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Guys, let's sort everything out! We need at least five characters, who are willing and ready to role-play! Not all-day-long, but someone needs to revive the forum!

Let's create a new or continue the long-existed plot!

Post a char, please, the template like:


Or any other kind of info, that you are willing to submit...

Name: Tai White
Species: Human, Caucasian (White)
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Look: Long curly dark-red hair, sporty, 6 feet (180 cm) tall, green eyes, vertical scar on the left eye. Ivory skin
Class: Jedi Consular (Mage)
Weapons: Two Dual (Exar Kun style) Silver-Blade Lightsabers
Abilities: All standart Light Side Force Powers. Ability to control fire (incinerating and extinguishing) through Force
Personality: Likes to talk alot, do not likes to be like others and hates Obi-Wan Kenobi =)
Biography: Born in Naboo system, at early age was brought to Academy Yavin 4. During the Jedi training also practiced as musician (on strings), and it is his first mission, so he knows very little about real battle.

P.S. If i'll got at least few players, we will create a plot and start to rock! =)

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Shane's Character

Name-Lorek Okleth
Look-He is tall and weighing in at around 6'4 and has the left side of his darkley tanned face covered in black tatoos. His eyes are dark hazel with green specks and he has a long brown Padawan style braid to his short spikey blonde hair.
Class-Jedi Gaurdian
Weapons-(Light Green) Home Built Lighstaber. Liquid Cable Dispenser. Datapad. Jedi Combat Robes.
Abilities-Affect Mind, Battlemind, Empathy, Enhance Ability, Enhance Sense, Concentration, Force Defense, Force Push, Move Object, Force Stealth, Heal Another, Heal Self, Move Object, See Force, Telepathy. Burst of Speed,
Personality: He is generally calm but has a passion for his cause. He will always fight and sometimes acts too hastley. He is friendly and trys to control the balance between light and dark while battling his feelings inside him. He will fight for what he belives in and hopes one day he will find love.
Lorek Okleth: The path of a Jedi

Episode 1: The Lost Child

The human tradesman Kylon Dell had just pulled “Last Hope” out of hyperspace, having detected a small freighter drifting that was sending out a distress signal. Odd that the imperial patrols had not picked up on this sooner. No matter, he swung the YT 1300 toward the freighter, grabbing the intercom and calling into it “Sa-Rah get up here honey, looks like we got something we should look into.. better hurry up too, before the empire comes in and ruins the party”. The young woman came into the cockpit, sitting herself next to her husband, as he looked over the scanners, raising an eyebrow “looks like ion blasts damaged the engines.. ship is intact.. cant get a clear reading on life forms though.. you think we will find survivors?”. Kylon nodded, muttering “Lets hope… damn space pirates, can never be safe these days.. even with Imperial patrols, they got a lot of nerve… what are we paying taxes for anyway?”. He watched through the window of the cockpit as they steadily approached the freighter, and he began the docking procedures…

Dead bodies had littered the interior of the other ship. According to the computer, this freighter was headed for Coruscant, and 12 of the 22 passengers were unaccounted for, probably taken as slaves by the pirates. Whatever cargo they had been carrying, it was gone. They had all but given up on searching for survivors.. when suddenly… they heard something…. It sounded like a child weeping. They found a hidden cargospace under the seats in the cockpit… there within, was a young boy of 6 years old, sitting in there, his little angelic copper brown eyes liquidly with tears, cheeks smeered, his short golden brown hair was tosseled and left in a mess. He looked up towards Kylon then passed out from blood loss. He sat next to some odd electronic safe. Cross referencing him with the passengerlist, they found him to be the only child on the ship, and his name was “Lorek Okleth”. Without hesitation, they took him into their ship along with the safe, and flew off.. leaving the rest for the imperial patrols to handle…

Episode 2: The Past Wrongs

Kylon had worked weeks on getting that damn safe cracked… and it wasn’t getting any easier. Finally, through a stroke of luck, he had cracked the safe, and… then something odd happened. It flipped open, and a soft human male voice was heard “Lorek, when you are hearing this, it means you have come of age, and you may or may not have the gift. Me and your mother would like you to know of your heritage, and give you this gift, a family heirloom to either use in the name of good and correct the past wrongs that have tainted our family for four millenia, or as a gift to pass on to your children…” the sound of electronics activating along with a soft hum, as a compartment opened, and a silver cylinder with black gripping and a bronze plate on it depicting some odd symbol was elevated out of the safe. Kylon blinked, and didn’t recognise it… but he realised one thing.. he had made a mistake. This was truly Loreks… and if they were planning on keeping him, raising him as their own child, which he had spoken with Sa-Rah about, then he had to relock this safe, and keep it for Lorek.. and that was just what he did… Unfortunately, as he tried, the safe malfunctioned, and the audio recording was… lost….

Episode 3: Young Lorek

Growing up was not always easy for Lorek in his youth. He had always carried a sad, distant look in those icy cool ocean blue eyes of his, and didn’t always get along with other children. Sa-Rah loved him as her own sun, and the Dells had taken him in as their own child, raising him as best they could.. but it was always his eyes that bothered them. Those little eyes, that seemed to stare out, and accuse the world of wronging him so by stealing his identity, stealing his parents from him. He eventually began to accumulate an interest for all sorts of sports, just to go and take his mind off his own sadness. He played well in teams, and had a raw athletic potential that was rare. He grew with the love that was given him, and he loved his adoptive parents completely. He grew healthy, and strong… wiry, and with the grace of a feline. Something within him, maybe it was just his genes, or the immense activities in sports, but whatever it was, it gave him amazing athletic potential. He began being taught how to pilot. His eyes where like all of his race providing him with peripheral vision of great length and great sight at night. He was scorned and shunned treated like a freak at the different little schools he went to and he could not help but wish maybe he was just human. He had is right wing replaced with a mechanical wing that was made lightweight and attached to the nervous system of his spine providing him with good aerial maunveribility. It would take some time to get used to but he eventually learned to like it. On his 9th birthday his mother developed a strap like suspenders that hooked on to him and made his wings kind of folded down and be hidden with in a kind of a space aged trench coat with 2 slits in the back that if he had to he just pressed a small round button on his belt and his wings would slide out of the coat. His right wing was painted a golden brown and gray to make it looks more like his real feathered one. He had a friend who could draw real well. He would also try to help his parents out by keeping inventory for them, and from those countless hours of pushing heavily loaded repulsor lifts, and having to sometimes to heave the crates himself into place, he became decent muscles… and so those young years flew by… and he became a teenager…. And it was in his teens, that his life began to change…

Episode 4: The Force is in Him

It began innocently.. small objects would get knocked off shelves in his passing without him touching them.. or his reflexes being almost above human. But then more objects began to fall, or get tossed across the room when Lorek would get frustrated. His adoptive parents began to fear for him, as they knew what the Empire did with those that were talented in the Force. They began to hide him from company, not taking him anymore on cargo runs… not wanting the imperial patrol to catch him and take him from them. Finally, it was by chance, that on a far off space station on the outer rim, that they met a Jedi Knight.. a rogue that had managed to escape the empires wrath. He seemed but an old man with a grey beard, but he promised to take care of Lorek. His name was “Logan Keel”, and he wise gentle grey eyes, and an easy smile. They brought him to Lorek, the young Okleth was 15 at the time, and slowly developing into a handsome young man. It was then.. that Kylon revealed to Lorek the treasure chest….

Kylon and Sa-Rah had called Lorek in to meet Logan in the dining room. Supper was ready, and the odd safe was placed in the middle of it all. The young Lorek walked into the room, with those haunted sad eyes of his, as he took his seat, smilling as he looked to his parents, speaking softly “Mama, Papa, who is that man?”. Kylon answered softly “Someone who can help you Lorek… this man is Logan Keel, a Jedi Knight…”. Logan nodded, giving the youth a warm smile. Lorek blinked, adding “but.. Jedi… aren’t they bad?”. Logan shook his head, smilling softly “unfortunately, sometimes good and evil are a mater of perspective. No, we are not.. we used to be the guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy.. and now, we are but rogues, fleeing for our lives…”. Kylon opened the safe for Lorek, adding “We found this with you Lorek.. your parents would want you to have it. Logan watched, he already knew the contents of the safe, and he recognised the name “Okleth”, but this young boy had so much potential, and when Kylon had told him what the message had said, he insisted on training the boy. Lorek picked up the medallion in his hands and studied it. Something weird happened and the medallion began to glow orange and then Lorek screamed as it burnt the symbol onto his hand. When the medallion finely finished burning it dissolved into a soft dust. Lorek stared at his his hand and the weird symbol that was shaped with a V and an eye in the center of the “V” with 4 lightsaber surrounding the “V” making a sort of square like circle around it.

Chapter 5: Pain is but a Memory

Lorek was in a flight simulator practicing flying an x wing and doing really well at it when there ship was hit by an ion blast and the simulator shorted out giving him a nasty stun and sent him flying to the floor. He watched as his mother and father scrambled to get control of the ship. They started to get pulled into the enemy Star Destroyer by a tractor beam. The second they where boarded his dad opened fire open some storm troopers and his mother joined in with a blaster rifle. 23 dead storm troopers later his mother and dad where shot and killed in the crossfire as more troopers flooded the hangar. Logan sighed and smiled to lorek and then ignited his saber and rushed forward. Lorek rann outside using the blaster rifle as best he could and then he heard a voice in his head as well as a feeling in his gut “your destiny is a lot more important then some old fossilised jedi. Steal a Tie fighter and make it Kashykk and you will know what to do from there. Rember the Shun-Chien Martial arts fighting style along with the Mieng-Kra medition rituals and you will soon find your way in this world long Lorek.. May the force be with you”. Lorek did as he was told and managed to escape the hangar and only sustain minimal damage to the tie fighter. He had no idea what happened to Logan but assumed that he had died in the fight with some storm troopers.
He crash landed on kashykk and managed to bum around from cantina to cantina making money as best he could until he befriended a wookie names SpewBacca. The wookie taught him a lot about mechanical engineering and Lorek relised what a genius this wookie was and then decided they should be friends. They hung out for the better part of 9 months until Lorek caught a luck break and was hired at the age of 16 to be a copilot on a small transport delivering Cerzka Mining Equipment to Magrok 4. A small gas planet in the outer rims. When he came back from the trip he realised that his wookie friend had gone missing and he knew how uncharacteristic it was of spew because he would never miss Lorek’s Birthday. So he spent all the credits he had and threw on his special coat and took his backpack with a few supplies of food in it and some glow rods and is heading to Dantooian where he heard the last ship that left the planet was headed to with his friend.
Now having no ship made it very hard on Lorek because he knew how good a pilot he was and how good at some martial arts he was but if he was going to make it in this galaxy he would have to find himself an X-wing since that is what he had the most experience in a simulator with. His small mechanical skills taught to him by the wookie. Last wit his intuition and this strange feeling he played a much bigger part in this war with the empire then he realised.
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Name:Ra-Zaki(a shorthand for his real name)
Species:Half-Human,Half-Dathomir Witch
Age:Approximately 3,000
Look:I'll upload a pic later
Class:Fallen Weapon Master
Weapons:Sith Sword, a double blade lightsaber that splits in two(custom design),a light-scythe, and a cut stock bowcaster...Even Jedi gotta do dirty sometime.Also lost right arm and it was replaced with an unbreakable Force amplifying arm.
Abilities:All Dark Side & neutral techniques.
Personality:Silent....brutal....but after you get to know him very kind and caring.
Biography:Born during KOTOR times member of Mythosaur clan.At age nine padawaned to a Twi'lekkian female jedi, whom he loved against code, lived through the years a hermit on Kayyyshk. During the Galatic Civil War he was a general whom decided against a revealation of his force powers.After Grandmaster Luke took helm he became Supreme Master of Azatroag(sorry but a planet I made>.<)and soon after married to a Mirulukan clone named Anyss.
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