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Thread: Are Africans less smart?
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Intelligence itself is a subjective concept. That's why IQ tests are culturally specific.
Came across this great piece on the subject of Watson's statement that pointed out that in 1869, Darwin's cousing Francis Galton wrote that he felt:
" '... as a savage would feel in England'; he felt scared and alone. His scientific instruments, however, imposed a rational order onto an unknown place. They comforted him and made him feel in control. His hosts might have felt differently. Many cultures more readily embrace mystery and would view Galton's feeble attempts to order nature as itself a senseless endeavour. Intelligence, like science, is local and cultural." (Cite: http://www.expressnews.ualberta.ca/article.cfm?id=8858)

How in the world can intelligence be classified racially, if it can't even be classified culturally? What a load of bantha droppings...

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Originally Posted by Samuel Dravis
This is an interesting point, because if we're just interested in seeing who is roughly equal in problem-solving, we don't really have to quantify intelligence. Just give the same problem to people of equivalent backgrounds, and if the results are not equal then there'd be a clear difference in ability. Of course, intelligence is usually said to be a combination of mental activities, including problem solving, so we have to be careful to avoid conflating terms (i.e., intelligence does not only mean problem solving, but also means the totality of memory, perception, problem solving, etc). In order for Dr. Watson to prove his statement, he'd have to show that these faculties are in general less responsive in blacks than other racial groups - something that seems rather difficult, and most likely false.
Ah but then we have to take the external factors into account. Two people could be roughly of the same background but lets say that education was effected. One had the opportunities and one declared a washout but both are smart or intelligent in all sense of the word. Like I said intelligence cannot be accurately measured. Heck someone could be playing the part of the idiot but put up a facade, sort of like Queer theory which is the precendence that we do not identify with one particular group but multiple groups.

Originally Posted by Samuel Dravis
I think the problem with the method the Doctor uses is that he pretty much ignores the external factors that would skew the results. This is kind of strange for a scientist, who should be on guard for this sort of thing all the time, and makes me think he wanted his conclusion more than he wanted understanding.

I do agree with your other points, JM.
A priori assumptions such as that are why I brought up Broca and the craniometry problem. They thought that big brains were the key to intelligence and mor convulted but when it didn't turn out that way, Broca made his clauses that makes it seem like he was never wrong. A good scientist would realize that concerning things like intelligence and human nature for that matter, there are never going to be the perfect results that a natural science experiment would have. All the tehories are based on a broad generalization that repeat but admits that it doesn't apply to everyone. Again with my Queer theory bit.

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