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Thread: MC: AOTE: Brothers in Arms
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Back on Fondor

"Turrets at 10 o' clock!!" Blue yelled out as he dove for cover. Almost immediately, red blaster bolts began impacting where he previously stood. Diving for cover as well, Jeez hid behind a corner in the hallway while he caught sight of Blue wedged up in a recess in a wall where a door was located behind him.

"Blue, try and get that door open," Jeez ordered as he peered around the corner. Up ahead just past where Blue was hiding there was a wide open room. It looked like a conference room of some kind with a long table that had at least 20 chairs tucked in under it. In the middle, Jeez could see a holographic projector, and then, Jeez got an idea. Using the Force, Jeez activated the projector from a distance.

In the middle of the table, a ghost-like image of Count Dooku appeared, and it began speaking about something or another. Jeez didn't really bother to notice as blaster bolts suddenly began flying everywhere. Jeez was quick to notice, however, that the bolts were intersecting with the hologram which meant one thing: the hologram was confusing the targeting computers for the turrets.

"The door is open," Blue stated over the com. "Looks like its just a storage closet."

"Nevermind the door, Blue. On my mark, get ready to take out those turrets. No sparkers," Jeez ordered as he made reference in the last part to the EMP grenades that were attached to Blue's belt.

"Yes sir, awaiting your signal," Blue responded as he prepared to turn the corner. Ahead, the hologram was beginning to flicker as the projector struggled to produce the correct image with all the blaster bolts flying through it. Finally, though, the projector cut off and shot sparks everywhere as it overloaded.

"Mark!" Jeez yelled out as he quickly turned the corner. Sighting the blaster turret through the sights on his rifle, Jeez shot off a burst of fire from his DC-17. All of his round impacted on the turret which burned a number of circuits. It wasn't enough, though, and a hail of blaster fire shot out in Jeez's direction. Diving for cover behind the conference table, several blaster bolts pinged off his shields before Jeez landed where he had wanted to land.

A number of blaster bolts still sounded out, and Jeez caught sight of Blue unloading his rifle on the turret. Before he could give Blue an order, a number of blaster bolts impacted on Blue in the chest. The first couple of bolts deflected off his shields, but the rest impacted him right in the armor as the shield failed. Slumping down in pain, Blue clutched his chest as he dropped his rifle.

"Don't move, Blue!" Jeez yelled out. Blue was just far enough away from the conference table to still be in the line of fire of the turret, and Jeez wondered for a second on what to do. Risking all, Jeez crawled over to Blue and grabbed him by the leg. Using every ounce of strength in him, Jeez yanked Blue as hard as he could so that he was behind the table. A number of blaster bolts impacted the ground and the table behind him, but fortunately, they missed both Blue and Jeez.

"Blue, report!" Jeez stated as he tried to pry Blue's hands away from his chest to look at the damage.

"It's not too bad, sir. Could use some bacta, though," Blue responded as he tried to hide the pain in his voice. Moving one of his hands down to his belt, Blue took one of the EMP grenades up to his chest. "With all due respect, sir, its time for the fireworks."

Jeez just nodded in reply as Blue twisted the grenade to activate the fuse. Waiting about a second, Blue quickly tossed the grenade at the turret. Jeez crouched in anticipation, and the grenade went off about a second later. The shield monitors flashed red as Jeez's shields instantly drained from the EMP shockwave. Standing up in a firing position, Jeez sighted the turret which was sparking like crazy from the numerous shorts in its system. Squeezing off a number of rounds, the turret sizzled and burned as it was destroyed beyond recognition.

Looking over beside him, Jeez saw Blue grab his rifle as he tried to stand up. Helping him, Jeez kept an eye on the door the turret had been guarding. Slapping Blue on the shoulder, Jeez moved over to the door around the conference table. Following him close behind, Blue kept an eye out for trouble.

"Adviser, please confirm that our target should be on the other side of this door, over," Jeez stated over the comm.

"That's affirmative, 14. Is something wrong?" Ryshana responded.

"Negative, adviser. Just happy to be close to the objective," Jeez replied. "Double Niner and Torch, we need you up here ASAP."

The lights on his helmet HUD lighted up for Niner and Torch in confirmation. As they waited for them to arrive, Jeez reached down in his emergency pack and pulled out his one bacta injector. Placing it on a special port near the bio-monitor on Blue's armor, Jeez pressed a button, and a metallic click was heard as the bacta was injected into the Health Administration System. "Thanks," Blue responded. Nodding in acknowledgment, Jeez turned around to keep an eye on the door.


Back on the Echo

Jeez and Cloud felt the Echo jolt out of hyperspace. "Well, I guess we're here," Cloud commented as he looked over at Jeez across the table in the common room. Between them was a Dejaric board, and it was rather apparent that Jeez was losing. Cloud then moved a piece down towards the middle of the board. "Checkmate."

Jeez looked up at Cloud for a moment and then back down at the board. Trying to figure out all the possible moves, Jeez then realized that Cloud was right: there were no moves that he could take that would bring him out of check. Sighing, Jeez then said, "We need to find a new game."

Smiling at Jeez, Cloud laughed as he said, "Hey, its not my fault you've never played this before. Don't give up, especially against an amateur like me."

"Amateur?? I hate to ask, but what does that make me, then?"

"A n00b. Don't worry, I'm sure that you have a lot things that you're much better than me with," Cloud stated.

"You're so reassuring," Jeez commented dryly as he peered around the corner towards the cockpit. Not seeing anyone, Jeez then said, "Well, I'm going to go check on our progress."

"Or lack thereof?" Cloud commented.

"Something like that," Jeez replied as he got up from the table. Heading down to the cockpit, Jeez looked out the window as Jack steered the Echo down to the surface of Ruusan.

"Definitely more back to normal, eh?" Riebe concluded.

"Define normal," Jeez stated. "I've never had 'normal', and for some reason, I don't think I'm about to get normal either."

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