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Thread: Legacy of the Jedi
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Legacy of the Jedi


One thousand and five hundred years before the Dark Emperor declared Order 66 on the Jedi Order, all is peaceful in the galaxy.

A young Jedi apprentice is meditating in a sacred grove, just outside the training complex of Dantooine…

Dusk was at hand, the young Jedi girl looked from her meditation spot in the grove to the setting sun, awed by the beauty and harmonious look. A young Jedi boy whom shared classes with her, came running to the old pillars between which she was kneeling. His normally pale skin was bathed in crimson, and he was huffing as if out of breath. The sun illuminated the girl into a very bright scarlet.

"Javen." The girl said, and nodded at the boy. The boy nodded back, but couldn't catch his breath to reply. "Do you need any help?" The boy raised his eyebrows and lifted his arm. The girl observed the cut on his arm, and began to heal his wounds with her Force abilities. "There, all better!" She said, smiling.

"Thank you, Semala." The boy said, smiling. "Unfortunately, I can not allow you to live." Semala looked startled, and began to ask a question, but Javen cut her off. "I just slaughtered my master, so all Jedi are game."

Semala arched her eyebrows, and drew her lightsaber. The vibrant silver gleam of her lightsaber blinded nearly every opponent she encountered, but had no effect on Javen, due to the fact that the two dueled a lot of times in their training. Her blonde hair fell down over her violet eyes, and her forest green robes were smudged with dirt from her meditation.

Javen drew both of his purple blades, and allowed himself to fall into a Makashi form. His brunette hair hung down to his eyebrows and nearly covered his striking blue eyes.

Semala stumbled backwards at seeing both of Javen's blades, he had only every fought with one, but then she grew confident that she could overcome her opponent, as he was sure to be clumsy with two blades, instead of one. She stepped forward and raised her blade and brought it swinging down to Javen's left arm, the blade barely missed as he danced to the side and parried it. Javen took his blades and held them into an X formation to be ready to block or parry Semala's next move. Semala had expected as much, and in return, she ignited the other end of her silver lightsaber. Javen looked genuinely shocked, but did not falter at blocking every move that Semala made. Sweat began to pour down both the faces of the Jedi, stinging their eyes, but neither faltered in their attack and block sequence. Javen eventually was able to destroy part of Semala's lightsaber, but not before she had knocked one of his blades from his hands with a simple Force Push. And so the battle took place as it normally did, only this time, there were much more fatal conditions.

Semala pushed Javen back and disarmed the boy, but he still had the Force on his side as well, and so in return, he disarmed her as well. Brought into a battle of wits, the two young Jedi circled each other. Casting lightning at Semala, Javen overpowered the girl.

SEQUENCE TERMINATED..." Said a mechanical voice.

Semala frowned, and Javen grinned. "How many times have I beaten you now, both Light and Dark?"

Semala growled and muttered, "Thirty-seven to zero."

Javen looked at the girl's eyes and said, "You know that I'd never do what I did back there to you, right? It's just one of us had to be dark, and one had to be light."

Semala nodded, turned her back to Javen, and walked to her room. Javen stood there looking after her, wondering what it was that he had said.

“Don’t worry about her, she’s just a little upset about what happened on Taris. I know that it’s not a big deal to you, or many others, but she’s upset that she had to kill a sentient being.” A bright, alto voice said from behind Javen. Javen nodded, thinking about what he could do to cheer her up. “You could always take her to the top of the Jedi Temple and have her look up at the stars. That normally calms her down and cheers her up.”

Javen grinned, and bowed. “Thank you, Grand Mistress Kanna.”

The tall, beautiful master smiled. Her bright white teeth, gleaming against her tanned skin. Her midnight colored hair hung down to her shoulders, and her bright green eyes seemed to be filled with joy and laughter. Her snow white robe hovered about three inches from the ground, revealing her small, petite feet. The gold hilt of her dark purple lightsaber hung from the belt around her waist, which seemed to complete the beauty of her. “Oh, Javen, Senator Starkiller wants to have a word with you.”

Javen jumped, in surprise. “The Mandalorian?!?! Why?”

“He would not tell me a single bit of information, so I’m not entirely sure. But perhaps it could be to your benefit.” The Grand Mistress said.

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