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Thread: [fic]Alar, mercenary for hire
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[fic]Alar, mercenary for hire

**To start off, this is by no means a finished fanfic, nor is this something I've worked on for quite some time... Quite honestly, I'm coming up with this all off the top of my head right now, so bear with me please. The reason I am writing this fanfiction this way is a) to better my writing skills, which I feel are lacking at this point in time, and b) to put forth a story that was mostly improvised off the spot. Please keep in mind that I am by no means a huge Star Wars fan, I only have a passive interest in the films, and I am a huge fan of the Knights of the Old Republic series. So I am more than likely going to get facts screwed up, mispell names, and most of all, not know where exactly I am in relations to the actual star wars universe. Again, I ask for your patience as you read this. And thank you for your time, it is much appreciated **

(This story takes place a few days after the jedi Revan defeats his former apprentice, Malak)

Fresh dew covers the knee-high grass of the shadowlands of Kashyyyk, the only indicator that it is now indeed morning. The kilometer-tall trees block any rays of sunlight that the village above the treetops would be recieving about now. It's dark now, nearly pitch black, and for anyone not used to this type of darkness, it would be next to impossible to see.

But Alar was used to the blackness of this place. He had been here a good year or so, navigating his way through the maze of trees which surrounded him. He was searching for someone, he knew that much. But it had been so long since he was given his assignment, he couldn't remember for the life of him exactly who he was searching for. A name was all he searched for now, as he perched himself in a hollowed out end of a nearby tree. Feeling the bark of the tree, he could tell that this crevice was clawed out by some beast. He had not seen many beasts around here, only kinrath and wookies. His human body shook with fear for a moment, imagining what horrid creature could be located down here in the darkness.

Regaining his focus, he thought once more, trying hard to grasp the name. Who was he sent here to kill? Why? It had been a year since he learned the name, and already he had forgotten everything about his assignment. All he knew was that it was a jedi, down here, in the forest with him.

"It began with a 'J'..." Alar said to himself, as he wracked his brain. His right hand felt the bark of the tree, while his left hand was placed against his forhead. It was times like this that he cursed his horrible memory, and wished he had chosen a profession which didn't rely so heavilly on a skill he didn't have. He was an assassin, he was supposed to remember his target's names. But he found it next to impossible to hold onto a name long.

Realization struck him, did he write it down? Perhaps. He quickly reached into his jacket pocket, it was now that he remembered what he was wearing, an insulated black jacket, dark metal boots to prevent wear, and a dark hooded cloak. All were designed for the best camoflauge in the darkest regions of the shadow lands.

He fumbled around, trying to grasp hold of the paper that was indeed in his pocket. Notes were a primitive form of communication, but far more useful to an assassin than holocrons were. You don't want your target to know your location by activiating a glowing blue hologram right before you take your shot at them. So notes added to the stealth of the assassin, which was the one skill Alar possessed which made him such an effective assassin. He was silent as hell when he needed to be. That, and only that, was the reason he was sent out to assassinate a jedi. To the general public, jedi were gods, but almost every general who fought in any war with them knew this was not so. The only true advantage the jedi had was the Force. A well hidden assassin could take one out without them even knowing they were there.

Opening the note hurriedly, Alar tried to read the name, but he soon found it impossible to make out in this darkness.

**Thanks again, for taking your times to read through this, I plan on updating this periodically detailing Alar's journey around the knights of the old republic worlds... **

"Find what you're looking for amongst the dead?" - Kreia (Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords)
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