales live there, condemned to exile by the Kings of Old. The world has been split into five kingdoms:

Antalies is the island chain kingdom. It is inhabited mainly by merfolk and humans but other races can be found in small quantities as well. It is a peaceful paradise with a thriving culture that anyone can enjoy as long as they get past the pirate-infested waters.

Yoros is a cold and mountainous place. The prominent races there are Dwarves, trolls and mountain elves, even if it is slowly becoming infested with more darker things that are coming from the Subterra like dark elves. The dwarves have recently been digging too far and have woken the sleeping Dragons with possibly huge treasures within their caves.

Ragrand is mostly desert, steppe and barren wilderness. You can't really call it a kingdom, as it is filled with tribes of orcs, barbarians and such. The cities are habited by outcasts, exiles and bandits who wish to have places to belong to instead of joining the mobile tribes. Recently, taking the kingdom of Meregond has been weakened by infighting, the tribes have started to flow through the border.

Meregond is the divided land. The elves, centaurs and ents have given the humans the right to govern over the kingdom but now it is time for a revolution. The human settlements are roughly all on the plains and hills while the elves are in the forests. The ents and centaurs are thus far neutral on this revolution, but both elves and humans are calling for aid from their own likes in the other kingdoms.

Hortos is a magical kingdom. It's government is formed by a council of wizards, mages and sorcerers and it is filled with folk of all kind within it's borders. The borders are guarded by a magical barrier which lets only the magically potent in right away and with few exceptions to those who are not. But even it is being slowly overrun by evil creatures as the mountainside is filled with caverns that lead to the Subterra.

Subterra is the source of most evil creatures in the world. It is chaos all year round with tribal and family feuds exploding into battles regularly. Dark elves, trolls and many more creatures of the dark are finding their way up from the underworld and to the light.

The Story

The otherwise peaceful Kingdom of Meregond is crumbling. The Humans who have been in charge since the formation of the Kingdom have been deemed unable to rule over the affairs of the forest creatures. A rebellion is brewing and the elves are equipping for war against the humans while the Centaurs and Ents watch from the sideline on which side to ally themselves to. Two ships already sail towards the island chain that houses the Kingdom of Antalies. one from the elves to seek help from the Merfolk and the other from humans to humans, seeking aid in the rebellion. will the ships arrive safely or shalt they be destroyed by pirates?

The tribes within Ragrand who have found the borders of Meregond to be less densely guarded than before are taking this to their advantage. The Orcs, Dark Elves and Barbarian tribes who before had no place in the barren wasteland have now slipped past the border and into the plains of the Centaurs, unleashing a war upon them for space to settle themselves.

Meanwhile, within the depths of the mountainsides of Yoros, terror is not far. The Dwarves are digging too far to find their riches and are about to unleash a great danger. For the last seven centuries a dragon has rested deep within a cave that's entrance since has been caved in. The Mages are aware of this threat and is attempting to gather a group of warriors for the trip to slay the dragon before it is too late for the people of Yoros.

You find yourself now sitting in an INN for one reason or another in the town of Eregoth. What is your future? What is your past? Why is present such that it now is?

What is this RP about?

This roleplay is meant to be very free-form and give the characters the power to set their own goals. There is no main plot here, but I give you the background and the lay of the land before the roleplay begins. If there are many people who wish to take another path than the others, there is the possibility of a second thread for them if a lot of people are interested in joining.

For example, the characters have to make such choices as to either go and find a treasure beyond a very rocky and difficult road or join a war and engage enemies in massive, epic battles. The plan is that whichever path they choose, the other path still stays there. If the group choose to head for the treasure, news may come from the battlefield about one or the other kingdom crumbling under the other's forces or that a new threat is forming in some other part of the world, which may even split the group completely or make them engage side quests

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