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Thread: [KOTOR]The Search for Revan
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[KOTOR]The Search for Revan

This is my K1 story conversion mod, It is set after Both Kotor 1's story and after TSl's, 10 Years after to be precise.

The Story:
The Jedi purge has ended(the purge is the time where all the jedi are being hunted) And the jedi have rebuilt the order after almost 5 years of finding force sensitives and training them the order is strong.

Bastilla shan was killed in the final battle against malaks leftover army
but before she died she had twins, She sent them away to live with her sister on tatooine so that she was not exiled.

The player will play as one of bastillas children and when the time comes in your life your auntie will tell you everything about your mother and your father
she reveal to you that your father is revan and then she will tell you everything about you father, Life will carry on as usuall until the jedi come to tatooine to search for force sensitives The jedi will take you to the rebuilt jedi enclave on dantooine and you will train there to be a jedi for Two years and it will unvail that revan is returning to known space the jedi advise you not to go looking for revan becuase They do not know if he will know of your existance or if he still walks the path of the light.

You decide against the wish's of the council and go looking for your father
and take your sister with you, You go to the star forge to try and figure out where your father went or what he went to find.

You will find Revan at the korriban academy he will be with the exile
you will fight with him untill you tell them that you are revans son/daughter
he will stop fighting and you have a long meaningfull dialog with revan
untill They tell you about The secret planet they found in the unknown regions of space and that it contains an enclave of dark jedi and sith lords and that you must find people to help you defeat these sith lords.

If you embrace the darkside revan will train you in the way of the darkside
but your sister will grow ever weary of your father and the exile and she will leave and inform the jedi that you have fallen and that revan is trainning you

and then you must go to the enclave and kill the masters and then you will fight with your sister and you can either kill her and consume her force power
or you can let her live but take her force power away from her and then she will leave the game.

Whilst you are at the academy your father manages to convert two aspiring young jedi to your party you travel to worlds searching for T3-M4 becuase he holds the key to defeating this empire that revan and the exile found
Revan put the crystal of Darkness incrypted in T3's chassis and only revan can get it from him once you find t3 he will join your party and you will go to
the planet and kill all the Sith lords So that revan the exile and you will control the galaxy

MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH! The end tell me what you think? guys

If you want to join the mod then just ask me or pm me!

all questions will be answered!
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Party members >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Michaela(player second name)/Human/Female
The sister of the player and the daughter of bastilla shan and Revan,
Michaela has always followed the light she has strong opinions against what her father did during the mandalorian wars
She is always idolising her mother and trying to get the player to follow the light.

All things fall with time.

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