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Thread: Survivour
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Hello everyone this is a story about a Jedi that survived Order 66.

Please enjoy and review if possible!

The tale of Jason Bluebender a survivor of Order 66

Day 4380

I am a survivor. I always have been and always will. Once I was one of the most famous Jedi around until those bloody troopers tore the whole order apart. While I am writing this it is approximately 12 years to this day that Order 66 was issued and ever since then my life has turned from one of pride to fear.

What I remember was that the attack on the great home of all of the Jedi Knights ended so quickly. Only the mature knights and masters had enough sense to take arms against the murdering clones. The younglings and small padawan’s all cowered in there quarters hoping that it was all a horrible nightmare until they were all slaughtered like pigs instead of the great protectors they would become if they had matured in the force. Before I continue on with this rant about the slaughter of the Jedi I should probably tell you where I am 12 years after these series of horrible events occurred. At the moment I am on Dantoine, a farmhand for a poor old farmer who doesn’t have enough credits to buy good working droids .I live in a hill, literally just like a hobbit from the old Coruscanti tales. It’s a small house with a living room and a bedroom. Being underground makes me feel warm and comfortable but I do not wish to expand the house for fear of being discovered by the Imperials.

It’s a cold night tonight and the wind carries the cries of the kath hounds. I am going to make this data pad a personal journal of the event preceding Order 66 so in the slightest chance that the Jedi live to fight again they will know exactly what happened to the old order

Operation Knightfall
Day 1

I was 25 when it all started. I remembered that I first heard shots at about 9 o’clock local time. Suspicious I followed my ears from my quarters to the jedi archives which were at the time the greatest collection of knowledge in the whole galaxy.

What I saw haunts me to this day. There were dead Jedi everywhere. I saw my good friend Ben Moonson being shot at repeatedly by clone troopers. Years of combat in the outer rim against the droid army kicked in. I activated my blue unique light saber.

It was unique because I had built it so it could shoot a beam of deadly power out of the tip of the blue blade. I had discovered this power from a trip to the planet Egonia to view the local people’s ancient drawings of old Jedi. I found detailed hieroglyphics that explained how to construct a light saber that could shoot out a beam of deadly energy out of the tip.

I had suggested that it should be essential for all Jedi to have this built into their light sabers yet the council was not very combat orientated at the time so they had refused my suggestion but they let me build it into my own weapon. You must remember that at the time I had discovered this new power I was but a padawan being taught by the famous Cin Dralig. At that particular time hardly any jedi even knew about the Trade Federation and its threat so the council thought it would make Jedi seem more like soldiers than protectors. The reason was that I was at the temple in the first place was that the council was going to have a debate on the topic of Jedi weapons and I wanted to be present.

Anyway back to the point I leapt at the clones slicing and cutting my way through these armored menaces. I would have continued if it had not been for Skywalker. A particularly sneaky clone had just snuck up behind Ben and was raising his rifle to shoot my friend. With a cry I leapt into the air just managing to hit the speeding blast of deadly light back into the clones head. Ben turned to me and nodded thanks. Unfortunately that nod would end in his imminent death. Sywalker jumped from one of the upper levels of the library directly in front of my friend Ben. Reacting quickly that traitorous rat bag of a Jedi stabbed Ben directly through the heart. I recall giving a scream of rage and sorrow for the friend that had accompanied me throughout my childhood. I wanted to leap at Sywalker to avenge my friend but I knew that would be suicide because of the tight circle of clones around him that were beginning to form. There were only three Jedi left alive in the library along with me. All of us were pinned down at the doorway attempting to block all of the deadly blasts.

Anyway I knew one of the 3 Jedi left in the library to be Master Tania, a famed Jedi consular that went on several different combat operations throughout the galaxy. She looked at me with her calm blue eyes; her black hair bound in a tight bun not a hair out of place. “Do not let me make a sacrifice in vain.” As quick as a flash she had force pushed me along with the 2 other Jedi out of the door. I imagine she leapt up a floor of the library and activated the temple lockdown protocol by using a nearby computer terminal. This therefore put an impregnable shield around the door we had just been flung through. I began to hear a wailing siren while a couple of Jedi snipers emerged from there nearby training room fully armored obviously halfway through a late night training session.

I have had enough storytelling tonight. These memories pain me and I tire after a hard day planting crops in the fields. Prehaps tomorrow night. For now sleep beckons.

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Never was anything great achieved without danger.

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