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Thread: 10 questions that every intelligent Christian must answer
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YT clip

For those of you that want to skip the video (not recommended) and go straight to the questions, here they are:

#1 Why won't god heal amputees?
Deuteronomy repeatedly quotes God as saying "I will show mercy to whom I choose to show mercy." A statement that God loves some people more than others.

#2 Why are there so many starving people in our world?
see #1

#3 Why does god demand the death of so many innocent people in the bible?
see #1
#4 Why does the bible contain so much anti-scientific nonsense?

God's words, in the words of men. It may not give a full or complete view of God or the universe in terms of specific tangible data. It's primarily stories about the Hebrews and early Christians and earlier people's relationships with God and vice versa, the historic details were afterthoughts at best.

#5 Why is god such a huge proponent of slavery in the bible?

Being in favor of something is not the same as not caring enough to intervene yourself to stop it. The Bible never states that God prefers a government system of slavery, but does go with the assumption that slavery's pretty thoroughly ingrained and goes with setting social rules on how to treat them, including a time and place they should be freed.

Though related somewhat, there is one point where Jesus is talking about something else not being prohibited in the Hebrew scriptures, as a concession to people's stubbornly sinful & hard hearted nature toward one another, and just focusing on the problem of how to act assuming that this other thing was going to be thoroughly ingrained in the culture

#6 Why do bad things happen to good people?

Never really found an answer I like to this, and I've thought of it a lot. Most answers that make any sense point to God enjoying our suffering, indifferent to our suffering, or having a purpose to which the quality of life of good people are a secondary consideration. I do try to give benefit of the doubt, but .... *shrug* who can really say what's in God's mind.

#7 Why didn't any of jesus' miracles in the bible leave behind any evidence?

Part of the definition of miracle and part of the definition of science. A miracle is a 1 time event. Science is by definition replicable. If it can't be replicated, it can't be studied scientifically.

#8 How do we explain the fact that jesus has never appeared to you?

I'm not owed anything in life. Why would I expect that?

#9 Why would jesus want you to eat his body and drink his blood?

I'm not catholic, so I'm not such a literalist on this matter and normally would say that the bread and wine represent some very uncomfortable events, the literal shedding of Christ's body and blood and a call to accept his actions and suffering as being on our behalf. The point of the crucifixion was that it was a repulsive way for anyone to die. It's a matter of appologizing more sincerely to God so that you can get beyond whatever distances you from God, to move on with life.

I'll assume the literal for the sake of this discussion. In the first millenia after Christ, most Christians were illiterate peasants, both in the Roman empire, and after. You are told that this becomes the blood and body of Christ. You'd feel revulsion. And this would weed out those that weren't really dedicated to the idea of becoming a Christian and really following Jesus.

#10 Why do christians get divorced at the same rate as non-christians?

Because they're people.

"If force is the game, the murderer wins over the pickpocket." Ayn Rand

"Justice is the midpoint between being treated unjustly, and treating others unjustly." Aristotle
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