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Thread: MC: AOTE: Fraught With Disappointment
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Looking over at Jeez, Ryshana then said, "Well, it might be worth a try."

"Wait, what? You can't be serious," Jeez replied incredulously.

"Yes, I'm being serious. It can't hurt, and its not like they couldn't take us without a fight," Ryshana returned.

Shaking his head, Jeez said, "Something isn't right here. The Darkside is clouding too much for you to step out on a limb like that. Stay here, and we'll think of something."

""Think of something"? Haven't you done enough of that already?" Ryshana stated bluntly. "We're in a tight spot right now because you wanted to come out guns blazing, remember?"

"Hey, I didn't hear anybody offering any alternatives. What's wrong with my plan anyway? We did manage to fight them to a standstill despite being outnumbered and outgunned. This lull in the fighting doesn't benefit us as much as it does them," Jeez returned.

"Yeah, but what about us just ending the fighting altogether? That's a much better alternative in my book," Ryshana replied as she was becoming increasingly agitated.

"No, its not. We try to end this fight by negotiation, and what do we have to bring to the table? We have a couple of weapons and the clothes on our backs. We have an empty side deck, and they haven't even touched theirs. If we don't press the attack, we're finished here, and I'm not going back down there."

Sighing in frustration, Ryshana turned away for a moment while Beryl just stood between them in a bit of shock.

"Look, I just want to give it a try, OK?" Ryshana said without looking over at Jeez. "Whether you like it or not, we don't have much to lose here, so I'm going."

Moving past Jeez and Beryl to the left, Jeez rolled his eyes. "Ryshana-"

"I don't want to hear it, Jeez. We're not having a repeat of last time," Ryshana stated as she turned to look at him. Smiling for a moment, she then reassuringly said, "Its all going to be OK in the end."

Grabbing her by the hand, Jeez did his best to return the smile as he gave her a soft squeeze. "Alright, go give it a try," Jeez said as he gave in at last.

With one last squeeze, Ryshana let go of Jeez's hand and started to walk around the the freighter. Suddenly, Jeez's heart sank as he felt something stir in the Force. "Ryshana wait!!" he yelled out.

Turning the corner to see what Jeez was fussing about, a blaster suddenly fired from the other side of the hangar. Connecting with Ryshana's head, the twi'lek slumped onto the ground. In an instant, Jeez could feel Ryshana's life become one with the Force. Ryshana was dead.

As Jeez stared at Ryshana's lifeless body, he suddenly felt weak, and he dropped to his knees. For the second time in his life, Jeez could feel a piece of himself die in the Force. It was such a strange thing to feel a part of yourself to just die, and Jeez could hardly believe it. At the same time, Jeez could feel something else come to life inside of him.

"The rest of your "lousy" friends will share the same fate if you keep this up, Beryl. Its your move yet again," the Admiral stated calmly as he brought his pistol back down to his side even as the barrel still steamed a bit from the shot.

Before Beryl could reply, Jeez stood up and turned around to look at Beryl. In a state of shock, Jeez could feel her rising anger. "There's no need to get angry. Its time for me to finish this," Jeez stated calmly.

Holstering his lightsaber on his belt, Jeez then yelled out, "As you wish, Admiral. You want to leave us with no way out, then so be it."

"I'll make my own way," Jeez added softly at the end as he could feel himself filling with resolve. Concentrating on the freighter, Jeez closed his eyes as he reached out his hands towards the freighter. A creaking sound could be heard from underneath the freighter, and Beryl backed away from the freighter cautiously. Then, the freighter began to move upwards. It moved slowly, and soon there was about a foot tall gap between the floor and the heavy freighter. "You want to play things that way, then lets play by mine," Jeez stated under his breath.

Heaving forward, the freighter suddenly flew straight towards the other end of the hangar. The E-Webs and the Riot troopers manning them were instantly crushed by the massive wrecked hulk, and the freighter quickly moved straight towards Admiral Quitaan. As the Admiral dove out of the way, Jeez used the Force to pull the pistol out of his grip.

"I think you've done enough here, Admiral," Jeez stated as he looked sharply at him. Holding the pistol in midair in front of him, it slowly began to deform as Jeez crushed it with the Force. Dropping it, Jeez then walked over to Ryshana's corpse and knelt down in front of it.

Studying her, he ran his hand lightly across her face. Feeling the fading warmth of her body, Jeez closed his eyes and then said, "I will mourn for you. Just not today." Reaching down, he picked up her corpse and cradled Ryshana in his arms. Turning around to face the opposite end of the hangar, Jeez began to walk slowly in that direction.

"What are you waiting for? Kill him!!" the Admiral shouted to the remaining Troopers. As they peered out of their cover and started to take aim at Jeez, their weapons suddenly shot out from their hands. Floating in front of them, the weapons started to deform as the Admiral's had. Looking over at Jeez, he had stopped walking forward and was instead standing still with his eyes closed in concentration.

One by one, the destroyed weapons clanked to the ground, and as the last one fell, Jeez opened his eyes and continued to walk down to the end of the hangar as he cradled the lifeless body of a person that he had greatly loved.

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