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Thread: [TSL] New Prolouge and more
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[TSL] New Prolouge and more

So yeah, heres the idea of this mod:
You are the Exile, and you were traveling from the Mandalorian Wars to the Temple on Courscant. On the Way, you get boarded, and you start fighting with some Sith. After defeating all the baddies, a cutscene kicks in, and you're knocked unconcious. The screen fades, and you hear some Lightsaber clashing as if it were a fight. You wake up, and you find all your friends dead. You get up in a rage, and you and the Boss start fighting. (Not controlled) You get sent back by another Push, and you charge at the Boss. Its an old fashioned Samurai attack. Both attack, and only one emerges. The only one who is left is the Boss. You're not seriously injured, but a droid on-board heals you in time for the trial. The boss left after the clash.
Along with added Dialog to the hologram of your trial!

After the ending of the normal hologram, some more dialog starts like this:
Zez-Kai Ell: Wait... weren't there companions traveling with him?
Vrook: I believe so, Ell.
Vash: But what happened to them is the question?
Atris: It matters not, they turned to the dark side, we shouldn't care.
Kavar: Atris, not caring about others isn't the Jedi Way.
Atris: No, it isn't. Caring leads to Passion, Passion leads to the Dark Side
Vash: How do you know they were truely part of the dark side?
Atris: I know such things.
Kavar: What ever the reason they aren't with him/her has nothing to do with the Dark Side.
Atris: Fine. Vrook, try to find them through the Force.
Vrook: Very Well... I sense nothing of them but their corpses on the shuttle they took here. I also sense the Dark Side on board--
Atris: See, I knew it!
Kavar: Quiet, Atris!
Vrook: But it is of someone else. A sith.
Vash: What?
*End hologram*

I would also like to add a new quest, where you would find an extended part of the Shyrak Caves on Korriban, where you can find, and hopefully, kill the Sith and his allies.

Also, would it be possible to add a new feat called Remorse, which after speaking with a Master (Except Vash >_>) would give you resolve, and a 1+ bonus to all skills and attributes? Or maybe an armband on the Boss's Corpse that he stole that gave you those bonuses?

.... Brain... Hurts...

EDIT: Its time for more brain hurting actions!
The Boss would be a Twi'lek, and the others would use the Dark Jedi Model. You would use a lightsaber you found on a Dark Jedi corpse. This mod will also give you an early lightsaber. So by the time you make a lightsaber with bao-dur, you'll have 2, assuming you didn't cheat one in. The color would be Silver, so you can have a cool colored LS not seen anywhere else except in that game.

EDIT2: I'd also like a new lightsaber as well.
It would be called 'Satan's Lightsaber'. It would be a red longsaber with little red parts poking out. The little red parts would the actual shortsaber blade, colored red.
Red longsaber with red short saber blades poking out.
If you could place it in a new container in the unopened door in Habats office. After finishing Czerka's quest, she will give you the key, which will open that door that leads to the new saber.

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