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Thread: [FIN] Crystal Island
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[FIN] Crystal Island

Part 1
First Adventure

Chapter 1
Two friends

Cory was stumbling around with his oar madly trying to control the boat while Mike scanned for a safe place to get off the boat.

Coryís long and filthy trousers were stained and his hair soaking wet. His brown hair was now black because of the water and he could hardly see what he was doing. Mikeís short ginger hair and taller outline made him look like the brave one out of the two.

"Cory, thatís goanna be no use, we canít row in a storm!" Mike shouted at his friend swinging one foot of the boat causing it to go to one side which made Cory slip to that side too.

"Big mistake Mike!" he cried loudly and then they slipped into the freezing cold water.
Mike's head came up first coughing up the water in his mouth. He frantically caught his breath and then he looked around.

ďOh bloody hell where is he? Oh crap, whereís the bag, whereís the bag?" Lucky thing Cory was a good diver. He was already underneath swimming down with speed. He grabbed the heavy bag and swam up with might. His head popped up and Mike sighed.

"Is that, land over there? It donít look like no desert island, it could be populated!" shouted Mike with curiosity.

Cory squinted; he had water in his eyes. He rubbed it out.
"Looks like it, on the map there was nothing listed here!"
"Well we canít be that far off track, letís make for it before we drown and die and who knows what the hell will happen!" was Mikeís loud reply.

Cory and Mike made it as fast as they could inland. Trying to run in the water proved useless to them to they continued to swim instead. Cory was struggling with the bag and Mike began to move on ahead. He gave him a hand as the friend he was and they moved quicker. The waves were crashing down on their backs freezing them more but that didn't stop them one little bit.

Then, at last they found wispy sand under their feet and in between their toes and they could now walk inland. Cory and Mike were too cold and tired to move and slumped on the beach in exhaustion.

"Some fishing trip...Ē sighed Cory and the two fell asleep on the shore. They were not alone.
Later on in the day a pack of odd goblins found the two boys slumped on the beach sleeping like no end.
"I says we kill em' master, fresh blood and all!"
"No wonder you want to kill these fine fellows, youíre a blood goblin, one of these two would feed you for weeks!" replied the master who was a tall, old and white bearded Goblin.

"Then I'll take one, you can have the other" replied the Goblin licking his lips with hope and pulling a sneer.
"Alright, deal" replied the old goblin stroking his wrinkly lips. "Make his death quick and painless!"
"You know I always do, I'll take the younger one" he said pointing at Cory with a mauled finger.

"This is the largest case of injustice I have ever seen!" cried a female voice from behind. All the goblins including the blood thirsty one backed off. A fairly young a girl around the ages of Cory and Mike stood there looking at them. Her long blonde hair streamed behind her bag as she stood there eyeing the little goblins.

"Youíre letting one friend die, and one live!" she complained.
"Ahhh" replied the goblins stepping away from Mike and Cory who were still sleeping on the shore.

"It's... its Rebecca!" one squealed.
"Yeh, do you want me to get Jamie over here to teach you Goblin's a lesson? Beat it!" The Goblin's scattered, even the old bearded one. He was a scheming one.

"Humph" sighed Rebecca walking over to the too.
She kicked Cory and Mike both in the stomach.

"Someone's tired!" she laughed. Cory and Mike both woke up moaning and yawning.
"Who the hell are you?" Mike asked.
Cory as a girly lover he is stepped up with his hand rose.

"Names Cory, I've come from across the sea with my servant Mike here!"
"Iím not your servant!" Mike shouted laughing at the same time.
"Half servant, half friend" sighed Cory. Mike grew red and angry, but he knew it was a joke.

"So, who the hell are you?" Cory asked now frowning.

"Me? Rebecca, I live in the village up here, not to say Iím proud of it but Iím your local live saver, lucky for you Cory boy, I saved your life!"

"Yeh, he would have never woke up" s******ed Mike.
"Shut it" replied Cory hissing. "How the hell did you save my life?"
"Some goblin wanted to eat you!"
"A what?Ē Ouch! These goblins sound nasty!Ē

"Itís not ouch or nasty, it would be you dead and eaten!"
Mike fell on the floor laughing.
"I dunno what youíre laughing at, if I had not interrupted. You would have become whitebeard's servant!"

"Iím dreaming!" shouted Mike. "This is all aload of balls!"

The argument continued...

Chapter 2
People of the Village
The fight was pretty pointless. Then they decided to go over to this Rebecca girl's house.

Before anything, someone opened the front door. It was a tall boy a little older than the three of them. He had curly hair, and a friendly face.

"New friends?" he asked smiling.
"Hello brother..." she said with a stern face and hissy voice.
"Sister..." he growled. They both gave each other a mean look and stuck their tongues out at each other.

"Hey you two, whatís your names then?" Jamie asked raising a hand.
"CORY AND MIKE!" blurted out Rebecca rudely.
"We can speak for ourselves!" Cory shouted.
"Well never...Ē replied Rebecca. Mike laughed at her.
"You have some sense of humour!"
"Wait until you meet Jordan!" Rebecca shouted laughing at the thought.
"Who's he?Ē replied Cory.
"It's a she, and she is nuts!"

"Sounds like my type" Mike said licking his lips.
"But sounds more like mine" said Cory butting in.

"Mother, make extra bread we have visitors!" Rebecca shouted kindly.
"Oh good" the mother shouted back.

The house was very small, it consisted of a hall, two small bedrooms and a kitchen and lounge jumbled together. It was more like a hut, but only real rich people could afford a proper house.

"Bread? Yummy" replied Mike rubbing his belly.
"Donít worry Mike, thereís plenty to go round" said Jamie chuckling in his low voice.

The food was laid out. Then Jamie screamed:

"FEAST!" then everyone dived into their food and eat all the crumbs on their plates...
Everyone's belly was full and they had enough for now.
"That was lovely bread! Thank you!"
"Oh itís a pleasure Cory, your bellyís full?"
"Defiantly!" Suddenly the front door came bursting open with a large kick by some girl with fairly long brown hair and glasses.

"Who has the bread? Give bread Iím hungry!Ē!"
"We have some left...Ē said Jamie slowly picking it up. The girl stepped forward grabbed it, shoved it and her mouth and bowed.

"Thank you very much, nice bread bye!"
"Who the flip was that?" asked Mike amused.
"That was... Jordan" said Rebecca laughing herself.
"She took the bread..." moaned Mike in a baby voice.
"Awe pity" replied Cory in a mummy voice.

"Question time" said Rebecca staring at Cory and Mike.
"Fire away" sighed Mike.
"Where did you two come from?"

"We came from Platinum Fields, the other side of the ocean; we got lost on a fishing trip" replied Cory sadly.
"Platinum fields eh? We went there for a holiday" replied Jamie and Rebecca's mother.
"It's alright, gets boring "sighed Mike.
"That is why we went fishing" said Cory making a good point nodding to his friends.

"So, what is this place?" asked Mike.
"This is Crystal Island, the tides and currents make it hard for people to get to us, but you somehow got here" replied Jamie.

"Anything we need to know about our surroundings?" Cory asked ready to hear.

"It's a giant island, lots of goblins, dwarves, giants, wolves and orks. Many mountains, volcanoes earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes. Many bad men, wars and everything. It's quite exciting, but living in this village is safe, except if you crash into Jordan..."

"I heard that!" said a voice which sounded like it came from a mile away.

Chapter 3

Cory and Mike were exploring this village they had come across with their new friend Jamie. Becca stayed home and helped her mum wash up the dishes and bowls.

"So, is there anything exciting about this place at all?" Mike asked sighing with boredom.
"Err yeah" replied Jamie looking a little nervous.
"What's that then" asked Cory eager to know.

"The mountain trek starts here; it takes you way further into Crystal Island. Me and Becca are going soon, every child is told to go on their own journey. When they feel ready.Ē

"Coh let's go!" shouted Cory.
"I suppose we could go for the day with them" replied Mike a little weary of the idea.
"And then come back to this boring old place? Look, we're here now and probably will be for the rest of our lives, so let's go... go and have fun on a journey with these two!"
"Good point" replied Mike lightning up a bit and smiling. Both were excited to start this adventure.

"Are you two sure? It's dangerous, you can get attacked!"
"I'll kick em in the nuts" replied Mike raising a fist, then a leg.
"I'm a good fighterĒ replied Cory blushing.

"Alright, it'd be good to have some company!"

"So you did find some rats to go along with you!" shouted a voice from high above. The three looked up. A tall figure was looming over them, standing on the roof of the church. He jumped, did a flip and landed on the floor in a kneeling position.

"I thought this was going to be a blow over, two on two, but at least we'll have some people we donít know about to face off against!" shouted the figure who appeared to me smirking. He had a cloak on, but no hood and he had thin brown hair."

"Who the hell is he?" Mike asked angrily.
"That's Leroy, are sworn enemy!" Jamie said deeply.
"Where's that stuck up girl you hang out with then?" Jamie asked trying to sound as nasty as possible.

"Right here!" replied a female voice jumping down beside Leroy.
"Hello Emma!" said Leroy with a smirk.
"Tomorrow, the trail starts and we'll be there to stop you getting to Crystal City!" Emma and Leroy jumped backwards onto the church roof which was an amazing sight and disappeared just like that.

"Why are they so horrible to us?" Cory asked amazed.
"They seem to think we're getting in their way, but really they're getting in ours..." said Jamie a little sadly.

Rebecca had seen the whole scene.

"What a stuck up pair" sighed Rebecca. "We are so going to stop them and their nasty tricks." With that she walked back to the house.
Chapter 4
The adventure begins

That day Mike and Cory were supplied with everything that Jamie and Rebecca could find them.

Cory was fitted with a strong leather belt that would carry all his needs such as, food, water and some daggers and quoits. Quoits are small sharp stars that you throw at people. Cory practiced working on his aim and how to throw it without cutting his hand in the process.

Mike was given a very large cloak. It looked neat. It had a hood that could easily disguise him. It had inside pockets to carry his bow and arrow. He was also practicing with it.

Jamie had a small cutlass as his weapon. It was very sharp, but sometimes he was afraid to use it incase hurt someone. He had to overcome that large fear.

Rebecca had some light machetes. They were also sharp, but she was good with them and was not afraid to use them! She also had a sword.

They all slept outside in a tent that night, just to get used to what their nights would be like on their own.

The following morning they were up early. They walked through the village towards the start of the track. It was steep, and it led up to the vast mountains. Must have been dozens of them. This track led through, around and over the top of them. It was certainly not easy!

Mike couldn't help noticing a figure up high on the tracks. He was also cloaked and gave a sneering look back at them. It was Leroy.

"They're up ahead" hissed Mike quietly.
"Who is" Cory replied.
"Leroy and Emma, letís all run, we can outsmart them I have a plan!"

"Good" said Rebecca smirking. "Get our revenge on those two!" she chuckled.

They ran up the steep and stony track as fast as they could. Their feet were slipping but Jamie was first to make it up. Rebecca followed. Mike got up. Cory was on the last rock, but being the smallest he could not shove a foot up. So Mike gave him a hand and he got up.

Mike ran forwards, urging everyone to follow. He climbed onto a high rock and saw the two running round a corner of a cliff. He could see a way where he could ambush them.

"They're probably running off to make a trap, well we'll ambush them!"

They all jumped down several rocks at quick speed. Trying not to tumble. Jamie almost did. Then they looked far down and they could see the track ahead of them. Round another corner came the two running.

"Fire!" shouted Mike gallantly. He launched two arrows in different directions. The first came soaring down at impeccable speed at landed just in front of Leroy's foot. He looked up and saw one of Cory's quoits coming at him. He didn't wait for his friend Emma and just ran out of sight. The other arrow from Mike pierced Emma's cloak. She didn't notice but Rebecca made a large whistle and Emma stopped running and looked up towards them.

Cory's second quoit came down but she jumped and it missed tumbling down a rock face. Emma ran off also out of sight.

The team of four jumped down the many rocks onto the small and now cobbled track. Cory picked up one of his quoits and Mike picked up his arrow.

They then moved on, now walking. Suddenly they heard a cracking and smashing sound. A giant boulder came rolling down from the track up ahead. They heard a shout and a scream. It sounded like it came from Leroy and Emma. It probably flattened them.

Then it came rolling towards them at even faster pace.

"Cory, Mike run back down the track, we'll take care of this!" The two did what they were told. When Cory looked over his shoulder the two were just standing in front of it waiting for it to hit them.

What were they up to?

Chapter 5

The boulder was tumbling closer and closer at ever gaining. Then with a spring of surprise Becca leaped one way and Jamie leaped the other. They hovered in the air. It was crazy. Cory and Mike stopped and turned around to watch. Just when the boulder was almost between them they both shouted:

"Steel Power double!" Jamie and Becca grew a shining silver light. It was enthralling. They were covered in silver armour and they looked alot stronger. They both jumped forward and kicked the boulder. It looked like there was no damage done to it. It just kept on rolling.

Cory and Mike didn't bother running. They were stuck in this weird world ready to be killed sooner or later.

"This is where it ends my friend" shouted Cory a tear tricking down his eye. They felt hot air pressing against them. Suddenly there was a large crack. Then a blast of explosion as tiny sharp rocks pierced Cory and Mike's chests blowing them back with extreme force.

Cory looked up weakly. The boulder was in tiny little shattered rock pieces. Jamie and Becca were running forward in their silver armour.

Jamie grabbed Mike with one hand and pulled him up with no effort. Same with Becca.

"Ahhh" moaned Cory. Mike had a small cut on his chest. However Cory was worse off. A very sharp rock was stuck into his neck. Blood was trickling down his neck.

"Cory this going to hurt" Becca said frowning. She was afraid she would kill him if she just pulled it out.

"Jamie you do it!" she screamed. Jamie stepped forward.

"Sorry Cory, if you die, I didn't mean to kill you" laughed Jamie. Everyone was feeling tense.

Jamie wrapped his fingers round it. Took a breath and pulled.

"AAAAAAAAH!" screamed Cory and he fell to the floor motionless...

Becca screamed and Jamie jumped back in horror with the red stone in his hands as Cory hit the floor with a thud. Mike stared down at him horror struck.

"You bloody git!" he shouted charging at Jamie with everything he had. Jamie didn't want to fight, but he had to teach Mike this was not his fault.

Mike tried to grapple him, but with Jamie in his armour mode he simply pushed him back and shoved him onto the ground.

"This is not Jamie's fault!" Becca shouted.
"If I left it that way he would have died, and died in pain!"
"Yes, so letís not end up killing each other, we have not even walked two hundred yards and look at the state we're in, and we need to be prepared, what if Leroy and Emma have some weird trap up ahead of us!"

Mike kneeled down and put his ear onto Cory's heart. One beat.... none after that.

"He's actually dead" sighed Mike sniffling.
"No dwelling, the more we dwell the worse it's goanna feel!" Becca shouted turning away from the body.

They turned around without looking at him and walked on. They walked for a mile or so. They made a turn and there was four figures fighting. Two were Leroy and Emma. The other two they did not know. The other two figures were completely cloaked, one tall and one small.

"Why did you roll that boulder at us?" Emma screamed swinging her sword while and the very tall figure blocked it easily.

"It wasn't for you; it was for the pests who were trying to kill you!" All the fighting stopped. Leroy and Emma smirked.

"Right on cue" laughed Leroy evilly.
"Oooh, where did the small one go?" Emma asked smiling fakely.
"He was killed by whoever rolled that boulder!" Jamie shouted raising a fist and going red with anger.

"That would be us" said the tall figure. He had an American accent and was very tall. His partner seemed normal enough but alot smaller compared to his tall shape.

"Trying to kill these two!" the small one said pointing at Leroy and Emma.

"Wait, you have got it the wrong way round! We are inexperienced fighters! I donít even know them, my two friends here do and they said they were going to stop us from getting to Crystal City! So, we decided to stop them, so they would not ambush anyone else!"

Mike had made a good point and speech.

The two figures stepped back and whispered in low hushed voices.

"Ok, you five, Leroy, Emma, small, tall and girl, fight! We can tell who's on what side by how you fight and your expressions!"

Leroy gasped and his eyes widened.

"We'll have to show no hatred and fight differently" he whispered to Emma cautiously.
"No, kill these three and then kill those two. Fight normally."

"Let battle commence!"

Chapter 6
First Battle

Mike pulled out his arrow and bow ready to fight.

"Back of Mike" said Becca pushing him back slowly. "This is between, me, Jamie and those two scoundrels!" Mike hesitated but took his step back reluctantly.

Becca and Jamie stood forward whipping out their weapons. Becca's sword glinted under the sun and Jamie's cutlass looked sharper than before.

Leroy and Emma stood their motionless and suddenly shouted.

"You have not seen our true power yet! Leroy! Emma! Dark Force!" Suddenly everything went pitch black. A fading white light surrounded Emma and Leroy. Suddenly there cloaks wisped around them and hooded them, shadows covering half of their faces. Their eyes beamed red and they whipped out two long swords. They looked awfully evil. Suddenly the blackness left and the real world returned.

The two mysterious figures stood back.

"Well we know who's on what side then" the smaller one laughed.
"Let's get out of here, whoever wins will find us" smirked the tall one. They disappeared quickly. Nobody even noticed them.

Jamie was full of rage. He took one giant step forward swinging his cutlass hard. It clattered against Leroyís which made his own shake. Leroy jumped up at great height and came down sword face. Jamie stepped backwards and then swung forwards aiming for Leroy's stomach.

It looked like Leroy was going to be sliced in half but in his mid flight he swung a leg out that kicked Jamie right in the face and he stumbled back holding his jaw.

"Jamie block away the pain or you know what will happen!" Jamie tried to hold it in, but a tear tricked and his silver boy vanished and he was back to his normal mode. Making him the vulnerable one.

"Got you now Jamie! Time to finish you off!" Leroy seemed like he was enjoying this. He loved it. Jamie sprawled against a rock cliff with no arms. Leroy pulled his arm back, about to swing in and kill Jamie when he was kicked in the side by Becca. Leroy fell over in pain.

"Only I kick Jamie!" Then Emma came into action and took a swing at Becca. She ducked with speed. While crouched she picked up Jamie' cutlass.

Now she had two against one. She did have two weapons however.

"Single Steel Power!" screamed Becca with rage. Her left arm seemed to glow extra shiny and it blasted into Emma's face making her fall backwards. She dropped her sword and it tumbled down the cliff to what seemed a bottomless fall. She was hanging onto the edge.

Becca had taken her eye of Leroy and he grabbed her and pushed her to the ground beside Jamie.

"I have both of you where I want you. Emma returned to her normal self and so did Becca.

Leroy focused himself and shouted.

"Dark For- Ahhh!" he screamed and fell onto his side clutching his leg. He returned to his normal mode. A large quoit was in his leg. Mike looked around carefully. He had been staying out of harmís way. Then he found the saviour. He gasped.

"No one hurts my friends" sneered Cory walking with a limp towards Emma, who as hanging of the cliff, and Leroy on the floor in pain.

Cory waddled over, and stood on Emma's hand. She let go with pain and fell. He watched her fall helplessly screaming. She landed on a small area of rock pointing out on the side of the mountain. She was unconscious.

Leroy jumped up, wincing at the pain. He dived for Cory, but Jamie was up and grabbed him and pushed him. He landed in the area on top of Emma.

"They'll live" sighed Becca disappointed.

Mike stared at Cory mouth open. He turned round and walked on. So did everyone else. They all walked, and they walked on through the mountain track.

It seemed to be twirling up, like a high staircase. It started to get cold, and they could see snow. For a moment they all had a break. They sat on the edge and looked below. Many miles away, was a larger range of mountains.

They looked below again. Many mountains with streamlined rivers and waterfalls came falling down. Them it was a beautiful site. Below, there was a road, down on the ground. A horse and cart rolled boy. It was lovely.

"Aaah!" shouted a voice from over head.
"Dont kill me..."

Chapter 7
A new Member
The four heads looked up. On a rock edge high above, a familiar body was hanging off. Someone tall and cloaked stood over them. It looked like the tall one from earlier.

"Clifton.... why are you doing this?" the female voice screamed.
"Acting all serious now are we Jordan? Thought you was nuts? Well! Iím doing this for your own good! You are so nuts, you would kill yourself our here on your own, and what's worse? What if you died in pain? Dont worry I'll kill you painlessly. This is a favour!"

"You nipple head!" she screamed and kicked him in the balls. Then when she tried to get up she slipped and fell over the rock edge. She came tumbling down and everyone was dumbstruck. Cory was the first to actually think and ran out catching her. She was older than him, which meant heavier than scrawny Cory and he grabbed her.

With the weight, he walked around with loss of balance. Though he fell over, but at least Jordan was unhurt.

"It's you" she said laughing when she got up.
"Youíre the bread monster, bread monster!" she said giggling. "You eat the bread I eat!"

She looked at everyone else and pointed at them.

"So did you, and you, and you. Your all bread monsters, just like me. We eat bread. Then she went and hugged everyone.

"Can I join your bread eating group?" she asked smiling happily.
"Oh, we're a group travelling to Crystal City" blundered Mike.
"Same difference silly" she laughed and hit him on the back in a friendly gesture.

"You know" said Becca after they had walked three miles.
"Alot has happened today, and itís almost dark. Plus, that tall guy you called Clifton, was the same lot that tried to kill Emma, Leroy, me, Jamie and Mike."

"Huh?" mumbled Cory confused.
"You missed alot mate" laughed Mike.
"Oh" muttered Cory.

"Yeh, he never stopped leaving me alone. He's not bread monster. He's a murrrrrrderer!" shouted Jordan with ear popping levels.

Everyone laughed. She defiantly brightened up the group.
"Those two isnít bad apples. They just think they're right all the time. They are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooo paranoid about people being bad. They always think everyone is bad. They always think they're doing people favours. And stuff like that" she trailed off.

"THEY ALWAYS THINK THAT!" she screamed randomly. "They need a good kick up the bum, then we tell them they're always wrong, they good people and should be better of themselves! IF ANYONE GETS THAT!" she screamed.

Despite Jordan being funny and random. She made alot of sense. It was just hard to understand.

"So they're just a little paranoid?" Cory asked.
"Yeh" she smiled then looking at the floor for the next ten minutes.

"Iím going to go sleep now bye" she said randomly. She plonked down her bag, pulled out some sheets and fell asleep straight away. The rest took more time to prepare their beds, stayed away from the side of the cliff. If they rolled over, they would fall off.

It was night, and they slept on.

Chapter 8

For three weeks, the group travelled. In those three weeks, it was very quiet and they remained undisturbed or threatened by anyone or anything.

This lasted until one night, when they all agreed they would walk for another ten minutes that they came round the corner and saw a valuable sight.

Many tall buildings rose over the mountains, bustling noises and the sounds of horseís hooves trotting up and down. They had made it. Crystal City.

"We made it" gasped Becca with a small tear in her eye.
"On our own not to forget" laughed Jordan.
"It's... amazing" said Cory simply amazed.

"PEANUT BUTTTER JELLY TIME!" shouted Jordan crying.
"Oh, I should have been prepared for this" Becca cried. Crystal City sold lovely Peanut butter with Jam. It was the best around.

"She loves it" sighed Jamie. Jordan was running full ahead when she tripped over mysteriously. She rolled over in pain and almost fell off the side of the rock track, with about a 20 foot drop down. That was where the city was.

"Jordan, how did you fall?" Mike asked curiously
"I felt some strong force" she muttered getting up. "Save Peanut Butter Jelly and find mysterious force."

Suddenly a whip of wind lashed across their faces and it made them step back a bit. They walked on further and looked round the corner. There was a giant swirling tornado rushing towards the city with immense speed. When they looked at it, they could hardly look at all because the wind was forcing their eyes shut. They stood on staring. Down in the entrance of the city two figures stood.

"They are there Emma" muttered the male voice.
"Yep, let's leave them to be killed by the twister" cackled Emma.
"After what they did" hissed Leroy maliciously. Both of them laughed, but then turned serious.

"They must not enter the city!" Then both of them loaded their crossbows, steadied them and fired. Cory heard a wispy noise coming from the other direction. Two giant arrows were facing his way. He suddenly ducked and both of them missed, pinning down in the grass.

"Someone's after us!" shouted Cory over the whistling wind.
"Huh?" everybody asked confused. Suddenly a bombardment of about ten arrows came flying at immense speed missing them by inches.

"Defiantly not Bread Monsters!" shouted Jordan pulling an arrow out of her now tangled hair.

"Yeh" said Jamie ducking.

"Come on Leroy, this is pathetic, the winds putting us of course. Let's teach them a lesson they will never forget!"

"It's Emma and Leroy!" screamed Becca angrily. "They're alive!"

They both jumped up and landed down crouching. They pulled out some long golden swords.

"There will be death in the night" laughed Emma. Cory pulled out his small dagger and ran for Emma. She kicked him with speed and he fell over dropping his dagger accidentally. Mike grabbed it and threw it at Emma. It went over her shoulder.

"We are so going to win!" shouted Leroy smiling evilly.

Swords everywhere were clashing. Both sides were equal in swordsman power.

"Iím fed up with this Becca" said Jamie blocking a swing from Leroy.
"You know what to do!"

"Double Silver force!" the two screamed. They jumped into the air and their bodyís luminated bright silver. They were now in their stronger forms.

"Looks like its party time" s******ed Leroy.
"Quite so" Emma replied.

"Dark Force!" The world became black like last time, and the bodies were wrapped up in their clothes, eyes red and more powerful... darker.

All blades clashed at one time blasting the four back.

"Let's finish the other two" Leroy said lightening up from a defensive stance.
"Be my guest" Emma laughed kicking Becca in the mouth.

"Bitch!" she screamed angrily. The two girlís blades engaged.

Leroy turned to Mike and suddenly his pale hand grew and a dark flame appeared in it. He threw it with force and Mike ducked suddenly at the tremendous power. It collided into the rock wall and there was a giant explosion and a crash. The winds became stronger as the tornado edged closer.

When the dusty smoke cleared, there was a giant crater in the rock face and something golden and sparkly was shining.

"Did we just...Ē gasped Emma.
"Release the Golden Angel?" Leroy said finishing the sentence. Suddenly beams of golden, yellow, orange and red lights blasted up into the sky twirling from one and other and being blown about in the winds. Then they split into two arrows and hit Cory and Mike.

"They chose them!" screamed Becca in delight.
"They must be real good friends" replied Jamie smiling.

The two bodies grew larger and larger becoming golden and strong. Like Becca and Jamie, except stronger and golden.

"Stop this!" screamed Emma panic stricken. "You know what to do!" They pulled out their arrows chanted something and they became flaming black. They pointed them and struck them with force.

A strong wind blew the arrow away from Mike but the other kept on racing and struck Cory in the heart.

"Cory!" shouted Mike as his transformation had completed.

"Does that mean he's dead?" Jamie asked tears beginning to show in his eyes.
"No!" shouted Jordan out of nowhere who had seemed to be out of the action. "Worse!"

"What's worse than death" muttered Jamie silently. They all looked at Cory.

Half his body was golden, the top half was not. They had hit him during the progress. Suddenly a cloak whipped around him. His hair started turning dark blue and the rest of his clothes became dark colours. He was frozen. Not moving.

His skin became pale. When it was finished. He looked like Emma and Leroy. Evil. Suddenly he took a breath and his eyes turned red. He smiled, but not normally. It was more like an evil smirk. Emma stepped forward.

"Hi Cory, look at them lot, look like trouble, wanna kill them?"
"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO HIM?" Jordan asked getting serious.
"We made him dark but because that golden crap is inside him, it makes him way stronger. Stronger than us, even stronger than Golden boy Mike. And alot stronger than you pathetic siblings. And what's better? He's on our side!"

Cory turned round and looked at them. He then looked at Becca and took a step towards her. He raised his hand, which turned into a fist.

Then she screamed. "Cory! Be yourself! This is sick!"

"Get out of my way girl youíre not the one I want!" He shoved her aside and Mike was standing there in his golden armour. High, mighty and powerful.

"Bring it on Mike" he rumbled in a dark voice.
"What have they done to you" he gasped. The two stared each other down.


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